Monday, December 9, 2013

Five on Monday

Coming to you live from Icemageddon 2013, and thawing out quite nicely, thankyouverymuch... We have power, we have produce, we have 5 randoms for my favorite post of the week {belated, per usual, and sponsored by April, et. al!}.


Well...It's been an interesting few days, weather-wise.  We actually lucked out and watched the icy mayhem unfold in Dallas from 100 miles South in Waco at my grandmother's house.  We'd originally planned to head down to the Wack on Friday afternoon to help Mama J decorate for Christmas and watch the Baylor Bears take on Texas.  I got a little skiddish on Wednesday with all the hullabaloo over the forecast, so we ended up packing up Thursday afternoon.  The drive took twice as long as normal, but we arrived safely and with little drama aside from a whole lot of traffic.  I think E thought I was being a little overzealous, but we woke up Friday morning to the news that half of the metroplex was without power {including our neighborhood} and the highways were practically impassable.  GranJan and T-Pop arrived Friday afternoon and we have a great weekend filled with family and... 


... Football!  Our household has watched with glee as Baylor's program has billowed over the last few years.  I've never bet against my Horns, but the Bears' progression from Underdog to Top Dog is impressive, the fans' enthusiasm is infectious, and, let's face it, Texas isn't inspiring much confidence this season... So, on Saturday, I cheered on BU {albeit mentally humming Texas Fight on occasion} for the last time at Floyd Casey Stadium... And, when "The Case closed" {well done, Baylor marketing peeps}, the Bears were Big 12 champs!  Pretty damn exciting, even if it was 23 degrees for the entire 4.5 hours and I resembled a Stay Puff Marshmallow Women / Condom Hybrid. 


The Hothands 12 hour personal warmers from the Dollar Spot at Target are bullshit.  DON'T WASTE YOUR DOLLAR.  Public Service Announcement Quota: Filled.


There were some dicey moments there on the way back into Dallas, but we were pleasantly surprised to find our house unscathed.  I admit I maintained a continuous state of anxious energy the entire 72 hours we were away, because, let's face it, if shit's gonna happen to a house, it's gonna happen to our house... Plus, I am wholly convinced bad things only happen when you are least expecting them, so the anticipation is really just a prophylactic.  I am a rational thinking genius.  A rational thinking genius with a fridge full of spoiled Thanksgiving leftovers, but still. 


L's school is closed today.  Let's hope she likes my impromptu iced-in activities as much as she likes cherry jam and being spoiled by her grandparents.  Oh wait... 


  1. L is looking entirely too grown here lately. I'm gonna need you to leave her hair down. The ponytail makes her look like a kindergartner!! ;)

  2. The picture of you and E at the football game is soooo the winter version of Kate and Will watching the Olympics and stuff. Love it.

  3. Bhahahaha the condom comment made me almost pee myself!! Also, please tell me you are doing L's Christmas List!!! Cannot wait to see it!

  4. LOVED the weekend with you by the warm and cozy fire in Waco. And the photos are wonderful!! xoxoxo

  5. Ok, when I scrolled past that last picture of L, I swore she was wearing antlers. Now I see it was some clever tree branch placement, but for a moment I was like, "whoah. Holiday photo commitment."

  6. Don't forget to thank a Sooner for that Big 12 victory :)

    That second picture of L looking at E is so sweet!


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