Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy 31st, E!

Well, we're winding down a weekend jam-packed with Birthday Goodness - one of three for our little family in the short month of February.

(Actually, I wrote that hours ago. It is currently 3:12 am, and I am sitting on my yoga mat, wrapped in my law school duvet, camped out for preschool registration. I am TENTH in line, which means there are 9 people crazier than me whose offspring might soon be learning their ABCs with mine. I'm not sure if this fact comforts or terrifies me.)

(Also, I was toying with the idea of live-blogging this experience but soon realized it would basically be 5 hours of me making the firsty-est of First World Probelms remarks... 2:54: realize I forgot my headphones and can't watch Homeland. 3:06: break out in a cold sweat of fear in anticipation of the moment I'll need to pee. 3:17: kinda maybe need to pee. Etc. Etc.)

(ANYHOO. Back to the birthday.)

A Groundhog Day Baby, E is the first one up, and we celebrated our favorite guy's 31st with two of our favorite things: delicious food and time spent outside {gracias, weather gods, for three gorgeous days!}.  

Pictorial Recap, Ahoy! 

The festivities kicked off Friday evening with a jog {L was psyched to sport her first big girl tee for the occasion... in size 2T, SOB} and, after the munchkin was in bed, a feast of filet and roasted jalapeno mac.  We cheated a smidge and cut into the fresh strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese icing a day early while knocking another Oscar flick off our list {The Sessions - a very thoughtful little film - pretty bummed John Hawkes isn't nominated for Best Actor for this roll}.  

Locally Grown.
MEAT! CHEESE! CARBS! #februarybirthdaybonanza #wfd
Ta da!

Saturday morning dawned cool and sunny, and we enjoyed another long jaunt around White Rock Lake.  Upon our return, the UPS man made a special birthday delivery... for L.  E was nice enough to let her steal some of the spotlight... 


A very merry birthday box...


After some nap-age, we enjoyed more scrumptious meat at Smoke, one of our new favorite brunch places. Then it was back to our casa for {more!} cake!  


Someone seemed pretty jazzed about candles and sprinkles, so we decided to give her a small preview of her own birthday celebration to come... 

Except with the balloons.

Not sure if it was the belly full-o-brisket or the fact that she's never really had sugar, but L wouldn't take a bite.  While it'd be nice if she showed a little more enthusiasm at her party in two weeks, it's just fine by me if the child prefers her weight in blueberries to cake!

Presents... And more boxes!  


After dessert, we headed on over to the Arboretum for a stroll and picnic (can I call it that if there was no food? Perhaps "lazy blanket sitting" is a more apt description?) with a few favorites. We've enjoyed some seriously gorgeous weekends lately and are definitely getting our money's worth with our Arboretum membership... We feel pretty lucky to live so close to such a pretty space on top of being a hop-skip-jump from White Rock Lake.  


After a few glorious, sunshiny hours, we were home once more to feed and bathe the nugget, kiss her goodnight, and head out for another ridiculously delicious meal, this time at Fearing's.


Never a disappointment, we left the Ritz feeling like right proper adults... Given the choice and a babysitter, we often select movies over dinner out, so this was a fabulous treat.

Yesterday was a bit more low key, but we managed to balance a bit more exercise with more good eats... Another big lake walk, a big platter of mussels on Toulouse's patio, and some furniture window shopping rounded out a fabulous family weekend.

(I'd tack the Super Bowl on there but I only watched the Sandy Hook kiddos - SOB - and Beyonce - RAWR... E dictated the commercials to me while I readied my registration gear...then we both got in bed at 7:30. Awesome.)

Ever the lady, we jog like so.
Perfect day for mussels on the patio

And so it is... 31 Cheers for E!


  1. Wait, PRESCHOOL sign up?? My little one is 14 months and I didn't think I had to worry about preschool for another year...am I already behind??

  2. My daughter did the same thing on her first birthday -- she would have NONE of the cake, she just wanted to play with it. She kept pointing at a banana so we gave her that. Must be a BLW thing! I'm just calling it a huge win for Momma! Baby - 2396 Momma - 1!

  3. I'm jealous of your gorgeous weather, worried that I haven't even started to think about preschool for my 16 month old pooper, and i love what you are wearing in the out-to-dinner picture: what/who is it?

  4. Your little family is a-dorable! Happy birthday month!

  5. Preschool sign up? Wow! I know it is crazy for Kindergarten around these parts but preschool isn't too bad. Where are you choosing to go?

    And as far as cake goes, my now 2 year old hates sugar. She would eat veggies and fruit any day over cake, cookies, and ice cream. Is she even related to me?

    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. So jealous of the nice weather!

  6. Preschool signup sounds terrifying. I love the Boom's face in your picture. She's all "hey girl, throw me some cake!"

  7. Happy birthday E! So glad y'all had a wonderful weekend celebrating. Love you!

  8. Love that top you wore out for the birthday dinner! Where did you get it/Who is it??

    1. Thank you! I purchased it at a local boutique here in Dallas called Elements ages ago... It was when E and I were engaged so... 2008? It is a total Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants top - fits me over an entire range of sizes, making it a big time favorite.


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