Monday, February 18, 2013

Party, Party!

{updated with sources and recipes at the bottom}

I'd like to make one thing clear before we begin...

Despite the following {overwhelming} photographic depictions that might suggest otherwise, my baby girl is not a one year old.

At least, not for another 72 hours.  So, we'll hold off on the sap-tasticness until then, okay?


But!  We did have a blast celebrating our sweet bug's first year this past weekend!  GranJan and T-Pop were kind enough to let us host in their home since the vast majority of our family lives in Austin.  We kept things pretty simple with snacks and dessert, and I resisted the urge to go crazy on the crafts.  I completed a few projects here and there, but my true labors of love were the sweets.  My child has a lot of super laid back pizza and park parties in her future, but there will always be homemade cake!  

Thumbs up to parties!

Monthly Photos
Sticking the photos in fruit was an eleventh hour stroke of creativity... I wish I'd had a paint pen at my disposal to write numbers on the tangelos and lemons, but, alas, it wasn't to be.
Cheddar, goat cheese with mango chutney, roasted red pepper hummus with carrots, lemon squares, lemon cake balls, and cream cheese grapefruit layer cake.

Inside view

It's a gorgeous day for a party! #februarybirthdaybonanza
Sparkling lemonade, white sangria, water, and beer {not pictured}

I'm kicking myself for failing to take any photos of the party girl with her guests {or her grandparents... big time fail}, but I did manage to find my camera again for the Main Event...


We were not so sure how the cake would go over after our thwarted dry run two weeks ago.  She was hesitant at first, but girlfriend got the hang of it after flirting with the layers for a bit. 


She killed one layer, baptized herself in another, and was none too pleased when Mama J tried to take the remaining two away.  I think it's safe to say she's a sweets fan... Phew.  Dodged a bullet there. 

One FINAL party pic... #lastonepromise #februarybirthdaybonanza #latergram

We really cannot thank our family and friends enough for coming out to show L big birthday love -- it really was a magical afternoon!  Special thanks to everyone who traveled to be with us... to my mama who indulged my baking projects... and to E who kept me from going off the deep end over photo labels and fringed streamers. 

And the biggest thanks goes to my favorite sugar sack who makes each and every day something worth celebrating. 

{Squeeze just a weeee bit of sap in there at the end.  Had to.}

ETA:  Source & Recipe List

Invitation PDF - Etsy Seller Birdie Says Caw {printed at Kinkos}

L's Party Dress / Tunic - custom order from Etsy Seller Emmi Lee Designs {who was fantastic to worth with}

Pinwheels - all supplies {scrapbooking paper, yellow hemming pins, and straw wreath form} purchased from Michael's; making pinwheels is basically crafting for idiots {perfecto para mi} - I used this method, with different sized squares, and just pinned those suckers where they'd fit on the wreath form.  If I were doing it over again, I probably would have wrapped the wreath in ribbon or yarn first, as there are definitely gaps where you can see the straw.  Meh.  If you squint, it looks like a damn good wreath.  For the cake topper, I attached three pinwheels to the striped straws with the same pins {folded back into the straw... slightly ghetto}.

Paper Lanterns, Napkins & Plates - Spritz and Mara Mi brands from Target

Crepe Paper was also Spritz, fringed using the same concept as this tutorial from Miss Party {I bought the rolls of paper already fashioned into streamers, measured off the length I needed, rolled / folded, then cut to fringe}

Kraft Paper Birthday Banner - Etsy Seller Linden Lime

Striped Paper Straws - Etsy Seller DK DeleKtables

Cream Cheese Grapefruit Layer Cake - adapted from Cooking Light... I basically follow this recipe, except I use a full fat 8 oz container of cream cheese, I squeeze some fresh grapefruit juice into the dough, and I bake in two cake rounds instead of a tube pan {double the recipe for a 4 layer cake}.  And I make a grapefruit cream cheese icing {basically just cream cheese icing with fresh grapefruit juice squeezed in} instead of the glaze.  For L's mini cake, I used 3 inch circular cookie cutter to cut out the "layers."

Lemon Cake Balls - I followed the standard cakeball recipe, using boxed lemon cake. 3/4 container of whipped cream cheese icing, and Wilton's yellow and pink melting candies.

Lemon Squares - I was totally gung-ho to make Smitten Kitchen's lemon square recipe, but chose sleep over upping my Betty Crocker street cred and used a box mix {it was a fancy looking box mix, if that counts for anything}.  Just keeping it real.

White Sangria - or "White Trash Sangria"... it's like three parts cheap-o white wine and two parts Sprite.  Throw some cut fruit in that sucker and stick a straw in it.  


  1. So glad L got on the sweets train!
    Totally pinned that pic of the lemons and tangelos. Genius idea!

  2. Um that series of cake photos is AMAZING.

  3. love the cake photos! cake in the hair!

  4. You new haircut is so cute! Would love the source for the grapefruit cake. My family is allergic to strawberry so it should be the perfect summer substitute!

  5. I just adore how you call her sugar sack. The cake picture are precious. Fabulous job mama!

  6. You look great! Love the pictures in the fruits!

  7. Happy birthday to your whole family! What a lovely birthday party. L is so sweet.

  8. Also, the pinwheels! I can wait for the next post, but did you make those puppies? I love that wreath.

  9. It was indeed a magical afternoon! We loved every minute of it. And you made it extra special with all of your creative ideas, themed decorations and sweet treats! SUPERB job chronicling the celebration in photos!!

  10. Fabulous party! Love the color and everything you did. The cake pics are just THE BEST!

  11. What an adorable setup...I especially love the lemons & tangelos - genius! Happy Birthday L!

  12. I don't know. For not pulling out all the stops, this is certainly one of the cutest parties / themes I have ever seen! Very sweet.

  13. Such a cutie! I adore the cake pictures, and wish I had your skills at mixing shit. I wimped out and had my mom make DH's cake- my cake making is fine, but icing skills are poor to terrible.

    1. MIXING SHIT! I love it so! My only icing saving grace is colored sprinkles...sprinkles cure all matter of ills!

  14. What a darling party, and what an adorable birthday girl!

  15. hysterical, scrolling through the cake pics and its like "what a clean eater, ohhhh". I love the vertical streamers and will be "getting inspiration" (or flat out copying) for A's first bday bash in 2 months!

  16. Baptizing herself in cake = the best thing Ive seen all day. The cake looks freaking amazing, your little family is just the cutest, and I couldn't help but get a little sappy/teary reading this. So basically I will be a big ball of hot mess when you do a 'real' birthday post with anything sappy written at all. Great.

  17. Everything looks fantastic! The party looks like the perfect mix of fun and low-key, and I love how all the decorations turned out.

  18. CUTE!!! I love the lemonade theme! I think we're going to do something along those lines for our daughter's 1st birthday in August.

  19. Everything looks amazing!! love the theme and all the little details are too cute.

    the cake pictures are my fave. girl knows a good thing ;)

  20. The food and you're babe are both adorable, of course. But this non-mom would love to know where you got your shirt???

  21. I love sprinkles too, like too much for an adult! I even put them on brownies when I make brownies. Just wanted to say that you are awesome and this is EXACTLY what kids birthday parties should be! Not too over the top, brimming with parents' love and a mother's hard work (but like you said not loosing sleep over Betty Crocker vs. 100% homemade). I love that you are keeping it real in the baby birthday department. Keep up the good work lady.

  22. Those cake pics are killing me. She was digging that cake! I also LOVE the pictures in the fruit idea. So clever!


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