Monday, December 2, 2013

Five on Monday

Perhaps this shall be a new tradition, yes?


Our Thanksgiving was relatively low key and lovely.  Although I doubt my kitchen frenzy Wednesday and Thursday morning could be described as such... I always enjoy holiday cooking binges, but damn if pies don't give me fits.  First an oh-so-sad crust shrinkage problem, and then my custard just wouldn't set. The final product was edible but nothing to write home about. Next year I just might stick to the recipe on the back of the Libby's can. I also need to make a mental note to buy some bagels or freeze cinnamon rolls for breakfast Thanksgiving morning... or risk a bathroom crying jag when the toddler chucks an entire plate of frantically-yet-lovingly made strawberry pancakes at my midsection. Ain't nobody got time for unappreciated pancakes with 3 casserole dishes in the oven. 

On a happier culinary note, the Texas Monthly Pecan Dressing was ridiculous in the best sense of the word. I made a half recipe {which was plenty for a small gathering}, used 100% cornbread, and carmelized the onions before adding them into the mix. Good stuff{ing}, y'all. 


The rest of our long weekend was fun and relaxing... We attended a Friendsgiving wherein L ate her weight in pasta salad and was introduced to Doritos {and subsequently puked in her car seat... more on that tomorrow}{can you even stand the anticipation of a Vomiting Toddler Tale?}, and E and I got to scope out the new{ish?} Look Theater in Prestonwood for a private showing of The Delivery Man.  My aunt's stepson {my step-cousin? that seems super awkward}, a talented chap you might recognize from Verizon and Wendy's commercials, plays one of Vince Vaughn's umpteen children, and we were thrilled to be invited to see his film debut with family and friends!  For you locals, Look is attached to Nick & Sam's and Coal Vines, so the concessions are pretty dang tasty.


Speaking of the aforementioned upchucking, does anyone have any tips on, "unseemly" odors out of convertible car seat covers?  We have a Britax Marathon with that fuzzy cow print fabric, if that matters.  Per manual instructions, I have "gently hand washed" that motherfucker multiple times and it still reeks.  I don't want to compromise the integrity of the seat, blah blah blah... but it would also be nice if I could get in my car without gagging.


I officially hate having Thanksgiving so late.  Can we not do that anymore?  I loooooove Thanksgiving, and really try not to get wrapped up in Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! until after the turkey is carved, but now I'm sitting here on December 2 miffed that our outside lights aren't up and our tree isn't trimmed.  After entirely too much brainpower spent on play kitchens over the past few months, I did manage to order L's big gift from Santa{if you're looking at the same one, you might hunt around -- it seems to pop up from different sellers on Amazon, and I scored it for $90 + free Prime shipping on Saturday}... This would be the single Christmas gift I've purchased, aside from some really unexciting stocking stuffers.  It is time to give the elves a swift kick in the ass.


I picked up some Mrs. Meyer's goodiesin the seasonal Orange Clove scent today, and it smells DELIGHTFUL.  Get you some of that.


  1. We saw Delivery Man this weekend and I thought it was cute.

    Sadly, I know all too well the answer to toddler puke in the car seat. First, I cleaned it with dog carpet cleaner and no dice. I wiped the whole car seat down with alcohol soaked cotton balls and then sprayed with unscented febreeze while airing the car out. I had to repeat this process several times and purchase a festive balsam scent to mask the smell, but I *think* we are in the clear.

  2. When Jonathan lost his lunch in his car seat, I sprinkled TONS, like an entire family sized box, of baking soda all over the seat, let it sit overnight and then vacuumed it up the next day. I left the car in the garage and all the windows down as well. From what I can tell, the smell is all gone!

  3. I've actually washed my Marathon cover on gentle in the washing machine and it survived fine. With a hefty dose of OxyClean to kick the funky smell of spoilt breastmilk. That gag fest ended the "you can have the rest of your bottle on the drive home from daycare" bit. :)

  4. another vote for a gentle cycle in the washer. ours survived fine too.

  5. I got the orange clove from Target on Wednesday and fell in love. I went back on Friday and saw it on clearance already so I had to stock up to get me through December. It's that good!

  6. Umm sorry about the puke? Blame the pediatrician feeding them to her. Still good to see you guys though!!

    1. Haha! The two incidents were totally unrelated - she thinks gagging sounds are really funny and basically accidentally pulled her own trigger. Way to go, kid.

    2. My daughter has recently started doing the same thing! AHH!

  7. We got the retro kitchen and our daughter is OBSESSED (we gave it to her already, BAD Santa). Also - zero presents have been purchased yet. Our elves need some swift kicking as well. (BTW, my girl and your girl are only a few months apart and the #2s are even closer, weird right ?!?! I vote to wash it on gentle as well. (Our britax chaperone seat cover survived in the washer).

  8. We wash our britax seat cover in the washing machine on the gentle hand wash cycle and let it air dry. After washing it with regular detergent, I use Mrs. Myers and it works fine, do a second rinse cycle with once cup of white vinegar added. Smell will be gone. You might also want to let the seat base air out in the garage and make sure to check under the seat and around it for excess puke in your car itself.

  9. Vinegar. Either in your washer during the cycle or just sprayed on. Once it dries, it takes the odor with it. It's awesome.

  10. I feel like it's fine to wash the cover, it's the straps you don't want to wash in the washing machine. Our oldest puked after her great aunts fed her oreos and popsicles with splenda last week and I just had to wash it or risk puking myself every single day. I washed it on gentle in Dreft and then washed the straps in the sink with a ton of antibacterial dish soap.

  11. So I pretreat the britax cover with oxiclean and throw in washing machine on regular ( warm water) and then I let it air dry. Never had any trouble


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