Friday, December 20, 2013


Y'all. I sure do love my child.

Which is why I deposited a little something extra in the Future Therapy Savings Account this afternoon in return for her All-Star Screaming Santa performance this morning. 

Tear-stained cheeks, death-grip on Elmo, frantic air-claw, mid-"MOMMY"-scream?  Check! Check! Check! Check! Gang's all here!  

I've never been so proud. 

{For the record, L was super jazzed to see Santa all through our Special Santa Bagel Breakfast - aka: Cinnamon Sugar Bagel Bites at Einsteins - and on the car ride downtown and when we first got in line.  She was all "Santa!" and "ho ho ho!" and "Merry Crissmast!"  We were about 3rd in line when the wheels started to fall off.  No amount of Daniel Tiger on the PBS app could convince her that sitting on that creepy be-vested man's lap was a good idea.  Sorry, munchkin: RITE OF PASSAGE TIME.}

Happier, Sugary-er Times.

For all you locals, I give the Santa at the original Neiman Marcus downtown two enthusiastic thumbs up.  Sure, his attire is questionable {a silver vest? seriously, Neimans? is he auditioning for the chorus in Starlight Express?} and the backdrop is an intricate blown glass Christmas tree {gorgeous, but it takes "look with your eyes, not with your hands, please" to a whole new level}, but the line is short {20 minutes total, no "take a number and come back in 5 hours" bullshit, cough-cough-NORTHPARK-cough}, and there's a very Miracle-on-34th-Street vibe to the whole affair.  Plus all the crazy-ass toys from the Christmas catalog are on display, ripe for the touching and riding and hugging.  Older kids can crawl through the tunnels in the holiday window displays.  Also: ZODIAC ROOM. {We skipped out on the Crocque Madames, because, you know, screaming traumatized toddler and whatnot, but it sure does sound like a good idea.}

ANYHOODLE, Good Times with Santa in 2013!  May all your days be merry and terror-filled! 


  1. This is everything. Nice work, L!!! Merry Christmas to all of you xx

  2. Hee hee, dying over her face! Poor kid. Totally worth it:)

  3. this is amazing...the total meltdown-reaching for momma pictures might be better than just the infant screaming photos that we had last year! love it!

  4. Love it, love it, love it. The tears make it! Great job, L!

  5. she really nailed it! Nice job, L :)


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