Thursday, February 27, 2014

34 & 35 weeks

Marination Time: As of Wednesday, I am 35 weeks with 35 days left to go until April 1st.  Someone today casually said "oh you'll probably have him this month!" and my response was "NO NO NO TODAY IS STILL FEBRUARY AND HE'S TECHNICALLY NOT DUE UNTIL APRIL SO I BASICALLY HAVE TWO MORE MONTHS!"  Denial is fun. 

Feeling: ...Still pretty exhausted. I don't think it's going to magically get any better, so perhaps it's exhaustion from here until... 2015? 

...Overwhelmed by my to-do list.  Note this did not stop me from watching 2 episodes of Dexter rather than cross items off today during L's nap. 

...Some-Adjective-I-Can't-Quite-Put-My-Finger-On in regards to L's last days as an only child.  Any time I feel particularly mentally "over it" with this pregnancy, I immediately think "nope, I need more time with just my big girl!"  I know she'll do fine and that most people have siblings and survive, but there is definitely some guilt and nostalgia going on.  I go back and forth all day from picking her up whenever she requests it {often} and encouraging her to be more independent... I want to spoil her in these last moments of just the three of us, but I also don't want her to be completely shellshocked by the addition of her new brother. 

Cravings: This is a weird one.  It started in the Caymans, and it's only grown stronger... All I want to do is huff industrial-type smells.  I've always loved the smell of new tires and tennis balls, but at this point, I could sit in NTB all day and just INHALE.  Same with any new packaging... I had my nose stuck in the plastic wrap of a new pack of diapers for about 5 minutes today.  Even the faint smell of cigarette smoke {like if I pass someone at a store who has smoke on his clothes} is delicious {so gross; I usually cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke}.  So incredibly bizarre {and before anyone brings up PICA, my iron levels are just fine}. 

#2 Compared to #1: No swelling in the legs or feet or hands, woop-woop!  According to our ultrasound with the perinatologist on Monday, B weighs approximately 5lbs 13oz which is 13oz larger than L at this point.  I didn't have stretch marks until after the fact {WTF} with L, but I noticed a few stripes this morning on the underside of my belly.  I seem to be a little more torpedo shaped this time around. 

Movement: B's theme song ^^^

Sleep: Up at least every 2 hours to pee. Often unable to fall asleep without reading.  E claims I am snoring like a frat boy on Jager as well. 

Highlight of the Week: L's second birthday!  Full recap to come, but the actual day of {Friday} and her party {Saturday} were just the most fun... and I think our girl had even more fun that we did! 

Bonus Perinatologust Update: B looked awesome this week on the ultrasound and during his NST {Non-Stress Test}.  He was transverse last week {sparking a minor hormonal meltdown that might have included me sobbing all my children hate me and my vaginaaaaaaaaaa into the phone to my mom on the way out of the parking garage, causing the attendant the wave me hurriedly through the tollbooth without making me pay}, but head down this week.  The rolls I feel constantly sure do seem as if he wants to flip breech but gets stuck transverse and heads back down.  The perinatologist seems confident he is out of room to flip breech due to my septum and his size... Let's hope he's right + that B doesn't get stuck transverse. 

Gratuitous Big Sis Photo: Obsessed with this shot Evan snapped at bedtime after L's party. 

And this one as well, even though it's partially blurry... Love that little ponytail and that dress. 


  1. I had my second in December, and I completely get the nostalgia you're talking about. My water broke 2 weeks early, and I may have went into my 2 year old's room and ugly cried while he slept before heading to the hospital.

  2. Just a note to say I think you are the funniest--between your description of industrial smells and talking to your mom in the parking garage, I'm spewing my morning coffee everywhere.

  3. I won't be preachy but we had success at flipping my 36 weeker following a chiropractic treatment. There are specific treatments for pregnant women in the hip area that help babies flip. Something to consider if you're comfortable with chiro.

    1. Oh I am totally down with the Webster method! And acupuncture and even voodoo like moxibustion! The biggest issue is that I have an uterine septum that can make me a bad candidate for some of that. The septum also seems to make a breech position more comfy for zee babies -- hoping B just got "unlucky" and is stuck head-down!

  4. Love her dress! And I snored terribly (I'm told) during both of my pregnancies. I also had the same mixed feelings about the end of only-childhood for my older child. They almost literally disappeared the day my second was born. I've certainly had moments where striking the right balance has been hard, but never the same feeling again. Also, I was able to spend some one-on-one time during my maternity leave by leaving the baby for a bit and going to have fun with the elder. It was totally worth it.


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