Tuesday, February 12, 2013

dirty thirty

Best. Card. Ever. @lkulesz

Apparently I turn 30 tomorrow.

It's a milestone birthday that, honestly, kind of snuck up on me.  I'm feeling a wee bit unprepared, actually... Shouldn't I have made a list of goals?  Spent quiet moments in reflection?  Or, at least, I dunno... purchased an extravagantly expensive nighttime moisturizer?

When I was a wee babe of 23, freshly enrolled in law school, I sat in a bar in Waco, Texas and, after one too many Blue Moons, confided in a group of relative strangers that my Scary Age was 28... That is, I wanted my shit to be relatively straight by the time I reached the twilight of my twenties. I'm not sure where I got it into my noggin that life requires such a benchmark {I think Carrie Bradshaw told me so?}, and I don't even think I had a clue as to which ducks I wanted locked down in their row by that deadline, but there it was... 28.  It was only five years away, and yet, it sounded impossibly ancient to me back then.  In my hops haze, I actually did a little impersonation of someone twenty-eight years of age that included a jaunty strutting arm motion.  

I remember all of this with such clarity because, after an evening of well-deserved ridicule for my ridiculousness, those relative strangers became my group of friends.  

And that group of friends soon formed an illustrious intramural softball team.  

An illustrious intramural softball team we called... The 28 Strutters. 

Note the jaunty arms.  

Those arms won championships. 

Well.  Not my arms, so much.  My arms made sure there was ice in the cooler.  Sometimes the hands attached to my arms were allowed to keep score.  Both very important jobs, one might argue. 

Not to mention my suburb name branding skills. 


28 came and went and it appears I survived to finish out my third decade on earth {with my arms swinging normally whilst walking, I might add}.  

Some of my proverbial poo is together and some of it is floating around out there with all those wayward ducks.  

Parts of my Big Picture have yet to be resolved, but I feel only an unhurried excitement about the future.  

My day-to-day is not glamorous, but, nine times out of ten, I can say I've had fun.  

28 may have been scary once, but 30 seems to fit just fine. 


  1. Happy Birthday!! 28 was my benchmark age for x, y, z. Muahahahahha said Life.

  2. Happy Birthday! I would say you did a great job and your days of being at home with your baby girl are well worth it! Have a great day !

  3. Happy 30th! My husband turned 30 today, and he said it wasn't so bad:-). I'd say being the mom of an almost 1-year-old (which means you survived your first year of parenthood!) is about the biggest duck to have in a row. Enjoy this special day!

  4. Happy 30th! Weren't we just in high school celebrating 15th birthdays?!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday! 30 is a GREAT number. and that it is only. A number! Hope you enjoy your day!

  6. Because of the title of this post, all I can now picture is a slow motion intro of you pushing L in her stroller while y'all wear big black sunglasses and "ridin' dirty" plays in the background. Sooo with that, happy birthday!

  7. Happy 30th, girl!! Love how perspective on having our shit together changes with time;)

  8. I love this :) youth is, as they say, wasted on the young -- I wish I could go back and tell my 23 year old self a thing or two :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  9. Happy 3-0 Kate! Enjoy your day.

  10. Happy birthday!! I'm sure L has something FAB under her sleeve for you :)

  11. I can't imagine a better 30 years than I've had being your mom.
    Happy Birthday to my loving, witty, smart, beautiful daughter!!

  12. My 28th birthday is 19 days away, and this is the first one that's made me a little anxious. Not sure what it is about that age.

    Happy belated birthday!

  13. I hope you had a lovely birthday, sweet friend. 28 has always been my scary age, and, guess who turned 28 a few months ago? This is my point. But, so far I haven't jumped off a cliff, so, methinks 29 and 30 won't be too bad either. ANYWAYS, you are a gem and I know 30 will be amazeballs for you. Yes, Iused balls in a birthday post. Y'welcome.

  14. dude... what is it about 28? I'm not freaking out about it, but it's in 2 months and this is the first time i've ever felt like "whoa, i actually am getting older"... blegh.


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