Tuesday, December 18, 2012

at a loss

If words to adequately address the unimaginable horror at Sandy Hook Elementary exist, I have not been blessed with them. 

The faces and names of the children and their caregivers weigh heavy on my heart, and, while I cannot begin to fathom a fraction of the depth of their grief, I also ache for the families belonging to those faces and names. 

If you'll forgive me for inserting personal loss on the face of national tragedy, I am also remembering my grandfather today, on the two year anniversary of his passing.  A man rich with wisdom and knowledge, Dr. James Scruggs also possessed unwavering faith that was almost childlike in its strength.  I cannot help but think he might have had the right words for Newtown -- if not expressed aloud, surely lifted up in prayer. 

In sharp contrast, I am a poor excuse for a believer -- wholly on account of my own shortcomings and not as any reflection of Providence.  But I do take stock in the presence of infinite Goodness and Love in this world, and it is my most fervent hope that those suffering with this unspeakable grief find comfort in the thoughts and prayers of so many around the globe. 


  1. Beautifully said.

    Thinking of you today as you remember your grandfather.

  2. Well said. This is still such a shocking tragedy.

  3. Very well said. Merry Christmas to you and your family x

  4. You are such a wonderful writer.


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