Thursday, February 14, 2013

a sweet time...

Thank y'all for the birthday wishes!  I am looking forward to celebrating both my birthday and L's this weekend in Austin. Saturday should be a whirlwind of festivities... kicking off with a citrus themed party for our best girl!  

high res edit

I have a decent amount of baking and crafting to accomplish upon arrival tomorrow, but I've already settled on outfits for myself and E that color coordinate with both the theme and the birthday girl's dress, so, really, I feel like I'm ahead of the game.  

Plus it's Valentine's Day.  Pinwheels and fringy streamers can wait. 

I mean... Duck Dynasty reruns are on. 

::Can you feel the love tonight...::


  1. I hope you had a wonderful 30th the other day!! Can't wait to see some photos from L's birthday!

  2. this makes me happy, happy, happy...

  3. Gah, I am ADDICTED to Duck Dynasty, Jack.


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