Monday, November 19, 2012

here's hoping...

Growing up, I wasn't all that into Thanksgiving.

Well, scratch that.

I loved waking up early and watching the parade while my mom finished up with the pies or the squash casserole.

I loved the time with family.

And the 5 day weekend was a big perk.

But, let's be honest.

To a kid, Turkey Day is merely the Gateway Drug to the Big Tamale... Tell everyone what you're thankful for, dutifully eat leftover turkey sandwiches for a week, and then - woooooohooooooo - it's Santa Time! 

Even in college, when my appreciation of Thanksgiving began to grow, it was all rush-rush-rush... Zip across the country for some home-cooking and a little mental massage before heading back for final exam craziness. 

As an adult, I now revel in the relative quietness of this holiday.  No costumes, no wish lists, no triple-booked Saturday nights, no mall parking lot showdowns... 

A welcome pause before Christmas barrels towards us...

Just food, family, and football. 

Sure, any one of those f-words can have you mentally {or audibly} screaming out another, but, for the most part, Thanksgivings 'round these parts finds us pretty content. 

And this Thanksgiving - my baby girl's first {and my 30th, if anyone's counting} - also marks another milestone... my first time hosting a holiday in our home.  

I'm pretty jazzed to start this tradition with our little family. 

{Truth be told, I'm also pretty jazzed to pull out our wedding china, and to maintain an iron fist of control over the menu. But, ya know, THE MEMORIES COME FIRST, yada, yada, yada.}

We've got lots of hot coffee, 6 pounds of squash to chop, and the cutest damn waffle eater there ever was... Happy Thanksgiving Prep Sunday!

Dressing!  Pumpkin Pie!  WAFFLES!

Hopefully, ten years from now, L will wake up on the third Thursday in November, excited to watch the parade with the smell of nutmeg and cloves in the air.

Hopefully, she'll grow to appreciate this time of gratitude and reflective blessing-counting. 

Hopefully, I don't fuck up the turkey and land us all in the hospital with salmonella. 

Hopefully, we bought enough red wine. 


  1. Girl I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving on Thursday - I will be HEAVILY medicated despite truly and earnestly being REALLY excited.

    Did I mention JM's parents are meeting my mom for the first time at said Thanksgiving? Oh. Yes.

  2. Super off topic and kind of weird, but I had to do a double take when this ad appeared in my mailbox the other day. Although she is not nearly as cute as L, I think she could resemble a cousin for sure, don't you think? Is L a Target model that you have not told us about ? ;) Happy Turkey Day.,!hsFBZ8ZUCM8BQjH68DU,Q~~60_35.JPG&w=299&h=300&ei=nkeqUI7YEKSsyAH7x4DYAw&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=320&sig=102545969101663195822&page=3&tbnh=120&tbnw=131&start=81&ndsp=49&ved=1t:429,r:89,s:0,i:345&tx=27&ty=61


    1. You're the second person to bring this to my attention! I definitely see the resemblance -crazy! Where's our baby modeling contract?!

  4. Great post and I couldn't agree more! Thanksgiving has grown on me over the years. And I am right there with ya on the's my favorite part of the day. I can't wait til M is big enough to enjoy it with me! And yay for hosting! We have J's parents coming to CLT this year and it's our first time hosting too. I'm a little nervous, but excited!

  5. All will be well, as long as you have enough wine


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