Wednesday, January 15, 2014

29 weeks

Marination Time: 29 weeks... If kindergarten serves me correctly, 30 comes after 29.  Holy. Shit. 

Feeling: Same as last week -- can't complain about my energy level, but I could be sleeping better, and my sciatic nerve kills at the end of the day.  I also just feel... Big.  Which is bothersome, since everything is just going to get... Bigger. 

Cravings / Aversions: Nothing in particular this week. 

#2 Compared to #1:  No Charlie Horses or swollen feet / ankles yet this time (yay).  I think I might look bigger now as opposed to then (boo), but my belly also appears pointy-er (neutral reaction).  As with L, I passed by gestational diabetes test (yay), but this time I don't have anemia (double yay)!  Pretty good yay/boo ratio this week! 

Movement: Pretty sure this kid is doing this all day long:

Truffle Shuffle it up all you like, buddy.

Sleep: Blah. 

Highlight of the Week: On Saturday night, L had a sleepover with her grandparents and her Aunt B.  E and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Stephen Pyles and saw Inside Llewyn Davis {which I'd describe as charmingly melancholic were I being snooty... because I'm wearing an 8 year old t-shirt featuring both Greek letters and the lyrics "damn right, it's better than yours," I'll just give it to you straight and say most of the music was really nice and relaxing and I spent many-a-5-minute-chunk of the film with my eyes closed, happily digesting my wild boar}.  The weather also gets a big thumbs up this week -- allowing for loads and loads of park fun! 

Gratuitous Big Sis Photo

One of my favorite recent snapshots to date... Love those itty-bitty piggies!  


  1. How adorable is L and her hair! Why couldn't I have girls-if for nothing else than to be able to do their hair:)

    1. The sad part is she won't let ME do her hair! She will sit perfectly for her teachers at school but she yells at me if I try to do more than stick a bow in it! My style is already uncool, apparently!

    2. My gal won't let me near her hair either and it drives me insane!! Also you need to smile more like in this bump look FABULOUS!

  2. 29 weeks - flying by! (Easy to say when it's not you, right?) I still can't get over how big Llooks in that piggies picture. Kills me! She's too cute. Saw your comment above about doing her hair - Blaire is the same way! She wiggles and runs away when I try to do her hair and ends up looking a mess. Yet she comes home from school with even piggies and perfect braids. Either they're much better at toddler hair than I am or someone's behaving much better at school than at home.

  3. I love her smile in the last pic. And holy moly, 29 weeks!!

  4. that picture of L is so adorable...and I could totally use some traveling help...Nick & I are going to Charleston May 4-8 and need some restaurant recs, I've already planned to go back through your trip recaps but anything that you can think off the top of your head?


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