Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Blasted Holiday Gift Guide

Yep!  That's right!

It's Holiday Time in Blog Land, which means gift guides a-plenty!  

Feel free to gloss right over this one if you Just! Can't! Take! One! More! Blogger! Gift! Suggestion!... but I happen to think this stuff is pretty awesome,* so I went ahead and hammered out a master list of treats, ripe for both giving and receiving. 

Kate Spade "Say the Word" Flutes

Let's start things off with these fun and festive flutes... I'll take the Fizz to your Clink if you tell Pop and Cheers over there to simmer down and stop hogging the baked brie. 

While decidedly less fun than cheeky champagne vessels, this cutting board {I have the green} is the most used item in my kitchen.  I know it's not shaped like a pig and it won't double as a rustic-chic cheese platter, but it is made of 100% recycled materials, it is ridiculously easy to clean, and it's basically indestructible.  

My stacks of latte bowls give me a cheap thrill whenever I spy them in my cabinet.  Cereal is just more fun when eaten out of a latte bowl... And ice cream is tastier from the super duper girly pink one.  Trust.  

These are like the Kate Spade Bubbly Flutes' irreverent-yet-charming younger brother.  You know, the one who never makes his scheduled flight home for the holidays and is constantly strumming Widespread Panic tunes on that Gibson he scored at Goodwill a few years back... but he makes you giggle and looks pretty cute with 48 hour stubble.  

I don't drink whiskey, but I'm pretty sure these would also work in my magnum glass of Cavit. 

This palette was one of the many Way to Have a Baby happy prizes I purchased for myself after L was born.  I've used it every day since {well, every day that I've managed to put makeup on, that is}, and it always yields excellent results.  I cannot speak personally for Naked1, but I'm sure it's as over-achieving and people-pleasing as one can reasonably expect a first child to be. 

Remember your 6th grade slumber party?  Where you received nine gift baskets from Bath & Body Works?  This is the adult version of that.  The leg gel is amazing post-workout, and the shower oil leaves your skin delightfully moisturized sans stickiness.  Bonus Points: You won't smell like a Starburst or a baby prostitute. 

There is nothing Mark & Graham sells that I wouldn't gleefully pet and stroke, but I'm especially fond of these iPad covers.  And the curly bracketed initial option?  Perfection. 

Because who doesn't need a shower squid?  Brilliant for tiny bathrooms and kids' spaces!

My weekly cherry tomato purchase is begging for a little footed fun. 

A must-read for any television junky or pop culture enthusiast.  Someone on my Nice List can expect me to swipe back this gift at the first available opportunity! 

I hesitate to dub these "The New Danielle," but I am loving the edgier shape. 

There you have it!  That was relatively painless, yes? 

Now you tell me... What's on your Must-Buy / Must-Get List this Holiday Season? 

*"pretty awesome" as none of these suckers are sponsored in any way shape or form... just a whole lotta goodies I already adore or would love to see under my tree.  Although, Kendra, if you're reading, I can probably be bought for a lifetime unlimited supply of Danielles a song.


  1. Um, Shower Squid was just added to my list, obviously.

    Latte bowls make me happy--and I couldn't agree more--food just tastes better out of them. There is no reason for me to have any other bowls in my house!

  2. I was given the whisky stones last year and I love them for my G&Ts!

  3. You know I love me a gift guide. I actually have the whiskey stones in my bag 'goodies for B's stocking.

  4. Love the Latte Bowls and the cutting board idea - I'm actually in the market for a new cutting board right now so I may try one of these!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring us...I'd be more than happy to sing you a song! ;) Happy holidays to you and your family!

    -Kendra Scott

  6. We bought whiskey stones for my BIL and FIL last year. Great gift for that hard to shop for man on your list :)

  7. Kate, I bought Ray the whiskey stones, Ill tell him that I took your recommendation. He is so hard to buy for! Great seeing you and Miss Cutie Pie!


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