Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Most Loved Toys: Crawling - 2 Years

I know the interwebs are just teeming with holiday wish-lists right now, but since my current evening time-suck activity involves scouring Amazon reviews for age-appropriate children's toys {there is entirely too much Awesome out there... and there's also a ton of Shit -- I am so overwhelmed}, I thought I'd do a little Dear Santa in reverse... That is to say what follows is a compilation of toys we've accumulated over the last year that have proved to be well-used and well-loved.

As a point of reference, L received most of these picks before she was walking {she was 10 months last Christmas and her birthday is just 1.5 months later} and is still playing with them at nearly 22 months old, so if your little guy or gal is similarly situated age-wise, some of these might be for you! 

Eric Carle Nesting Blocks - These nesting blocks are awesome!  Super lightweight, but also durable enough to gum on and chunk at the dog.  L loves to build towers with these, but she also likes to line them up upside down and put little toys and animals in them.  Now that she's older, we talk about the animals, colors, numbers, and shapes on the blocks' faces. 

Melissa & Doug Chunky Puzzles - I am obsessed with these puzzles {we have the farm animals, pets, and jungle creatures}.  They are so vibrant, and they fit easily in little hands. But I think the best thing about them is that the individual pieces stand up by themselves... L loves to play with them independently of the puzzle board -- we have loads of animal parades and build little zoos for them out of blocks.

Alex Jr. My Busy Town Activity Cube - I think we've almost grown out of this one {and, honestly, I wish I'd purchased it for her around 5 or 6 months -- it'd be great for a baby who was just sitting independently -- but we've logged many hours with the Busy Town.  L loved "racing" the bike, bus, and car and saying "hi" and "bye-bye" to the people behind the doors.  She still likes the bead maze {and climbing on top of the bead maze}, and we do talk about the tiled alphabet a bit.

B. Toys Parum Pum Pum Drum - One of my very favorites!  This drum is adorable, and we jam out with it quite often.  What kid can resist an egg shaker, right?

Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart - L looooooves to ride in the "car carts" at the grocery store {all carts are "car carts" even if they are not the huge behemoths that actually look like cars and provide impromptu parental cardio sessions... this is actually an awesome vocabulary malfunction as it means she gets just as jazzed to ride in a regular ol' buggy if I am not in the mood to sweat through the produce aisle}, and she has equal affection for the mini sized version.  I was a little hesitant to invest in the metal version {I was envisioning dozens of drywall dings}, but she's actually pretty careful with it, and I think she really likes that it looks just like the real deal... even down to the fold-down seat for her stuffed monkey!

IKEA Felt Fruit & Veggies - IKEA for the win {again}!  This play produce is unique {green onions! kiwi!}, interactive {peel the lettuce and banana, section the orange and apple}, and super cute to boot.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set - We don't have many toys that talk or beep or blare music...partially because I fancy myself a smelly hippie and partially because I'm a mean mommy asshole who can't deal with the incessant noise {honesty, yes?}.  But this one speaks in a British accent! And teaches good manners.  For a chunk of plastic, it is deeeeeelightful!  We have tea parties with this sucker daily.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car - My current exercise routine involves dozens of laps around the playroom pushing this sucker + 25 lbs of beeping and vroom-vrooming toddler.  I'm not sure how effective it is, but L sure does dig it.  I think she'll be ready to take the floor board out soon, and we'll enter Flintstone driving territory.  This is one that will be around for a long time... good thing, as we still have PTSD from putting it together.

IKEA Ekorre Rocking Moose - No unnecessary bells and whistles -- just a nice-looking toy that your child will love rocking out with {um, on}.

Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table - A must for hot summers, this water table gets the job done without taking up a massive amount of space.  Super easy to put together, and, thus far, really durable {it's survived thunderstorm upon thunderstorm, a thousand hours in the Texas sun, and my little monster using it as her own personal swimming pool -- the colors haven't faded and the plastic hasn't warped in any way}.  We are using it indoors during the winter months with dry beans and rice.

That's Not My... Books - Baby L went apeshit over these.  Now that she's older, I like to keep one in her crib -- she usually "reads" before falling asleep, and she can still have fun feeling on these with the lights out.

Now, if I can only finalize the items to be found under Little Miss's tree this year...

*Amazon links are affiliate, but nothing listed here is a freebie or sponsored -- all items were purchased by me or for L by friends and family. 


  1. great list! Elyse still plays with her tea pot too & I bought the B. Toys drumset for my 8 month old niece!

  2. We have the Busy Town activity cube (I got the idea from you last Christmas and it is being gifted to my second son this year - so thanks!), as well as the nesting blocks you mentioned. Funny, though - my son likes to push it down on his head past his eyes and then he walks around bumping into things. Probably a parenting fail in some people's eyes, but we think it's hysterical.


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