Thursday, April 11, 2013

tasty morsels

Thank y'all so much for the Charleston recs!  My stomach is growling just reading about all your favorite eats and treats!  Keep 'em coming!

And now, some Thursday appetizers to your weekend...

Baz Luhrmann begs the question... How much eye candy can one person take?  Seriously, I've watched the trailer a quatrillion times, and I'm pretty sure I have diabetes now.  It's total sugar shock, I tell you!  I just want to lick the screen. 

Speaking of licking things...

I miss Fat Betty.

As expected, I also miss A-Hops...

We're still chewing on the premier of NBC's Hannibal... It has potential, but as a major fan of Harris' novels {with the exception of Hannibal Rising... which is just... not great}, I'm a little befuddled by Hugh Dancy's portrayal of Will Graham.  He's just so... twitchy.  It's like watching Rain Man join the cast of CSI.  And I might like Mads Mikkelsen better if I could understand a damn word he says.  But!  I am interested in seeing how they flesh out the plot line {see what I did there?}. 

Are you watching Hannibal?  What did you think of the Mad Men premier?  Do you have your tux pressed and your champagne saucers polished in anticipation of Gatsby's return to the silver screen? 


  1. BEST TUMBLR EVER. Mad Men episodes have SO MUCH STUFF to think about that I hate the 2-hour premieres. My head hurts by the end of it and I always have to rewatch to figure out the umpteen things that I totally missed. But, of course, still loving it.

    I can't even talk about Gatsby. I'm just too excited and can't deal with it. Looks AMAZING.

    1. I also loathe the 2 hour premiere. TOO MUCH TO DIGEST.

  2. So very excited about Great Gatsby...way too behind on Mad Men...and I don't do scary movies. But! Gatsby!

  3. I can't get into Hannibal (but I have never read the books) but my husband wants me to wait it out because he has and thinks it will get better. And I loved the Gatsby preview and I hope the movie is great and not a mess!

  4. I don't do scary stuff, but Md Men gets me stress out enough. Oh, that 2 hour premiere. Good lord.

    1. I really could do without the 2 hour premieres. Way too much for me to digest!

  5. I haven't watched Mad Men yet because I need to be able to sit down and watch it with no interruptions (ie kid/husband) So I'm hoping to watch during naptime this weekend!

    I haven't watched Hannibal yet, I was curious if it was any good. Perhaps I will try to watch it tonight on demand to see the first episode and record the second one to decide.

    and... The Great Gatsby- I am goign to be honest. I can't WAIT. I need to find a fellow friend who would want to see it with me because I know my husband would cringe over the thought of seeing a movie made from a book he had to read in high school. I used to think Leo was ugly (when he was younger) but ever since seeing him in The Departed AND Blood Diamond, I have just found him so sexy. Especially as badass Billy in The Departed. Now, seeing him as Jay Gatsby- aye yi yi. Yummy!!!!

    and bummer- Betty is no longer fat? POOP!!! I liked fat betty better too.

  6. As a huge fan of Silence of the Lambs I'm giving Hannibal a try. Will Graham is a bit too twitchy for me and I sure do miss Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal (which is my ALL time favorite villain EVER). I'm quite curious to see how this plays out. I will say it felt very Criminal Minds except with more character back story. If that makes any sense. I'm hoping they get more into Hannibal Lecter.

  7. We were just thinking about giving Hannibal a try!

    I'm already looking forward to your Charleston recap and it hasn't even happened. I reeeeally want to go. I'll plan our trip with no plans to go for now.


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