Monday, February 25, 2013

too early in the week for brain dumpage

{1} Thank y'all for the kind words, re: Baby Girl's birthday bash.  It was a lot of fun to put together, and - more importantly - a lot of fun to experience.  I added sources and recipes to the party recap post, as well as links to pinwheel and fringy streamer tutorials, if anyone is hankerin' for some idiot proof crafts!

Borrowed from @breklynjade

{2} I failed to mention the incredible seated dinner E and my mama organized {for Saturday evening after L's party -- talk about a looooong but excellent day!}... perhaps because I {once again} failed to take any damn photos {save for one at a bar, after the fact, in which I have major Wine Eyes and a big ol' puffy face}. Regardless, it was a really fabulous evening and one that made me feel very special.  

{3} More thank yous for all your comments on my super mushy Do I Really Have a One Year Old? post.  I was more emo than anticipated leading up to the 21st, but practically tear free on the actual day of -- self-kudos to me!  We had a really excellent Actual Buglet's Birthday... the three of us hung out all morning, with E only going into work for a few hours during nap and lunchtime. Then we reconvened for quality outdoor time at the Arboretum and some delicious birthday froyo.  Laid-back and lovely!


Now please excuse me while I post far too many shots of said Actual First Birthday Day.  I wish smiles were easier to coax out of L at this age, but Girlfriend knows when there's a camera in her face and she is not inclined to do the performing monkey gig, thankyouverymuch.  She is, however, quite happy to play Wee Conquistador with all the exuberant pointing.


{4} Speaking of the Dallas Arboretum, we are really making good use out of our family membership... You can safely assume we'll end up wandering the grounds at least once per weekend if the weather is semi-decent or better, and our visits this week number three!  The tulips are almost in full bloom, and there is no nicer spot in all of Dallas than a blanket on the slope overlooking White Rock Lake.  I could lay there all day, and it's about the only place my child is willing to kinda-sorta sit still for a decent chunk of time {due in part to her befuddlement by grass... which? Hysterical}.  As long as there are raisins and cheddar bunnies and a few toys, we're golden for an hour... Nature: I owe you one.

Favorite sporting Dallas, hands down

{6} L has been teething like a mo'fo' for... oh, three? four? months.  It'll be terrible for a week / no teeth.  Awesome for a week, then terrible for a week / still no teeth.  Frustrating, to say the least.  This past week, it's seemed especially hellacious, with tons of whining, tears, and dramatic gnawing of the cabinetry / faux bathtub marble / anything hard-n-home-improvement-ish.  After much huffing and puffing, I broke down and ordered hippie voodoo in the form of a baltic amber teething necklace.Y'all know I love me a crunchy granola solution, but I've been slow to get behind teething necklaces... they just reek of "modern day snake oil" to me.  After all, my last experience with "healing stones" did not go so well.  Nonetheless, the necklace can't hurt {before you get all CHOKING HAZARD on me, we wrap it around her ankle when she snoozes}, and if it saves her {and, let's face it, me} a tiny bit of grief, it will be $30 well spent.  Even if she does look like a puka shell-ed boy band member, circa 1997. 

Patio Oscar Pre-Game

{5} Oscar Day 2013 has come and gone, and I think I am officially back in the swing of celebration after last year's hiccup {I probably shouldn't couch our daughter's NICU homecoming as a "hiccup," but... NO EXCUSES IN REGARDS TO THE ACADEMY, Y'ALL}.  The fashion was really quite glorious this year -- my top marks going to Jennifer, Jessica, Amy, and Jennifer.  And the wins for Ben Affleck, I mean Argo and Jennifer Lawrence thrilled me -- such mega-happy surprises.

{6} Somewhat slyly sliding into the next bullet... Y'all have seen Michelle Obama {Academy Award Best Picture Presenter, what-what!} busting a move with Jimmy Fallon, yes?  We must have watched this a good twelve times in the last 72 hours and it hasn't gotten old yet.

Happy {Snappin'} Monday! 


  1. Isn't pointing THE BEST? One of my favorite milestones, by far.

    Also, I was a little surprised at how fast & furious H's teeth came in after he turned one. A rough few weeks for sure, but I'm glad that we got a lot of it done with at once. We DO have a hippie teething necklace that I bought when he was 4ish months old when I thought he was teething. He was NOT teething so the necklace did not work. I should maybe try it again.

  2. That MObama video is a scream. LOVE IT. I'm certain Mama H will be rocking a few of these moves at le wedding

  3. I love that little baby conquistador....she has the pointing thing DOWN!

  4. Your Birthday pictures are adorable. The one of her, your husband, and the puppets is definitely a framer! That Mom Dancing video is amazing. She looks fantastic!

  5. Have you seen this clip?? I've watched it 3 times.

  6. Thank you for posting that clip - loved it!

  7. The teething rings are a God-send in this house. My tookie has been wearing one since he was four months old. We call him tribal when he runs around sans clothes and bangs on his big ol' belly. (In our defense, we live in the middle of nowhere and must be our own entertainment!).

    Just remember to replace the necklace after six months and the lighter the amber the more effective.

  8. First things first, love the pic of E & L with the puppet while wearing a suit.

    How's the teething necklace working? Notice any difference? And, maybe I'm a bad mom (or, you're just a better mom) but, I don't wrap it on her ankle when she sleeps. She hates socks so bad I'm certain she'd never sleep for all of the trying to get it off.


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