Wednesday, January 2, 2013

looking forward

2012 found my usual prompt self generally behind schedule.  But, punctuality be damned, this past year put me way ahead on the happiness curve.  In that same vein, while Blog Land plows onward, I've got a lot of catch-up goodness to share with y'all... in the form of the cliched Holiday Recap, Year in Review, and Annual Book Report posts. 

So, apologies in advance and/or get pumped up about those. 

But! ... a little looking forward before we look back... 

Rose Bowl Parade & Luck Soup Prep... Lovely little New Year's morning!
Rose Bowl Parade / Southern Luck Soup

2013!  Welcome!  Have I got plans for you... Not resolutions per say {of the lofty yearlong variety or the smaller monthly stock}, although I do embrace resolutions, but events and things I'm greatly looking forward to.

I'm looking forward to...

...planning and celebrating L's first birthday.  Don't even speak to me about my baby turning one in less than two months.  Seriously.  Don't.  I MEAN IT SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE.  But we can talk about fringy streamers and mason jars and pink lemonade invitations, if you so desire.

...celebrating a birthday of my own.  I turn 30 on 02.13.2013... How's that for some decent numerology? People seem to make a big, psychological / philosophical to-do out of the thirties transition, but I'm just kinda psyched to party. some things for me.  Beginning with weaning L.  I really thought I'd be 100% on board with extended breastfeeding, and I know good hippies aren't supposed to say they're jazzed about weaning -- at least out loud.  I've absolutely loved nursing my child... I have cherished those warm and fuzzy watercolor moments -- they have made the {very literal} blood, sweat, and tears expended to reach the goal of exclusively breastfeeding for a solid year entirely worth it.  And I will undoubtedly count the achievement of that goal as one of my all-time proudest {and hardest earned} moments.  But I know I'm about spent.  And I'm okay with that.  I can't wait to pack away the pump parts and throw out the stinky vitamins and drink as much wine as I want and have someone else be able to put L down for the night... Hippie Club Card Revocation be damned.

To that same end, I'm looking forward to... getting back into shape.   I've used breastfeeding as a crutch {albeit a legit one} for long enough.  I'm ready to sweat without fear of tanking my supply.  I was able to kiss my maternity jeans goodbye before I waved farewell to 2012, but I'm making Spring 2013 to be more than just Pants With Zippers.  I am also researching the Whole 30 and hoping to give it a whirl once we return from Napa in early March.

...traveling.  We did a decent amount of traveling in 2012, considering the whole "newborn baby thing."  But this year E and I already have two trips sans bambino on the books {see NAPA above - a grand 30th birthday wino extravaganza with my dear friend Colleen and her husband; as well as a quick jaunt to Charleston in April for a late anniversary celebration}, and we are currently researching our annual Get The Fuck Out of Texas vacation for July-August.

...exploring new employment opportunities.  File this one under "do some things for me" as well {hmmmmm, 2013 is turning out to be a rather selfish year, yes?} {kidding}.  As much as I adore spending my days with my best girl, I know I am {broken record alert} not cut out for extended full-time SAHM antics.  I'm looking for a happy medium with some part-time lady lawyering -- hopefully with another great non-profit.  I currently have a few whiffs of opportunity, so fingers crossed on those.

...spending more time here.  Ever since L was born, I've had some weird anxiety about the words I write in this space.  Most of the time, that anxiety revolves around the internal question "is this too much baby crap?"  The answer is probably yes, but my life is chock-full-o-baby-crap so... yeah.  I'm going to stop tallying up the topic columns and just type.

So... there it is.  My list of resolutions that I'm not calling resolutions, because...?

I don't know either.

I think I just liked the formatting better this way.




  1. hmmm...I'm intrigued by this Whole 30 movement.
    I am 3 years into my 30s and, I have to say, I am LOVING them. I thought I knew it all in my 20s, but I feel so much more confident and put-together than when I was in my 20s. Plus, I can handle my wine better....

  2. I am so with you on the weaning. My daughter is almost 14 months and we stated weaning 2 weeks before her birthday. We just cut out one nursing a week and it took about 5-6 weeks. I am so happy to have nursed for a year and it was well worth all the blood, sweat and tears but boy was it great to pack up all of those pump parts and bottles!

  3. I'm going back and forth on the weaning. Henry only nurses one time a day (as I am not making much milk anymore) and it breaks my heart to think about stopping. BUT, he is 14 months old. SO HARD!

    1. I would love to keep nursing her 1-2x a day. If she has the desire after 6 days away from me at the end of Feb, I will continue -- but I've just decided not to worry about supply, extra calories, etc. It is really hard!

  4. I was a little bit sad to stop nursing at 12 months, maybe nostalgic is a better word. However, the benefits ate worth it: wine, hours away, no more biting. It was time. We can and should feel proud of this achievement!
    My to do list: back to work (just a little - one class per week), ass in shape (I'm loving and hating Pure Barre), quality time with the baby. It seems like there should be more...

  5. hi there, I am a mama to a little one born in feb. 2012, and have got a gig doing part-time lady lawyering. I work M,T & W. Is perfect balance of being at home for my baby and also fulfilling some professional existence.

  6. Very thoughtful and inspiring. I hope it all unfolds for you in 2013 just as you would like.

  7. Happy 2013 to you friend! These are great goals. I often wonder if I would be a good SAHM (moot point currently). I LOVE not working, but I get that having a baby is NOT a vacation. Lots of luck and health and love to you and the fam this year!

  8. Is it selfish for me to want you to go back to work because i miss your outfit posts? :)
    I look forward to reading your 2013.

  9. Two things: 1) don't ever worry about blogging re bebe too much. It's your life and you're an amazing writer so it's always fun to read; 2) you're coming to Napa in Feb?! Um I demand a (non-creepy) blogger meetup! Hehe :)

  10. Catching up on blog reading but had to comment - I planned a Pink Lemonade baby shower this summer for a friend centered around mason jars and pink seersucker. It was super cute! If you need a great etsy seller for invites let me know - they MADE the theme!

  11. Happy new year Rebel Kate! Great goals. I think anyone who nurses their baby at all is hero. Making it a year? That's fantastic! I hope we can say the same. And Napa and Charleston? What fabulous destinations!

  12. sounds like 2013 is going to be quite the year for y'all! and that charleston trip? well that is pretty close to this girl. just saying.... ;)

  13. Hi! Longtime reader just catching up on some past posts...
    I have yet to try out Whole 30 but have heard great things about it. At the least, I'd recomend trying out paleo; I credit that (along with crossfit workouts) with leaning out tremendously. I still weigh about the same but I dropped 2 pant sizes (at the Gap!). Oh - and arm muscles. Awesome awesome arm muscles :)

    1. Hi Kat! I did something very similar to Paleo when I was trying to get pregnant (at the recommendation of my acupuncturist!) - after some consideration, I think I'll go back to eating that way after our trip instead of doing the Whole 30. I know many people love the W30, but I fear it might be too restrictive for me! Congratulations on your fitness achievements - that is awesome!


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