Sunday, May 12, 2013

for the mamas

Last year on Mother's Day, L woke up at 5:00 a.m... screamed through church... and there was more of the same on the drive back from Waco...

... and it was a very, very happy day for me.

I mean, it required a mug of coffee big enough to kill a medium-sized donkey, but... Happy.

I honestly didn't think I could love this little bug any more.  Nor did I think I could further appreciate the depths of my own mama's love for me.


But time marches onward, and, by some magic slight of hand, our hearts just grow bigger and bigger.

This Mother's Day, my greatest wish is for L to know how incredibly rich she makes my everyday seconds and minutes and hours...

Happy to be back to our regularly scheduled program...with matching headgear!

... and for my mama to know that... hmmmm... I get it.  Your love for me is thunderously overwhelming and humbling and straight-up fantastic.  I'm sure I'll comprehend that, fraction by tiny fraction, even more so as years pass by... 

... but, for today, I love you, too.  More and more.  


{And let's be real.}

{I'd also like to sleep until 8, and maybe read my murder mystery in bed for another 30, and to eat my brunch - with accompanying head-sized mimosa - while the eggs are still warm.}

{Yep, yep, yep.  That'd be nice.}

Happy Mother's Day. 

Mama J love

to the mamas, and the mamas of mamas, and the mamas of mamas of mamas. 


  1. Colby and Clara were up at 5 today to celebrate my first Mother's Day too! Sweet babies :) happy second Mother's Day to you- hope you got to sleep in!

  2. I keep laughing when I think about all my pregnant friends - this is the best Mother's Day. When no one wakes you up early and demands every ounce of energy (and patience) you have, and you still get all the 'rewards' of Mother's Day!!

  3. big big swelly heart to this

  4. You're right. It just keeps getting better, and the love keeps growing--hard to believe, but it does. I guess there are no limits on the heart.
    L. will definitely feel and someday understand the depth of your love. You show it to her everyday in so many caring ways.

  5. Well said. All of it. Happy Mother's Day to you :)

  6. youre such a wonderful mama.

  7. So very well-said, my friend. I hope you had an absolutely divine Mother's Day! Filled with drinks and sunshine and baby lovin.

  8. Ok, the last picture of your daughter with the woman who might be a grandmother (?) is SO good. The way L is looking at her is full of love.


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