Wednesday, February 6, 2013

11 months!

January 21, 2013

Dear L, 

Two weeks late on your monthly post again!  At least I am nothing if not consistent, right?  Perhaps more accurately, I've been putting off this post -- the very last of your first year -- because I just can't quite believe we're here... 2 weeks away from your birthday. 

Before I start spouting cliches, let's check out what you've been up to lately...


Your 11th month started off with the flurry of holiday celebrations {that I've already written about ad nauseum}.  Your first Christmas was truly magical... Seeing you sit under the tree in the same spot I've occupied for 30 Christmases was one of the most special moments in recent memory.  And we had some much fun creating some new traditions to mix with the old. 

Visiting Lady & Joy at the Bear Pit!
Yay! Christmas! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Maybe to make up for all that Christmas fun, you caught a bad virus on New Year's Eve and actually gave us quite the scare.  You've battled fevers before {longer and higher ones, at that}, but you just seemed extra listless and somewhat delirious.  Had it not been 10 p.m. on NYE, we likely would have taken you to the ER.  Of course, we felt a bit silly when you woke up the next morning perfectly fine and ready to watch the Rose Bowl Parade be force fed black eyed peas and collards.  

Rose Bowl Parade & Luck Soup Prep... Lovely little New Year's morning!

You started clapping immediately after your 10 month birthday -- maybe even the day of.  It. Is. Adorable. You also began doing this chortling noise with your voice... we call it The Yodel. It cracks us up every time! And you are still a dancing fool... You'll by yourself dance if you hear music {or sometimes just loud, continuous noises like the blender}, but you also still love to mimic your dad's moves! 

Books rank high on your list of favorite things to play with this month.  You will pull all of your books out of their bins one by one until you find your favorites.  You'll either page through them by yourself or bring them to us to read to you.  You absolutely loved being read to when you were an itsy thing, and we've continued reading to your every day as you've grown, but there were a few months in there where you wanted to rip the book out of our hands the second we picked one up.  Now you'll sit next to us or pull up into our laps and listen.  You know when it's time to turn the page and you are quick to volunteer for the task.  You have favorite pages that you'll flip back to again and again. You still love Sandra Boynton {I think because we've made each of them into little songs you can groove to!}, but you are also very into any books with things to touch or with flaps. You love Karen Katz books and you love to play peek-a-boo with Paul in Pat the Bunny.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear is also a big hit. 

You are pulling up on everything and cruising around a bit now.  You are still very fond of the stairs, and I'm sure you'll be going up and down them soon {spoiler alert: you are}.  


You and The Boom created your own private game... You'll saddle up to her while she's chewing on her bone and try and swipe it.  She'll let you, but will immediately {and very gingerly} take it back from you with a fake play growl.  You laugh and laugh and y'all do it all over again.  It's fun to see y'all becoming buddies. 


You are very interested in pointing out our noses, mouths, and eyes.  You can correctly identify the cow and pig in your chunky wooden puzzle about 80% of the time.  You are definitely saying "dog" now, and we've heard you say some more "dadas" in the correct context. 


You are getting pickier when it comes to food. I probably shouldn't say "pickier"... "more opinionated" is more like it.  There are times when you simply are not in the mood for whatever we're offering you, and you let us know it.  Green veggies are the biggest challenge currently, and I've taken to hiding them in smoothies. You do continue to amaze us with the things you happily eat, though -- we sat, bemused, this month at our favorite Thai place as you shoved panang curry in your mouth so quickly that you didn't realize it was spicy until about your 12th piece. You gulped down your water, whined a bit...and then went back for more!  Your favorite food this month is undoubtedly blueberries.  You can kill a pint in one day, easy. 

Jamming to Stoney Larue and sucking down my latest concoction... Avocado + Pear + Blueberry + Goat's Milk. This child will eat anything in smoothie form.

You are starting to really test some boundaries and show your displeasure when we don't let you have your way.  You've understood "no" and "don't touch" for a few months, but this month you've started purposefully attempting things you know you're not allowed to do {play with Boom's food / water; swipe the camera or iPhone; throw your supper on the floor}, and laughing when we tell you "no."  When we redirect you, we might be rewarded with a mini-tantrum, depending on your mood.  I'm a little afraid of what's to come in the toddler years, but {for now} you bounce back very quickly and remain our usually-happy baby girl. 

Nope. Can't hold the fancy camera, sorry. 

Sleep... Up until this month, you've slept through the night maybe a total of 6 times.  You've been waking up once a night for... a very long time -- maybe 7 months?  I always thought you'd naturally phase it out without any help from us, but it just never happened. While I enjoyed the sleepy snuggle time, mama was tired, and it was clear you didn't need to eat and were just waking out of habit. I dusted off my Ferber and let you fuss.  It only took 2 nights of very minimal crying, and you've been sleeping 11 or 12 hours solid, beginning at 7 or 7:30... 'Tis wonderful.  You wake up happy and seem more rested.  We are still toying with the two naps versus one, but I think you're moving naturally to one now that you've dropped your nighttime waking. 


By the very end of this month, you had dropped a nursing session -- only breastfeeding 3 times a day.  You eat three very solid meals and usually have a snack as well.  You started drinking a small amount of goat's milk as well. 


Sugar Sack, there is nothing in the world I'd rather be than your mama... What an extreme privilege it truly is. 

To the moon and back. 

Love, Mama

Bday Card 3

11 Month Stats & Milestones

- Height & Weight: Unknown 
- Diaper Size: rise completely unsnapped / 2 middle waist snaps open on BGs; Size 4 in 'sposies
- Clothing Size: 12-18 months

- First Christmas {Dec 25}
- First New Year's {Dec 31 - Jan 1}
- claps
- words: "dog" and "dada"
- points at facial features; usually can identify "cow" and "pig"
- cruises on furniture 

- sleeps 11-12 hours straight 
- nurses 3 times a day
- eats 3 meals and one snack

- Nicknames: Leity Bug / Bear, Buggie, Buglet, Bug, Bugga, Sugar Sack
- Favorites: books {especially tactile ones}, blueberries, egg shakers, clapping 


  1. She's a great kid Kate. I suppose no surprise, given her parents, but it's so much fun to see her grow and change.

  2. Love the videos! She is beautiful!

  3. I am so jealous of your wonderful eater! Matthew (who is 13 months) will hardly eat anything! We introduced solids pretty early, but from the get go, he just isn't into them! If it is cold, squishy, not exactly what he has in mind....he won't eat it! I need you to come to my house and give me a consult. :)

    1. While I'd like to be all "it's the Baby Led Weaning," I am fully convinced some kids are just picky eaters, plain and simple -- no matter what you do! I also think {based on nothing but hearsay evidence} we either get blessed with a good eater or a good sleepr... alllllllll my stress with this dumpling is allocated to sleeping and napping!

  4. I knew every word by heart to Pajama Time with my son! So cute to watch her dance to it! I need to find it for our daughter...she is 5 wks old and doesn't quite have L's dance skills yet ha!!

    1. Love it! We know it by heart as well - we usually resing (sans book) while actually putting on her jammies - keeps her from fretting too much!

  5. It's always so funny to hear other parents' musical interpretations of our favorite books. We sing "Pajama Time" in a very different, but equally as entertaining, way. Which reminds me, I need to capture Nick's singing voice on camera! Not to mention his and Sam's dance moves.

    As always, loved the recap of your sweet L. I know the one year mark can be an emotional one, but you have so much FUN to look forward to! Trust me.

    1. I've always wanted to hear other parents read Boynton (Snuggle Puppy, in particular), since we sing all of her books! Perhaps we should host a link up :)

  6. Love the pictures. She is adorable.


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