Wednesday, November 28, 2012

breaking it down, Usher style

Why, no, I do not have a chick on the side who says she's got one on the way.

That would just be awkward.

Also... biologically perplexing.

However!  I am spilling my New Mama Confession, along with two other newly-minted madres, over on Running from the Law today, so hop on over and say holla to Sara and have a chuckle at my expense!

And, just because I'm feeling gabby, here are a few bonus confessions from my little corner of Motherhood...
  • I am having a torrid affair... with Target Up & Up brand diapers.  Yes, I love my cloth, but they've been so cold and uncommunicative lately we've been battling a nasty yeast rash for over a month, and we're using disposables and a heavy duty anti-fungal (gross) for flair-ups. I'll be happy to get back to my BGs full time, but I sure will miss the lighter laundry loads and the freedom from poop-scrapeage. 
  • I am thrilled that my child is taking her sweet time with pulling up and cruising.  I already have a husband who leaves debris in his wake; I'm in no rush to deal with the mini version as well, thankyouverymuch.  However, this clarity will not stop me from giving you the stink-eye when you boast about your younger-than-mine child's advanced mobility. I know my gleeful visions of your toppled-over Christmas tree are irrational, but I can't really help myself. 
  • I bought a package of Mint Truffle Hersey's Kisses at Target on Monday and they are already gone. 
  • That last one had nothing to do with being a mama, but I just felt you should know. 
  • You know how you're supposed to talk to babies all the time?  You dictate all your actions and describe their surroundings constantly in hopes they are soaking up all that good language juice in their wee spongy brains?  Well, sometimes I'll look up and realize it's been an hour since I said anything other than "let's not chew on the soles of dad's running shoes."  Then I'll go into Damage Control Overdrive... READ ALL THE BOOKS! MAKE ALL THE ANIMAL SOUNDS! if that one hour has already stolen her future Pulitzer Prize. 
Any confessions you'd like to get off your chest... of the mama variety or otherwise? 


  1. Yes, yes, yes to the last one. I do that more often than I care to admit, especially now that my guy is now a full blown toddler who prefers to sneak into another room in order to play without mama interference.

  2. Ha. Sometimes I think, "I just don't have anything to say to you. I love you, but let's just sit in silence for a little while."

  3. Oh, I'm so guilty of not talking to my baby for a while sometimes. I just get so bored with narrating my whole life. Like he gives a shit about things like "now mommy's folding this shirt, now mommy's unloading the dishwasher, blah, blah, blah." Sometimes I swear he looks at me like "woman, you really need a life." :)

    Thanks again for your confession and playing along! Kisses to L!

  4. I am at the mental image of L in capris and a blankie cape. DYING.

  5. Your story cracked me up! I can only imagine the looks y'all got!

  6. i'm with you on the crawling, etc. that's a pandora's box i am not ready to open! i literally laughed out loud picturing l topless at whole foods. would you have ever believed you would one day push a nearly naked 9 month old through whole foods? i know my smug 25 year old self would shake her head hopelessly at my current self sometimes!

  7. I'm bad about the talking thing too. I feel like a moron.

    My baby had a bad fungal infection a month or so ago. We treated it with Equate brand jock itch cream (no joke) and Aveeno hydrocortisone. My pharmacist friend said to make sure to spread them an inch outside the rash area. We also had to use bleach on the diapers (which I know technically you're not supposed to do with cds) to kill the fungus. She said otherwise it will keep coming back. We did use disposables until the rash was gone.

    Hopefully L's clears up soon!

  8. Huge mama confession: I am really bad at remembering to read to Quinn. Like it's badder than bad.

  9. Your sweet girl is beautiful!! Love your mama confessions - gives me (expectant mama) a little hope that it's okay if I am not perfect (because I won't be) :)

  10. So, yeast is a whole different animal with cloth. You'll need to treat them with Grapefruit Seed Extract, not oil, but extract. You can get it at whole foods. Bleach will not kill yeast. Do you know about the DFW Cloth Diaper Group on Facebook? They are such a great resource for stuff like this.

    Also, Julia is 14 months and not walking yet. So, you know, it's cool.

  11. ha! the last one made me laugh. i used to have such guilt when i felt like i wasn't stimulating her enough. now, she's so stimulated that i can't talk if i want too! oh mommy guilt. ella didn't walk til 14 months. and then it was iffy. and i sort of wanted to push her back down and make her wait a few more months. now that's a confession...

  12. Popped over here from Sara's blog and wanted to commiserate on the yeast rash. My oldest had one that lasted FOUR MONTHS. We tried everything. Finally finally, oral nystatin in combination with topical nystatin did the trick. Ask for oral anti-fungals if you can't kick it. And I also bleached our CD's - actually contacted FuzziBunz and they said to add a capful of bleach (I did more lol) to the wash, so it's ok by them to bleach occasionally when warranted.

    Sorry that's a lame first comment on your blog. :) Loved your mommy confessions!

    1. Not lame at all - thank you for the yeast tips! We have a (belated) 9 mo checkup tomorrow and I'm going to ask about oral antifungals!


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