Monday, January 7, 2013

10 months!

December 21, 2012 {ish}
Dear L,

Another mega-late post... I'll just use that ol' faithful "oh the holidays are so crazy!" excuse, and ignore any possibility I'm in First-Birthday-Around-the-Corner Denial.  I will acknowledge that you are growing up so quickly -- looking back over my notes from this past month, you've already changed a ton in two weeks time, but, for posterity sake, I'll try not to skip ahead! 


Immediately after your 10 month "birthday," you helped host our very first Thanksgiving in our home. Gigi, PawPaw, Aunt B, Sandy, and Hoover all came over to celebrate Turkey Day -- and to see you, of course.  You impressed everyone with your affinity for roasted turkey and cornbread dressing, as well as your mad crawling skills. 

Gobble gobble! #thanksgiving

Speaking of crawling, you are always on the move now, and a full-on crawl has replaced your army-bear hybrid maneuvers.  You like to have something in your hand as you explore... a shoe is your first choice {after your lovey which we don't let you take out of your room} - sparkly ballet flat, flip-flop, or sweaty sneaker... you don't discriminate.  I've practically given up trying to hide them all from you -- you sniff them out like a blood hound.  You also like to tote around your Old MacDonald Finger Puppet Glove and wooden puzzle pieces.  

The siren song of sparkly footwear. Or just dirty-ass rubber.

Your biggest milestone by far this month was learning to pull up on the stairs.  You don't cruise yet, but you do ponder the concept of climbing upward pretty seriously.  I like to describe you as cautiously curious... You seem to consider things for a while before attempting them or exploring further.  

Pulling up, on her tippy toes, trying to get dad's diet coke

Lots of action going on with your hands this month... You wave {heart explosion}!  You point!  You halfway clap! You know how to "touch gently" and how to pat.  Your Usborne Touchy-Feely books are definitely favorites this month. 

We wave now.

You still love music and dancing, and one of your very favorite activities is looking a photographs.  On the rare occasion that you are inconsolable, showing you our gallery wall or the photos on our fridge calms you down immediately.  You smile and point, and we name all your people. 

Baby's First Christmas Lights

You are much quicker with your laughter lately, which, obviously, I adore. 


You will not keep socks on to save your life.  And you have teeny tiny feet so age-appropriate shoes {as in, ones with actual soles} are difficult to find.  I am glad we live in Texas and you're able to go barefoot the majority of the year. 


I wrote last month that you were saying words... I am not so sure if those were a fluke or if you were showing us {as you've done before} that you can do something, but won't continue to do so until you feel good and ready! 

This place again? UNIMPRESSED.

While actual Christmas Day belongs in next month's post, you experienced lots of festive fun and build-up to the holidays this month.  You met Santa for the first time, celebrated your first Chili & Tamale Night, and opened presents with Gigi and PawPaw.  You seemed pretty impressed with our Christmas tree, but really didn't bother with it all that much.  You did like to take two low-hanging ornaments {our Colorado snowman and a little wooden angel} off the tree for inspection, but you were very good about listening to our "please don't touch" instructions for the rest of the decorations.  We sang lots of Christmas carols this month, and, proving once again that you are definitely my daughter, you are a big fan of all things Rudolph. 

I mean, I'm not ashamed to admit I was hoping for a screaming santa photo, but damn if my kid isn't cute with that grin
L's ornament collection ... Personalized Silver Spoon straight-up swiped from @awfulsweetness
Yes, more gratuitous child & tree shots

You continue to eat 97% of everything we put in front of you.  Asparagus and raw tomatoes seem to be your only dislikes.  We've started making pumpkin pancakes semi-regularly as a weekend treat, and you go absolutely gaga for those... as well as for Annie's cheddar bunnies and Cheerios.  Mama J always sends us a huge box of Harry & David pears and you took down more than half of them -- you were a pear eating machine!

Never leave me, Cheerio.
The newest Christmas pear convert #babyledweaning @_grits

Sleep continues to be more of the same.  Your morning nap is pretty reliable, although you've started to push it back more and more.  You now usually go down around 10 or 10:30 {sometimes 11 on the weekends when your dad is home} and sleep anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.  Your afternoon nap is hit or miss... both timing and length wise.  Honestly, I'm ready to make an early switch to one nap... we shall see how that pans out!  Nighttime sleep isn't terrible, but I wouldn't describe it as awesome either... You go down easily at 7 and wake up to nurse anywhere between 3 and 5:30.  You'll usually go back to sleep until 7, but sometimes it's much earlier.  I'd be happy to wake up with you around 6 or 6:30... if you'd only sleep uninterrupted until then!  Maybe next month... 

Children's Museum

Oh!  And last but not least, your chompers now number six!  Your top incisors quickly followed your top center teeth, and I adore your new toothy smile. 


Buggie, you are the most fun.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  I am so happy you're mine. 

To the moon and back.

Love, Mama. 


10 Month Stats & Milestones

Height: 29 inches {70th percentile}
Weight: 20 lbs 5 oz {70th percentile}
Diaper Size: 3 or 4 in disposables; 3 open middle snaps / 2 open rise snaps in BGs
Clothing Size: 12-18 months

- First Thanksgiving {Nov 22}
- First Chili & Tamale Night {Dec 9}
- waves
- pulls up on stairs 
- points, "touch gently," pats

- eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner
- nurses 4-5 times a day
- sleeps 7-7 with one wakeup 
- naps twice a day

- Nicknames: Leity Bug, Buggie, Bugaboo, Buglet, Leity Bear, Bug, Bugga
- Favorites: shoes, Old MacDonald finger puppet mitten, Rudolph
- Favorite foods: Harry & David pears, Cheerios, Cheddar Bunnies, pumpkin pancakes, eggs, turkey, banana 


  1. We transitioned to one nap at 11 months, and never looked back. What was a total of 1.5 hours napping per day, became 2-2.5 hours in the afternoon. He's 17 months now, and still regularly sleeps for 2 hours a day.

  2. I love you for not using those stroller bumper things. They give me future mom anxiety.

  3. Such a cutie! AND she looks so happy with Santa!

  4. I love these monthly recaps! She is such a doll! My daughter is 4(ish) months younger than L, so it's like a little glimpse into my future!

  5. Oh my goodness, she is so adorable! I love that big grin! So, I know his may be crazy, but have you tried waking her up before you go to bed and doing a "dream feed"? This is what we do for Mac. He goes to bed at 7 too, but can't seem to go more than 8 hours without waking up and wanting to eat. So I very gently get him out of his crib (without fully waking him up) somewhere between 10-11 to feed him, right before I go to bed. Lights are off, white noise still going. I rock him for a few minutes and then put him back down. He usually never opens his eyes and the whole thing takes like 20 minutes. Then he'll sleep until around 7. If we don't do the dream feed he wakes up around 3 wanting to eat. I'd much rather feed him at 11, when I'm still awake than have to get up at 3. Just a thought.

    1. Yep, we've tried the dream feed. Basically anything "unnatural" (ie: something other than waking up & adjusting herself) that stirs her in the night screws the rest of the night up. She'll go back to sleep just fine, but then she'll wake up every 2-3 hours wanting to nurse even though she's not hungry.

  6. She is super sweet! My guy and L seem to have had parallel sleep issues. If that is the case, you are in for a treat. Oliver sort of magically grew into sleeping all night and solid, regular napping right at about 12 months. Here's hoping...
    Can you share your pumpkin pancake recipe?

    1. Um, I SO HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT. T'would be GLORIOUS.

      I will definitely share my pumpkin pancake recipe - but it's basically just the recipe on the back of the bisquick box + a can of pumpkin puree!

  7. took me this long to google stalk your IG handle and see if you had a blog :) Love seeing L on IG, excited to catch up here.

    (ehayes1183... find me over at ;)


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