Monday, November 18, 2013

it's that time again...

Two weekends ago, our little clan of 3 {3.5?} attempted something we'd yet to do all together... 

Professional Family Photos. 

I meant to get pro pictures taken when L was itsy bitsy, but I just never got my shit together. Plus I couldn't find someone reasonable in Dallas who didn't want to shove my baby in a gauzy sausage casing, pose her in a flower pot, and hang her from a sapling with baker's twine... WTF is up with newborn photography these days?

Then, last Fall, we had a photography session scheduled in Austin but L came down with a nasty virus.  Pretty sure Stacy did not want to spend 8 hours photoshopping green snot out of a screaming 9 month old's nose. 

This year, I was on the ball. {Lies. The neighbor of a friend took pity on me and squeezed us into her schedule.} We did a 45 minute mini-session, which I think is the perfect plan at this age... L was actually pretty over it by the 30 minute mark, but we managed to snag a few shots of just E and myself there at the end while the toddler ran amok.

We received the gallery of our photos today, and I have to say, I'm pretty pleased!  Despite my mild panic attack over our wardrobe options {PSA: 18 weeks pregnant is not an optimal time to take pro pics... I seriously contemplated "borrowing" a belly from Pea in the Pod so I wouldn't look like I'd just come from an eight enchilada supper} and what-seemed-to-me-to-be L's perpetual stink eye during our session, there are some pretty great shots.  

{crummy photo-of-my-computer-screen... still waiting on the edited jpegs}

I really try to keep affiliate links to a minimum here, but since I'm about to take advantage of this pretty stellar deal, I figured y'all might like a bite of the Holiday Pretty Paper Apple, too!  I'm not too proud {or sneaky?} to admit I cycle between three photo stationery vendors purely based on price point and available coupon codes.  This year, thanks to a voucher purchased on Zulily last month and this stellar deal, Tiny Prints won the race for my paper-loving heart {and, uh, my monies}. 

Through tomorrow Thursday {now extended!}, enjoy 25% off site wide when you use the code SW1119 + free shipping with the code FS13.  I know there are some other coupons floating around out there {I know I have a mailer taped to our fridge that arrived a few weeks ago}, and these codes will combine with any of those you have as well. 

Personally, I'm pretty jazzed about Tiny Prints' new foil-stamped cards.  I'm also pretty jazzed that our photographer managed to capture this moment {I can count on one hand the number of good photos of just the two of us}... 

Although, uhhhhhhhhh, WHY ROOTS WHY. 


  1. These are beautiful and wonderful...especially the last one of you and L. I know from experience how hard it is to get mom AND child in a photo where both look pretty and sane

  2. super cute! Adorable little family, the pics turned out fab.

  3. awe adorable!

  4. Thanks for pointing out the tinyprints deal. I love those foil-stamped cards too. Your pictures look great. We just had family photos taken and I don't like how I look in any of them and I was considering not even using them for our holiday cards. But your comment about your hair in the last photo made me realize that we judge ourselves much more harshly than we should. (I can't even see your roots!) I'm probably noticing things in my pictures that no one else will see!


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