Wednesday, January 29, 2014

31 weeks

Marination Time: 31 weeks!  I knocked over something with my belly for the first time yesterday {about 18 boxes in a huge display of crackers at Whole Foods... L was there to emphatically shout "uh oh, mommy!" in case anyone in the cheese section happened to miss the live-action show}... that's always a fun milestone!  I believe when I was pregnant with L, I managed to decimate an entire Christmas card display at Barnes & Noble right around this gestational time as well, so I guess I'm smack-dab on track!

Feeling: ...a strong urge to nest!  After dragging ass for months, I am currently miffed the new crib has yet to be delivered, and I am losing a bit of sleep over the curtain situation {anyone local know someone who can execute what is probably the easiest sewing project known to man?}.  I know B won't even use this room for quite sometime, but it will make me productive and happy to have his little space completed {or even half completed}.  

...sick of winter! I know I should be super thankful to never be hugely pregnant in the midst of a Texas summer, but I am so over pants.  So, so, so over them.  It was in the 60s last weekend, and I wore maxi skirts and tees the entire time and it was glorious. The Polar Vortex can suck it; a girl can only wear so many puffer vests half buttoned.

Cravings / Aversions:  Sugar remains super awesome.  I am not allowed to buy any more bags of peanut butter M&Ms.

#2 Compared to #1: Knock on wood, still no swelling!  Although E did tell me this weekend that I "look so pretty when your jaw changes during pregnancy!"  Since I'm pretty sure being knocked up doesn't alter facial bone structure, this probably means "I still think you are cute when your face gets fat."  So maybe I'm in Swelling Denial.  Humphffff.

Bonus Perinatologist Report:  Baby Boy weighs approximately 3lb 11oz {perfectly average in every way!} and...drumroll... is head down!  Can I get an AMEN and an equally as enthusiastic STAY PUT!  I am almost positive L was already breech at this point, and no amount of yoga / Spinning Babies / massage / positive self-talk could get her to flip around that uterine septum.  The peri seems pretty optimistic that he just might remain where he is as well!

Movement: Ribs be hurtin'.

Sleep: Ick.

Highlight of the Week: This has been a week of lows, considering the residual effects of L's plague {also: two year molars} drug on and on.  We did have some nice family time at the park, and E and I knocked another Oscar nom off our list {Blue Jasmine -- hysterical and heartbreaking; I really loved it} thanks to UVerse on Demand.

Gratuitous Big Sis Photos: Not a ton of adorable shots to choose from this week... We've had a lot of days that look like this:

Even The Boom has had it.


  1. i'm pretty sure my facial bone structure DID change when i was pregnant... yup, definitely not just chubby pregnant cheeks over here when i was with child :) xo

  2. I am holding a five week old baby and I've totally got the pregnancy nostalgia/amnesia. The entire time I could not imagine being pregnant again and now I'm already imagining a sibling. I read this post and sympathized with everything, good and bad -- belly-dozering displays and fretting over curtains and getting terrible sleep and all.

  3. Love the Boom sitting on the stairs- she's so over it all. You look great, by the way!!

  4. Your posts always makes me laugh! lol!

  5. You and your adorable puffer vests are too much to handle. I truly do NOT want to know what 'cold' is down there for you and also cannot fathom degrees in the 60s EVER at this point. Ugghhhhh winter is the worst. But yes, I suppose being really pregnant in the TX summer would also be horrifying.

    Obsessed with the last pic.

    Changing facial structure during pregnancy---reminds me of Bethenny from Real Housewives. Now something odd really did happen with her jaw line, for real. Yours looks great.

  6. You are gorgeous!
    I'm joining the chorus: I love that last picture! Poor Boom. My dog (and cat) will agree that toddlers are tough.


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