Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the budding arteeeest.

Before I had L {before we were married} {before I even knew I wanted to have kids}, when {if} I pictured myself with a child, I imagined a mess of markers and construction paper and glue sticks and those scissors that really don't cut anything at all and mini masterpieces taped all over the fridge.  I may not be cut out for Pinterest Perfect Crafts, but, damn, if I don't love me some Grade School Style Art Projects.  My offspring and I were going to rock those holiday countdown paper chains!  Possibly with glitter. 

Of course, as some of you may be aware, babies don't spring from the womb ready to decoupage {no one told me this! I figured she'd come complete with her own tiny bottle of Modge Podge!}.  And as cuddly and snuggly as newly minted bambinos are, they're basically just adorable little meatloaf lumps for half a year or so.  And even when they start really interacting with you {which, if I may have a Cheese Moment, is just... so... incredible, I can't even tell you}, they still aren't necessarily ready to act as a paint-your-own-pottery wing-man. 

But.  BUT!  Just because you can't really do art projects with them, doesn't mean you can't do art projects around them!  I mean, what are children for, if not to serve as an excuse to bust out the Crayolas every now and again to fashion seasonal keepsake crap?

I basically had a kid for the built-in excuse to make early childhood education art projects.

I have a very dainty painter.

Obviously an artistic genius.

A few bullets:
  • I loved making hand-print turkeys as a kid.  Turns out they are still pretty fun.  Plus, hellllllooooooo Grandparent Points!  My Thanksgiving correspondence has never been so well-received. 
  • The finger-painting endeavor was courtesy of my playgroup.  The paints were homemade, scented with "Fall flavors" {basically a whole lotta pumpkin pie type spices}, and, admittedly, rather tasty.  I was unsure as to how finger-painting was going to go down with our mostly-under-one set, but it ended up being a success.
  • Leity Bug, as it turns out, is a very dainty painter. 
  • By "dainty painter," I mean "would rather eat leaves." 
  • Texas, man. Where else can you host a party of naked babies on a tarp on your front lawn two days before Thanksgiving?  
  • {I swear we aren't rednecks.}


  1. Ha! You just described my life, every single day, when I go to work. As it turns out, preschoolers think hand print art is pretty fun too.

  2. so cute. Love crafting with kids---it just keeps getting better;)

  3. This is so insanely awesome.

    I need to get knocked up already.

  4. One art project I liked at this age -- take some finger paints, put a few dollops (small) on their high chair tray, and let them go to town. When they're "done," take a piece of paper, press it into the paint on the tray, and voila -- a finger paint painting! It's easier than taping down the paper, plus the paper doesn't get so saturated and as likely to tear.


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