Monday, March 25, 2013

stuff I like, vol. eleventy billion

Pretend I took the time to write a snappy introduction here.

The Voice was on.

And I was trying to recall just how many pairs of #1 and #14 I owned from middle school through freshman year of college.

{Short Answer: TOO MANY.}


Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes - When I was growing up, my mama had three responses to 99% of all my problems... (1) Different strokes for different folks {her go-to reply when I was gossiping about anything remotely scandalous}, (2) Time will tell {standard for all boy woes}, and (3) Take a shower - you'll feel better {when I'd rolled my eyes one too many times at numbers one and two}.  I don't have any beauty product metaphors for the first tidbits, but these facial wipes are quite the refresher on a Meh Day {or a My Toddler Has Sucked My Will To Live &/or Wash My Face Day}.  A perfect addition to your gym bag.  

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Baby Healing Lotion - Bought it for my kid / use it on myself.  Not only does it do that Baby Smooth thang on your skin, you'll be sneaking whiffs of yourself all day like a huffer  in the back parking lot of Michael's with a shoplifted can of Krylon.

UD Naked Flushed. And my faux lazy eye.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed - The Naked2 Paletteis my favorite makeup purchase of all time.  I use it daily.  Flushed is like Naked2 for your cheeks.  Blends and wears great.

J.Crew Factory - I know I'm mega-tardy to this party, but J.Crew Factory?  I'll take more of what you're dishing out, please. I recently purchased the Chambray Popover and the Draped Shirtdress and both are pretty stinkin' fabulous... The chambray shirt is super duper soft and goes with everything - including dark denim {without looking like a rodeo hand - score!}.  The fit is perfect - the buttons don't gape at the chest but there is some actual shape {I bought another chambray shirt a few months ago which I should have returned... I look like a kindergarten teacher rocking an art smock}.  The dress also fits great - airy, but not sack-like -- and you'd swear the fabric were silk.  I wore this to my cousin's rehearsal dinner and wish I'd snapped a photo -- I think it looks better on an actual person than it does on the mannequin. 


Mara Mi Paper Products - I couldn't find a great link for these, but if you pop on over to the stationery aisle next time you're in Target, I think you'll be pretty impressed with the offerings from Mara Mi.  Upbeat, colorful patterns and priced just right {I think this pack was $3.99 for 15 blank note cards}.  I also used some of their plates and napkins for L's party.

Bates Motel - After a disappointing second season of American Horror Story, I'm pretty pleased with all the scare-your-pants-off television that's premiered this year.  I think I've mentioned already I'm a big fan of The Following, and the pilot of Bates Motel was very promising.  I've also set my DVR to record Hannibal next week... but my expectations are low.  Anything Dr. Lector related that does not also include Sir Anthony is rarely worth watching. 

So, tell me... What have you discovered that you're loving lately? 


  1. #7, #15, #16 FOR DAYS, #18. Oh yes. I can't believe they didn't list the Mary Jane Doc Martens because I SO WORE THOSE.

    Oh Sir Anthony. Swoon for life. Those blue eyes!!!!! I would likely have gotten close enough for him to bite my nose off, too.

    I just made my first chambray purchase and NEED NYC TO WARM UP so I can wear it.

  2. ooh I just bought the draped shirtdress in purple! Love it and J.Crew factory in general!

  3. BONUS: I was at Tar-jay yesterday and on one of the end aisle displays they had just put TONS of the Mara and Mi stationery on major, major clearance. Hop to it!

  4. LOVE jcrew factory. I got a super 120s suit dress on there for like $60 that is impeccable. Also many tippi sweaters. I love that chambray top, and I've been looking for one, so I might need to pick that up!

  5. LOVING my new St. John's Wart eye cream. I swear it's magic. Also making my own Arnold Palmers, The Following, and more sunshine. (JCrew Factory is AMAZING.)

  6. That 90s shoe post brought on some seriously scary shoe flashbacks.

    I'm loving J. Crew Factory, too. A big ol' package of goodies arrived at my door a couple weeks ago and some back ordered items are on their way to me soon (I took full advantage of a 40% off coupon code). Their v-neck tee is my weekend staple.

    I'll check out Naked Flushed. Their Naked Basics eye pallette is on my list for my next sephora or ulta trip. I love my Naked 1 and 2 but I think I'd get a lot of everyday use from the basics.

  7. True story: my parents live 5 minutes from the Gilroy Outlets, so every time I visit them I go to JCrew Factory, Banana Factory and Lululemon Outlet. So. Awesome.

    I need to try those wipes, I think Jessica from How Sweet Eats also loves them...

    I plan on going one of these posts soon, but here are my current obessions: EOS lip balm, TOMS (my first pair, I'm obsessed), Trader Joe's Wonton Chicken Veggie Soup (frozen good), Talenti gelato (always). Random, I know.

  8. Also, re questionable footwear choices: I still cringe when I see photos from freshman year of college where I'm rocking #15.

  9. My mom would always make us take a shower if we were sick - she said it would make us feel better. It's amazing what moms know.

  10. My mom's advice is to wash my hair. It's so true. Headache? Go wash your hair, and you will feel better! Ha! I'm going to have to check out the popover, especially since there is no gaping. Even though my boobs are teeny now, yay!

  11. So I'm a few months behind on my blog reading, but OMG glad I saved this one. Pretty sure I just bought everything in this post. Thank you. (My bank account does not thank you however)


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