Thursday, November 14, 2013

weeks 18-20

Will every new {yet sporadic} post I write begin with an apology for how long I've neglected this space?

As GranJan is fond of saying, time will tell.

I've actually sat down to update y'all many times in the past few weeks, only to Select All + Delete in favor of licking the stuffing from Peppermint JoeJoes and sighing dramatically on the couch.  Everything I had to say came out whiny and complainy, and who wants to read that?

At this point, I'm ready to nix the sighing... plus I'm nearly finished with that box of JoeJoes.

For record keeping's sake {and because it just feels weird to skim right over this junk}, a little rundown on 2013's Bad-Things-Come-in-Threes Shit Trifecta.

E was in a car accident. A "I think it's kinda bad" car accident {his words to me on the phone as L and I are waiting for him in the security line at the airport. I will be the first to admit, my reaction was... not very nice.  It sounded like a "I got rear-ended and now we're going to miss our flight" situation. Suffice to say I changed my tune from Bitchface to Hysterics when I arrived on scene and saw his car upside down}.  It wasn't his fault, he is fine now, and we have good insurance... and it could have been so much worse.  But, yaknow, still annoying.  And scary.

Then, after another big rainstorm dumped on Dallas, we noticed our living room carpet was damp.  And, hmmmmm, it looks like the baseboards are warping.  Uh, SHIT, is that MOLD underneath the couch?  Oh yay, Flood 2.0.  Really, it's more like Slow-Yet-Continual-Rainwater-Leakage-Causes-Big-Water-Damage-Again but that doesn't make for as fun of a hashtag.  Whatever you call it, it's a flashback to 2011, this time on a somewhat smaller scale. We've already done the carpet rip out thing, and the baseboard destruction thing, the thing with the zillion loud fans and dehumidifiers.  This go 'round we also got to dabble in Mold Remediation!  So sexy.

Now that everything is dry, we're attempting to map out a plan to fix the outside irrigation issues that are creating this problem.  While we don't have to move out the house this time {bonus} and our living room is the only space affected {another big bonus}, the cause is a lot trickier this time.  Until we are 100% sure the situation is remedied, we will be "living" sans carpet, on the slap, with visible framing and insulation to ensure moisture doesn't get trapped again.  Again, it could have been so much worse {we should know!}, but it suuuuuucks, y'all.  More than just dealing with the mess and the inconvenience and the contractors, it sucks feeling as if you're living in a home that is truly cursed.  I am the one who pushed pushed pushed for this house, and now I have anxiety every time I leave that I'll return to some new disaster.  It's just... generally unsettling.

Right as we were discovering the water damage, my dad had an accident at home.  What appeared to "just" be some bad rib fractures turned out to be a lot more, and he had emergency {maybe a better word would be "surprise"} spinal surgery last week.  I won't get into the details, as it's not my story to tell, but we've all been thinking of him constantly.  ONCE AGAIN, things could have been way worse, and we are so thankful for the amazing medical team who quickly recognized the need for aggressive treatment. T-Pop is home now and recovering quite beautifully.   We are super duper excited to see him while we celebrate my mom's birthday!

So, yeah.  There it is.  A Cornucopia of Poop.  Thank Baby Cheezus for Perspective.  And Peppermint JoeJoe's.  I would say VODKA, but I'm pretty sure the Universe times these Life Bummers during my pregnancies to ensure I don't tumble down a deep tunnel of alcoholism.  {Another silver lining, perhaps?}

ANYHOODLE.  Pregnancy Updates!  Let's do this thing, Posterity! 

Pregnancy #2 Weeks 18-20

{apparently I didn't do an 18 week update with L}

19 weeks...slacked on the photo, oops 

Marination Time: I am currently 20 weeks... half baked!  I cannot believe I am on the downward slope of this pregnancy.  This fact actually terrifies me.  I need the next 20 weeks to creep by, por favor.  Again, my EDD is April Fool's Day, but we're currently tasked with deciding on "The Official End Game," as my OB affectionately calls it... ie: If this kiddo refuses to come after 40 weeks and my body is not progressing at all in favor of a "natural" induction {I can't have an cervical softeners or Pitocin with a VBAC, so my only induction options are a Foley ball and manually breaking the bag of waters}, what would we like his birthday to be?  I was under the impression that malpractice insurance wouldn't let me go one day past 4/1, but it looks like I have a little big of wiggle room.  This news was actually happy-dance-inducing as any extra time is a good thing when you're dancing the VBAC dance.  I honestly don't even want to think about another c-section, but, to ensure we get the best experience possible, we will go ahead and pick a date and get on the hypothetical surgical schedule soon. 

Feeling... Pretty awesome, really.  First Tri was so miserable this time, but now that I'm solidly into 2T, I feel awesome.  I wouldn't say I have tons of energy, but just being able to function normally without gagging 672 times a day is such a relief.  My sleep is better now as well.  And,  no more headaches, knock on wood! 

Cravings / Aversions:  I'm still not craving much this pregnancy, although I have been able to stomach minty sweets {most anything else with a lot of sugar still makes me feel like absolute ass}.  See Peppermint JoeJoe's above.  I do wish coffee tasted better... I am drinking it again now, for General Toddler Survival, but the idea of hitting up the White Rock Coffee drive-thru for a latte just doesn't thrill me like it normally does. 

Other Differences:  With L, I was up 6 lbs at 19 weeks.  With B, I am only up a pound.  I absolute refuse to be smug about this since I started off this pregnancy a good 10 lbs heavier.  I suspect that 10 lbs was hanging around due to nursing and am wondering if I haven't gained much because L self weaned when I was around 14 weeks?  I'll likely never know for sure, but it's an interesting hypothesis.  

Sex: Boy!  Panorama results were confirmed at our Anatomy Scan. 

Name: BTH! 

Movement: Consistently now.  Still nothing to be felt from the outside. 

Sleep: Pretty good. 

Maternity Clothes: Pants, fo' sho.  I am starting to get frustrated by the demi panel vs. the full {I remember this happening last time, as well}.  I have such a long torso that I end up carrying pretty much right smack in the middle, and, as the bump pops, the demi panel starts to roll down, but the full panel is still way too big.  Plus I feel like all the full panels starts at my crotch!  I need a ridiculously long tank to cover that shit up. Obnoxious.  

Highlight of the Week(s): Pregnancy-wise, our awesome Anatomy Scan!  B looks absolutely perfect, as does his cord, the placenta, and the membranes on the bag of waters.  No VCI or membrane separation for this kidlet!  We will still have additional visits with perinatologist because of my bifurcated uterus, but no one is anticipating any issues.  SO THANKFUL for this. 

Gratuitous Big Sister Photos:

Since I plumb skipped a Halloween post this year... 

Our little strawberry!  I made her costume, and, for someone with extremely limited DIY skills, I think it turned out pretty cute. There was actually a matching tutu, but L flat out refused to even touch it {that's my girl!}, and, honestly, I think it's cuter with just the little "Peter Pan skirt." 

Our bug got the hang of Trick-or-Treating pretty quickly. She loved ringing the door bell, seeing everyone's "punkee" decorations, and putting candy into her with sack. We only did about 8 houses, but we had quite the time!  Like all asshole parents, we took all her candy out of her sack after she went to bed...but the next morning, she came downstairs, looked in her sack, and promptly asked "can-deeee?" We honestly didn't think she even knew the word for candy! Poor, deprived child. 


  1. I hope your bad-things series is done! My dad had scheduled back surgery way back in July, and picked up a nasty infection that he is still getting over (including 2 week-long stays in the hospital and 2 more surgeries). I'm hoping the last time was the 3rd and FINAL.

    On another note or 2, you look fabulous! And go to TJ's and pick up their "Minty Mallows" covered in dark chocolate. I picked up a box last night and I fear they won't make it through the weekend. You're welcome!

  2. Oh gosh, I hate seeing bad things happen to good people. But I feel you -- October 2013 was the best month of my entire life (married & honeymooned) and one of the worst (my adored Grandy was in the hospital for two weeks, missed the wedding, and passed away). It's been a weird mix of emotions, but mostly realizing how lucky we are to have so many people love and support us on the happiest day and the saddest day.

    Chin up, Mercury is apparently out of retrograde.

  3. Geez, what a wild time you guys have had! Glad all is pretty much well at this point and cannot believe you are half baked. Wow. Keep on writing---what would weekly pregnancy updates be without a little complaining? Duh. ;)

  4. Man you are one strong momma for dealing with all that while pregnant!! You and I are due a day apart (I'm also due with #2!) and it's been fun reading your updates as I find myself going through a lot of similar feelings. PS -- L's costume was so cute!!

  5. Ha, my due date was also April 1st with twins and I said Hey Dr. Doctor, there is no way I am having my childrens' birthday on April 1st. So, since I actually did go full 40 weeks with those babes, we did induce with a final birth date of March 31st. This would have never happened but for the fact that no one wants twins to be overdue, especially the one carrying those 15 lbs of babies around, um I mean especially the doctors! : )
    Sounds like you have had quite the trifecta of stressors and yet kept everything in perspective!

    1. Woah! Cooking twins for 40 weeks! You are truly an all-star! March 31 is an excellent birthday -- it happens to be my dad's so it would be awesome if I happened to go into labor then!

  6. Oh not more water shenanigans! Boo!

    But you and L. do look adorable, the both of you.

  7. Well, you sure look fabulous!! Pregnancy suits you well! But BOO BOO BOO for that crappy trifecta :( Sending some happy thoughts and vibes your way.

  8. Okay. What are joe joes? Also I so here you in the vbac wishes. Go girl. I'm still bummed west didn't come before 41 weeks, sigh.

    1. Oh Tiffany...Do y'all have Trader Joe's in CO? If so, get thee there and find the JoeJoes -- it's like their version of Oreos and the peppermint ones taste like they mixed peppermint bark into the cream center!

  9. Oh christ on a cracker! I haven't stopped by in way too long! First of all, hi! You are having a second baby! CONGRATULATIONS! <-- I figured that is worthy of all caps. Very exciting news. I can't get over L now. Her hair, her face... she is a little girl. Not a baby. Que tears. You look absolutely radiant with baby #2. Keep on keepin on and know that your only a few months away from some sangria ; ) Best wishes my friend!


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