Sunday, May 5, 2013

So... huh. My original title no longer applies.

{1} Between our creepy, possible-drug-lordy neighbors' "domestic disturbance," a post-baby-bedtime power outage that subsequently managed to activate the low-battery beeping mechanism on all nine of our smoke detectors, and celebrating Ro's 30th tapas-style in Houston {the latter event being decidedly more fun than the former two}, this damn post took me four days to finish.  Which, as you will see, is pretty sad considering it isn't about much of anything.

{a} I think I initially had more of a point, but it seems I've veered off into Bulleted-List Territory, with a big ol' side of Let's Talk About My Precious Child.  I guess we'll just have to roll with it for now.

{2} My bug turned 14 months two weeks ago... which means I owe her {and her baby book... which is nearly 100% taken straight from these "pages"} three monthly updates.  Talk about slacking.  I was feeling the pressure to make her 12 month post heart-felt and "deserving" of such a big milestone, to the extent that I just... didn't do it?  What's the statute of limitations on these things?  Do I get points for keeping really, really thorough iPhone notes?

{3} Speaking of L and milestones... We have a walker!  Girlfriend took her first unassisted steps on April 9th says my iPhone, but showed little interest in implementing her new skills for a good three weeks.  Then, as  she's been with all physical benchmarks, the little stinker went from 0 to 60 in a day.  E left for a business conference two Fridays ago with a cruiser and returned home 48 hours later to this:

{4} "Chezz" is a pretty big deal around this house.  We have to spell it now unless we're prepared to offer her a hunk of the good stuff right then and there. We let her partake in the cheese platter portion of Waco happy hour a couple weekend's ago and she was pleased as punch to be ending her evening on a high note.  And by "on a high note," I mean WITH BRIE.

Assessing the Pre-Bedtime Cheese Situation #quesita #minicheesefiend #cheers

{5} The whole Baby Learns Language thing is pretty fantastic -- I'm continually amazed by the words she picks up on and {perhaps even more so?} the ones she has absolutely no interest in learning / saying {for example: so many kiddos her age seem to have a word for their drink of choice, whether it be water or milk or cup or bottle... not mine!}.  "Ruff ruff" {she used to say "dog" all the time but now prefers the sound} and "shoes" are her favorite words.  For posterity's sake, her vocabulary also include: that, this, door, duck, dada, tree, kitty / cat / kitty-cat, bye-bye, hi, keys, mama, ball, snack, socks, hat, bow, bath, chair, and sack {for her sleep sack}.  Aside from dogs, she knows the animal sounds for sheep, cows, and {sometimes} snakes.  She knows, and will point to, her hair, ears, and belly / bellybutton.  She will point to your teeth and eyes {mind your corneas with that one}.

A little snack, a little shop

{6} Told you this turned into quite the L Update, yes?

{7} While we're on the subject, how's about some Stuff I Like, Tiny-Lady-Child Edition?

{a} We finally embraced our Texas birthright and added bows to L's accessory repertoire.  I very much enjoy these grosgrain ones from Etsy seller Cute Bows 4 Girls.  {This seller is not a sponsor -- I just truly enjoy her product!} The no-slip grip on them appears to be the same material with which I line my kitchen cabinets... which is genius, if not slightly odd.  Regardless, L can definitely tug them out of her hair, but if she leaves them alone {which she usually does} they don't budge.

Every age is not "my favorite." This one? IS.

{b} Seeing as my heart is not completely made of concrete, itsy-bitsy shoes do indeed make me squeal, but I've held off on footwear for L until now... Salt Water Sandals are the best mix of practicality and adorableness I've found for warmer temperatures.  I know the well-shod traditionalists prefer white, but L's getting a little sassy this summer in gold and silver.

Long pants, long sleeves, & so many Texas women before her. #crazyMayweather

{c} C clued me into these Ladybug Girl board books, and they are L's new favorites.  I often feel as if they were written just for her little brunette, puppy-loving noggin!

{d} The last time I made the pilgrimage to IKEA, I picked up the ubiquitous Fancy Swedish Words Circus Tent... definitely $19.99 well spent!  It did take about a week for L to really warm up to it -- at first, she only wanted to hang out beneath the big top if one of us went in with her -- but now, she can often be found happily flipping through her books or chattering with her barnyard hand puppets {also IKEA, but I couldn't find a link}.  I've been really impressed with the children's toys and products from IKEA {lately, we've been loving their colorful flatware!}. Everything is so well-made for the price, and all their wares must comport with EU standards...  i.e.: generally far superior when it comes to safety than American materials.

Someone's warming up to the tent...

Hmmmmmm.  I was going to yammer on about a few beauty goodies I've taken a shine to, but such serious discussions shall just have to wait until Sunday Night Television concludes... Selena Meyer, Don Draper, and Daenerys Targaryen wait for no miracle mascara.


  1. True or false: I dug headphones out of my purse to plug them into my laptop to hear the cuteness in the video.

    I also will walk for cheese. And probably an assortment of other G-rated verbs.

    (That would be a *true*)

  2. Those sandals are precious, so glad for a baby brands cheat sheet. I've been wanting the navy boy version of these but had no idea who made them or were to buy. Of course they are out of stock, but now I know what I'm looking for. Also love the tent. We've been stocking up on ikea as well, instead if the tent we got the canopy that attaches to the wall to make a reading nook. Unfortunately 14 months in little boy means throwing books on the floor and climbing on tables-not snuggling up thumbing trough books-ahhh

  3. That video of her walking is adorable! Your voice! Her love for CHEESE of all things (of course)! And the newness of it all so much.

  4. I can't believe she says so many words! That's awesome. Mac says dada, cat (which sounds just like dada) and he barks. That's it. I'm hoping that now that he's got this whole walking thing down that he'll be better with his signs and words. He hasn't really been able to focus on anything other than walking lately. And it'd REALLY be nice to know what the hell he wants when he randomly points and grunts.


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