Monday, February 17, 2014

5 on Monday

Y'all know how I roll... always late to the link-up, per usual! 


After a somewhat lackluster actual birthday {not whining! it's just a fact of life that non-napping almost 2 year olds aren't the greatest at making one feel super-duper special -- one drawback of having your birthday fall on a weekday when you SAH}, I had a really lovely, low-key birthday weekend with my two favorite people.  The weather even cooperated, and we are back to those 65 degree winter days that make me appreciate living in Dallas. You can't get much better than loads of park time followed by carbs on a patio. 


Aside from plenty of outdoor time and cupcake noshing, E and I enjoyed a Saturday night couch double feature.  We rented Enough Said which ended just in time to catch Hitchcock on HBO.  Enough Said was seriously delightful!  I know it got rave reviews in theaters, but somehow my expectations weren't all that high.  So glad we decided to give it a chance!  Julia Louis-Dreyfus is my favorite, and I'm also a big Gandolfini fan; it was somewhat comforting to see his last film feature a softer side of him.  Hitchcock wasn't quite as excellent {it was a little hard to get past Hopkins' Hannibal Lector voice coming from such a fantastic Hitchcock makeup job}, but still really interesting.  We'd recommend both if you haven't seen them yet! 


Obsessed with the new{ish} Naked3 Palette from Urban Decay.  I've used Naked2 daily for almost two years, and I feel a bit like I'm committing makeup adultery with numero tres.  The colors all have a pink-y tone, but they are pretty subtle -- I definitely don't feel like I'm slathering PINK on my eyelids like some early 90s clubkid. 


Since E and I both have early February birthdays, Valentine's Day celebrations have always taken a backseat.  But, as we're finding with most holidays, having a child makes V-Day a lot more fun!  My littlest lovebug and I enjoyed a very fun party with our playgroup, complete with toddler-friendly sugar and mama-friendly mimosas. I've discovered L drives a hard bargain; after her request for a second cupcake was denied, she countered with "O'tay...I have a cookie?!"  Nice try, kiddo. 


Prepping for L's 2nd birthday party is in full effect {good thing, as it's 5 days away}.  Since I couldn't find any decent douche canoe stationery sets, we went with a Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood theme, and we will be celebrating at a neighborhood park.  Easy peasy!  More details to come! 


  1. I'm going to check out Enough Said. Is it fairly guy-friendly?

    1. I think so! Purely based on the fact that Evan is not at all into romantic comedies and he loved it.

  2. on our movie list. we have a love (me) hate (hubs) relationship with movies in our house, ones that bridge the gap are always welcomed! also: love the crayon bundles. i'm feeling the birthday party pressure now, first edition. Do the kid lets remember? NO. but oh "it's the first one" pressure! ooof.

  3. I cannot wait to see more of the DTN party!!!

  4. Oh, good- Enough Said will be on my list once I can remain upright and awake long enough to watch a movie!

    I think you should blast the new Season 2 fancy DT songs at the party. Really confuse everyone who is used to classics like "Grownups Come Back".

    1. "If you, uh, get to someone and, um, come up with a...good solution to, uh, work out..." SOMETHING ABOUT FEELINGS.

  5. Cute photos! Will have to check out Enough Said.



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