Tuesday, December 10, 2013

24 weeks

Marination Time: 24 weeks. WHAT.

Feeling: Some sciatic pain, but, generally, amazing {relatively speaking, of course}.

Cravings / Aversions: I still haven't made those Rice Krispie Treats, and I'm still thinking about them... as Little Orphan Annie would shout: Tooooooo! Morrow! Tooooo! Morrow!

#2 Compared to #1: No swelling extremities currently {apparently my calves were bumming me out last time}.  Honestly, the whole "baby boys are kinder to their mamas" thing is really ringing true for me this pregnancy.  1st Tri was rougher this time, but since then, I've felt awesome, my skin loves me, the aches and pains are holding off... I feel like a majorly lucky duck.

Movement: Tons and tons. I have felt him from the outside many times this week, but poor E has yet to catch him in action.

Sleep: Great if I can manage to get back to sleep after my nightly bathroom break {just one of those, thankfully, at the moment}.  I really do think the Tempurpedic can take some of the credit for good nights; I definitely remember tossing and turning a lot more at this point with L.

Other Notes: So many great comments on placenta consumption and/or PPA last week - thank y'all!

Highlight of the Week: Escaping Icemageddon for a 3 day weekend in Waco. It was such a great 72 hours, made even greater by the fact that we inadvertently skipped out on 48 hours without power in Dallas.

Gratuitous Big Sis Photos: Is it possible for there to be a cuter granddaughter / grandmother snapshot?


  1. I agree on the Tempurpedic, I LOVE it. I am 28 weeks and sleep like a frequently peeing baby.

  2. I need a tempurpedic then. While I must have an extremely large bladder or an amazing ability to hold it since I have yet (during either of my pregnancies) had the need to wake up to pee, sleep often alludes me. That sucks when I also have a toddler who dislikes sleeping. UGH. You look fabulous and definately look glowing!

  3. My first was a boy and he was such an easy pregnancy! My second is totally different!



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