Monday, April 1, 2013

happy everything


Fair Warning: I'm about to drop a boatload of pastel-hued photos on y'all.

I love Easter.  Probably way more than a "I'll take full-fat spirituality, but only diet coke Jesus"  gal should.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for Cadbury and PAAS egg kits. 


This Easter was particularly fun... For starters, L was way more aware of the festivities this year {being only a wee squirmy meatloaf last year}, but we also had a lot more to celebrate -- not only was Sunday T-Pop's birthday, but my aunt {for whom L is named} was married in a gorgeous, intimate ceremony on Easter morning.  It was a truly wonderful long weekend. 


After flying in Friday morning, E and I took my dad out for an early birthday lunch at Cafe Josie {red fish tacos; shrimp and grits; you're welcome}, and, later that evening, took ourselves out for a belated anniversary dinner at Second Bar + Kitchen {green garlic gnocchi; pappardelle; flank stead with the warm potato salad; have 'em pop a fried egg on top of that steak and then have a Meg Ryan Style Table Orgasm}.  It was a very, very good day for food. 


My mom always hosts an egg hunt the Saturday before Easter... We dye eggs and sometimes attempt a few dozen butterscotch birds' nests.  We've all been on the adult side of Egg Hunting Age for a good tick now, but everyone still has to find their name egg.  Usually there is beer and cheese and golf / tennis / basketball on the tube.  This year, half of the fam was resting up for the cocktail party celebrating the soon-to-be newlyweds {a sort of reception in reverse, if you will} that night, so we had an abbreviated version of the Saturday Egg Fest... mostly as an excuse to watch a seersucker-clad L eat cheddar bunnies off the floor.


The thighs, y'all.  I could eat them with a spoon. 


After our resident Cheerio Taster / Animal Sounds Expert / Nudist was settled with the babysitter, we all got gussied up to toast J & B.  I will blame the lack of photographic evidence on good company, good food, and good wine.  The latter is also responsible for some tardiness on the Easter Bunny's part the following morning. 


Peter Cottontail finally got some coffee her act together, and L enjoyed her Easter goodies {a Duck & Goose book,a Peter Rabbit board book,bubbles, lamb and elephant jam-jams for summer, a stacking toyand some sassy swimwear.}.


And then it was wedding time!  I'll admit I was super jazzed about the following family photo until I realized I look about four months pregnant.  I still stand by my rave review of that dress... but am making a mental note to practice my Skinnifying Pose Whilst Tickling a Toddler. 

Happy Easter! Happy Wedding, Joy & Billie! And Happy Birthday, T-Pop! #happyeverything

Both the ceremony and seated luncheon afterwards were held at the Four Seasons, and they couldn't have been more beautiful.  Gina Whittington {my all-time favorite wanna-put-her-in-my-pocket pal of all-time} said it was pure "Easter Magic" and she was oh-so-correct!  {Gina planned our wedding 4 years ago!  And Stacy, who photographed our nuptials, was the photographer!  It was the happiest of happy reunions!}

Reception luncheon

I was obsessed with the linen couches that were used as ceremony seating.  And the nosegays tied to the back of each chair.  And the chargers.  And the Italian cream cake.  And the bride's dress.  And just every last particle of it all... It was truly the most intimate wedding I've ever attended, and the entire day was just chock full of happiness. 

Stacy was also kind enough to snap a few family photos of our little bug... including a series in which we placed her atop a mountain of tea roses and she screeeeeeeamed as if being lit aflame.  Evs said he'd remind her of this moment when her own wedding comes around and she's pushing for the high-falootin' flowers.  

After all the excitement wound down and the newlyweds were duly hugged and smooched farewell, we changed into our comfies for one last celebratory hurrah... this time for T-Pop's birthday.  


And thus ends a fabulous weekend... and the gratuitous holiday photography. 

Happy Easter / Wedding / Birthday / Everything!  


  1. Oh my goodness! L is SO precious! I need to get Bennett that Peter Rabbit board book. Where did you get her locally grown shirt? I love it!!

  2. Thank you!!! The shirt is from Whole Earth and the brand is called Locally Grown Clothing Co!

  3. Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter!

  4. Whoooowee girl! Busy busy bee. I'm now having serious sads over not taking any Easter pics. L is a pretty pretty princess in pink.

  5. What fun! So glad to know we weren't the only ones eating cheddar bunnies off the floor this weekend!

  6. It was the a very special weekend in so many ways and you got some great shots of everything. We loved every minute of it!

  7. You have been to some gorgeous weddings lately! I would love to see the professional photographs from both. I'm sure they will be swoon worthy!


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