Wednesday, December 18, 2013

25 weeks

Marination Time: 25 weeks. If I were ever to be pregnant again {NO}, I'd do it in the heat of the miserable Texas summer so the days would drag on and on. This is passing way too quickly, and the breakneck pace of the holidays doesn't help in the slightest! 

Feelings: This week, I went from "ho hum, everything feels great!" to "ug, I feel kinda big and groan-y."  My energy is still great, but I'm definitely huffing and puffing a bit on the stairs or after carrying L for an extended period of time. My "sit bones" also ache, as if I've parking it on a wooden church pew for 2 hours a day... really weird as I'm rarely sitting down for more than a 15 minutes until well after L goes to bed.  

Cravings / AversionsI finally made those rice krispie treats.  I bought enough for another batch but I'm not sure I want to suffer the consequences of eating a second pan all by myself. 

#2 Compared to #1: The thing that most surprises me this go 'round is my mentality... Most days, I completely forget I'm pregnant until something reminds me.  A lot of my thoughts about our new addition center around how L will react to her new brother.  Some days I feel a bit guilty that I don't spend hours each day talking to B and daydreaming about him, but I'm thinking this is pretty normal?  Bueller? 

Movement: Lots and lots of crazy antics this week.  L rarely spent much time kicking my ribs, and her brother is making up for her lost time.  His rolls are also getting more and more creepy-feeling -- I expect we'll be able to see them soon. 

Sleep: More interruptions this week.  I'm thankful I'm not yet achy, but the flipping that ensures hip-joint-happiness is obnoxious. 

Highlight of the Week: A child-free evening out last Saturday ties with the amazing weather allowing us to get outside again this week. While I like some WINTER in my winter, I won't ever turn my nose up gorgeous 60 degree days! 

Gratuitous Big Sis Photos: Apologies to all my IG friends who are experiencing deja vu during these posts... 

On Tuesday, we had a Mama-Kidlet date to see the Trains at Northpark.  I am not sure what I expected, but everyone raves their heads off about this exhibit, so I think I was just anticipating... more?  L loved seeing all the choo choos, though, plus all proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House, so it was 40 minutes well-spent.  Especially since we got to go visit the ducks and "turgles" afterwards {and Mama finished up some final Christmas shopping}. 

{so jazzed to be here}
{no, really}

This child, man... O-P-I-N-I-O-N-A-T-E-D.  My attempts to dress her in either of her two new holiday dresses for her last day of "school" before break were met with tears and NO NO TUTU {please note: neither of the aforementioned frocks are tutus or tutu-like}.  We finally settled on last year's Christmas smock... L approved since it is "can-cane" themed. 

{Duplos from GiGi & PawPaw are a ginormous hit}


  1. LOVE her dress!! Adorable :-)

  2. L is such a big girl these days!! Seriously....adorable!

    You and the bump look pretty great too :)

  3. You look fantastic! Logan is the same way about clothes. Drives me nuts, hah! And yes to normalcy with #2 vs. #1. I think it's why they turn out so mellow.


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