Thursday, May 30, 2013

sweet {savory} summertime

Here it is... Summer.

Summertime Snack. And yep, I'm the sucker who pays extra for precut melon. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Don't y'all just love it?

{This is where E says "Not in this Face-of-the-Sun State! Let's move to Seattle!"}

{To which I reply "Um, have you seen an episode of The Killing? If crooked politicians and murders don't get us, all that rain will have us throwing ourselves off a harbor bridge.  Plus, I don't think they let you wear anything but Fair Isle sweaters up there - like, really chunky ones."}

{To which he replies, "---what in God's good name are you talking about, woman?"} 


{Oh, yeah, Netflix The Killing.  Not that I had much doubt, but AMC is officially the new HBO.}


We've been doing all the requisite Yay-Summer-We're-Newly-Thrilled-About-Your-Existence-And-Not-Yet-Too-Hot-To-Function Things. 

If Frommers ever desires a Dallas Playscape Guide for Tiny Toddlers, I think we could write it. #thegoodlife
Got mah bow, got mah buttons, got mah beads, got mah grahams. #waterbaby
The good life! #errantbabybow

Munching on watermelon and blackened hot dogs on the patio... Sipping Coronas poolside {with a fully accessorized mini side-kick, naturally}... Running rampant outside {"--side!"} with scuffed up knees and grocery store feet.  

Essie's Lollipop on my toes... Stoney LaRue and Old Crowe Medicine Show on my iPod {okay, fine, fine, and maybe that catchy Florida-Georgia Line / Nelly remix}... And basil spreading like bushfire in my backyard. 

Ah, that basil.  It smells like a good, warm memory, and it's the only thing green I can't seem to kill.  As such, we tend to eat a lot of it as the temperatures climb...  Pesto, herb salads, pizza sauce and marinara sauce and primavera.  

And caprese.  

Always with the caprese.  Can any greater {or simpler} pleasure be found on the appetizer {or lunch!} menu?

I'd vehemently vote "nay"... and subsequently move to make caprese the main suppertime event!  Much like so...

Caprese Steak Salad #wfd

Steak Caprese Salad

- two 6 oz. top sirloin steaks, rubbed with EVOO and sprinkled with salt & pepper
- 1 pint of cherry tomatoes, halved or quarters
- 1 shallot, diced
- 8 oz. fresh mini bocconcini {those itsy balls of mozzarella - or just chop up one of the big balls}
- big ol' handful {technical term} of fresh basil, chiffonaded {if that wasn't a verb before, it is now}
- 1 t. good balsamic vinegar
- pinch of kosher salt 

Fire up the grill {or preheat your broiler} and grill {/broil} the steaks to your desired doneness {depending on thickness, medium is usually 5 min on each side}.  Remove meat from heat to a plate and allow to rest for 5-10 minutes. 

Meanwhile, mix the remaining ingredients together in a serving bowl.  After the steak has rested, slice into thin strips or chunks.  Add meat, along with any collected juices, to the rest of the salad, toss, and chill for 30 minutes before serving. 


  1. best ever hor d'ouevres? bocconcini, half a cherry tomato, basil leaf, skewered, with a drizzle of olive oil, sprinkle S+P and maybe some prosciutto, if you're feeling super fancy. that steak situation looks fab.

    From the wintry depths of the southern hemisphere, let me just say: WELL JELL!

  2. know how to do summer right. Everything you described is exactly what I love about summer. And? I must make this recipe asap!

  3. That steak caprese looks amazing. I started eating tomatoes at 30. I have a lot of time to make up for.

  4. Could L be any cuter? I don't think so!
    This is totally an aside, but I can't tell you how much I appreciate your appropriately dressed baby swimwear. Nothing drives me crazier than seeing a skimpy bikini on a baby.

    1. Thank you! I am also not very fond of Baby Bikinis - plenty of time for belly baring later in life, right?

  5. Haha, we're from Seattle (now living in Austin) and just finished season 2 of The Killing-- great show! But, after watching every single episode with torrential rain pounding the windows of the cop car, we kept thinking, geez, stereotype much?? It never rains like that there. It's more of a vegetable mister kind of rain. But, hey, I guess it lends to the creepy, murderous vibe. (Oh, and fun fact, everything except the aerial and panoramic shots of the city were actually shot in Vancouver BC.) We're looking forward to season 3 starting this weekend, though-- excessive rain or not! : )

  6. Love love love Caprese salad! Must try it with steak now :)

  7. BASIL BASIL BASIL. I love hot weather. And babies who accessorize in their swim suits.

  8. "Grocery store feet..." favorite phrase of the week :)

  9. Do any of L's swimsuits come in adult size? They're adorable. Also, agree with commenter above, sounds like you're doing summer right.


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