Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Debriefing

Well, I survived my first Thanksgiving as a hostess!

The day went off with only a few minor hitches {more on that below}, but I was super duper pleased with the execution of my planned menu and the vibe of our home all gussied up.  

All that remains... #thanksgiving
Tabletop coming together... #thanksgiving
Please Note: I realized I'd screwed up the silver setting within 5 minutes of snapping this photo and promptly remedied the situation.  That kindly grandfather who taught my four years of Cotillion is mentally swatting my white-gloved hand and docking me a silver dollar somewhere. 
Place setting for someone I'm most thankful for... #cheeseball #thanksgiving
Wine bar at the ready... #thanksgiving
I'm so taking full credit for this. #littlewhitelies
Pie. Good. So good. @daisyjd don't eff around with her recs.

Of course, the highlight of the day was witnessing our little turkey enjoy all this holiday has to offer, and we are thankful for the friends and family who helped celebrate her first Thanksgiving with us. 

Gobble gobble! #thanksgiving
L's Thanksgiving supper included turkey, squash casserole, cornbread dressing, Hatch mac, and brussels sprouts salad.  She was particularly fond of the turkey and dressing.

A few notes to myself for the future...
  • Cooking for seven adults on Thanksgiving is essentially the same thing as cooking for 20.  Once you get all those casseroles together, it's Leftover City for days and days. 
  • You made that Master Schedule for a reason... Follow it.   I made the crust for my pie on Wednesday evening, but was so beat from cleaning, polishing, and setting up that I wimped out and watched trash TV instead of continuing with the scheduled bake-a-thon.  MAJOR MISTAKE.. I am not sure what happened with this damn pie, but it ended up taking nearly 2 hours to bake {recipe says 45 minutes}. Thankfully, the pie turned out fabulously, but, had it not, we would have been SOL with no time to make another.  Plus the extra baking time totally effed up my oven rotation. 
  • The pre-roasted turkey from Whole Foods? Basically the best entertaining decision you've ever made.  I had nightmares of the turkey bursting open with a poof of dust a la Christmas Vacation, but that sucker was so moist and tender it practically fell off the bone.  Everyone kept saying it was the best turkey they'd ever tasted... Aaaaaaaand it was a good 45 minutes before I begrudgingly gave credit where credit was due {although, I did baste the shit out of that bird for a good hour and half with my own "special" butter and stock concoction... so, really, I felt okay humbly accepting all the praise for a tick}. 
  • Should the wielder of the knife happen to puncture disposable roasting pan whilst carving the turkey, it would behoove you to sop up the cooking liquid with something other than 11 of your nice Williams-Sonoma dishtowels.  No matter how many "sanitation" wash cycles you run them through, they will forever smell of turkey juice.  TRUST. 
  • Take family photos prior to eating.  Post-Feast-Preparation Hair and babies in tryptophan dazes do not a Christmas Card Contender make. 


More than just the day itself, we really soaked in the goodness of such a gorgeous long weekend... Long walks, holiday movies, Christmas lights, and a sneak-peek at Dallas' newest museum made for some truly golden family QT. 

Fall Foliage, Texas Style. #nofilter
Baby's First Christmas Lights
Soft Opening of the new Perot Museum
Little mind...blown
Children's Museum

Oh. And someone wanted to show y'all her wave. 

We wave now.

No biggie.  Only the cutest thing ever to occur in the world. 


  1. That place setting is so adorable! Cute blog:)

  2. So, I love this whole post. But, that wave? It's killing me dead.

  3. Love this post; so many fabulous pictures. And L's Thanksgiving dress is super super cute and classy! Having not hosted my own family holiday meal yet thanks for the tips, I am sure they will come in handy.

  4. Gorgeous everything! Have you tried soaking the dish towels overnight with a couple cups of vinegar thrown in?

    1. I tried soaking in OxyClean, but I'll give vinegar a go, too! Thanks!

  5. Seriously, those plates are perfection.

  6. good grief kate. your girl is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    also, hats off to you. baby's first thanksgiving and you hosted?! you're kind of my hero.

    i never would have fessed up about the turkey ;)


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