Friday, February 21, 2014


LeityBug!  Today, you are two!

Today, you...

... are constantly chattering.  I realized the other day you are mostly speaking in 4+ word sentences, and we can actually carry on a real conversation with you!  You also carry on plenty of conversations with yourself, although you really prefer to have an audience to your narrations, and you will repeat, repeat, repeat a sentence over and over again until we acknowledge exactly what you are saying.

... are beginning to pronounce more and more words correctly, abandoning some of the "baby talk" that we love so much.  "Pease" is now please, "Momo" is Elmo, and "mama" and "dada" were replaced with ,mommy and daddy long ago.  I was never a fan of "Mommy" until that became your preferred moniker for me... Now it's pretty much the best word ever. 

... constantly amaze me with your memory. You are still talking about the ice that was on the little bridge at school one day two months ago, Santa's house at the mall even though we didn't even visit that Santa this year, the bird we saw taking a bath in a puddle in the parking lot weeks ago, the time "owl flew away at Target" {in November}, etc. 

... love all things Daniel Tiger, Elmo & the Sesame Street gang, Mickey Mouse, and Curious George.  We usually watch one episode of "Tigey" every day, and you also love to listen to the DTN soundtrack and play with your trolley figurines.  You have several of the Tigey songs memorized {including the potty song, which is the current bane of my existence as you insist on "go potty with no diaper" but you really just want to sing the damn "if you have to go potty stop and go right away!" song}, and I fully admit that little tiger is doing his fair share of quality parenting around here.  Life lessons are apparently way more palatable when packaged by PBS Kids.  You also love your Curious George books and occasionally request to watch him instead of DTN.  Elmo et al and Mickey Mouse remain a bit of a mystery... You've watched Sesame Street maybe twice and those were before your first birthday so I highly doubt you remember.  You've never seen a Mickey cartoon.  But the lull of licensed characters is strong, and you know exactly who all these funny friends are and love them something fierce {especially Elmo -- your tiny stuffed Elmo from T-Pop and J rarely leaves your side}. 

... are super affectionate with your stuffed animals, giving them "big hugs" and kisses all day long {you sing a little song to whoever you happen to be loving on... "I got Elmo! I got Elmo! I got Elmo!" over and over again}. You are way more stingy with your affection when it comes to actual human people. Mommy and Daddy usually have to request hugs and kisses and coax those adorable "love you!"s from you.  However, I have seen you hugging on your friends at school at the end of the day unprompted recently, and you are gradually getting more cuddly at bedtime.  You love to sit with Daddy on the "big bed" and read books and rock with Mommy every night. 

... love to cook in your play kitchen {"I make toast with buttah!"}, play with Legos {"I play Legos! Daddy build big towah!"}, read books {your current favorites are Ladybug Girl, Llama Llama - or "Llamy Llamy," Little Blue Truck, The Little Engine That Could - or "Choo Choo book," and Secret Pizza Party}, and go to the park {you go back and forth with your affection for the swings, but you really love the slides... although not the ones that twirl; you did the massive 30 foot slide at Lakewood Park the other day, and have been telling me how brave you were ever since... although you show zero interest in attempting that one again}. 

...attend "school" twice a week.  You seem to really like your time there and usually march right into your classroom.  Ellie, Beccah, Flynn, and Ethan are your favorite friends at school.  We also have made great friends through our MeetUp Group.  You love playing with Ruby, Lilly, Daniel, Ethan, and Tucker.  Whole Foods Story & Craft Hour on Tuesdays is a new favorite {"I see Ruby at Whole Foods! I use glue stick! I see Barb!"}, as is the Story Hour with Miss Paige at Skillman Library on Thursdays {"I go Shake the Sillies out! I read books!"}.  We keep trying the open gymnastics gym, but it is not your favorite. 

... love singing and music. You can sing along with Itsy Bitsy Spider, Bah Bah Black Sheep, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star {and know hand motions for Spider / Star}, as well as the aforementioned Tigey songs.  You also request Wagon Wheel at bedtime, and we still sing Angel Eyes almost every night as well. 

... are not a super girly-girl. You are still wary of all skirts 'lest they turn out to be the dreaded tutu {"NO NO TUTUS!"}.  You are not hugely interested in dolls.  You don't like to wear anything on top of your head or put on any costumes over your clothes.  You do like to play with jewelry and could put on chapstick all day.

... love to brush your teeth and wash your hands.  One of your favorite things is brushing your teeth with Daddy's toothbrush while standing on our vanity and making faces at yourself in the mirror.  God forbid someone fails to wash their hands after going to the bathroom... you will call them out!

... know how to count to 10!  This is a very new trick and sometimes you still skip 5 or get stuck on 7, but you always give yourself a big round of applause when you get to 10.  6 is your favorite number, and you've been telling us you are turning "SIX!" on your birthday.  You think that's pretty hysterical and correct yourself and say "TWO!" pretty quickly. 

... are a lot pickier of an eater than I ever anticipated given the fact that you were eating everything in sight this time last year.  You are still willing to try most new things, and some of your favorites are definitely on the more adventurous side {"I eat Thai food!"... spicy panang curry}, but you are refusing most veggies and seem to be on a chicken strike as well.  Your favorites are mac and cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, strawberries, mandarin oranges, green smoothies, cheese, yogurt, hummus with veggie sticks, eggs, chips & salsa {"chips and dips!"}, apple sauce, dried cherries and raisins {"ray rays"}, sweet potato bites, beans, and taco meat. You also request "fruit bar for dah car" when we head out in the mornings {fruit leather}. 

... love having dates with Daddy on Saturday mornings.  Y'all always "go get bagels," and then do some other fun activity {the park, the "mall park" to see the "ducks and turgles," Barnes & Noble, etc}. 

... will actually let me do your hair and request a "pigtail" {ponytail} every morning now. When I'm done, you always want to "show Daddy" your hair and check out my handiwork in the mirrored door of the washing machine. 

... are obsessed with shoes.  You will "a-take-em off" and "a-put-em on" over and over again, and you have a very specific idea as to which you want to wear each day.  We are finally rid of your favorites - gold Mary Janes {"bow shoes"} from Target that were literally falling apart from all the love.  One day last week, you told me they hurt your feet too badly to get out of the car at the park, so we put them away.  You ask about them at least 4x a day, and then quickly remember they "hurt my feet at the park."  I'm actually shocked that reasoning stuck with you, and there haven't been any bow shoe meltdowns. 

... show very little interest in your impending Big Sister status or the "baby in Mommy's belly."  For a good while, if we asked you about said baby in the belly, you assured us I was actually gestating puppies.  Wishful thinking on your part, I think. You will point out babies when we see them out and about and are also quick to categorize children as "little boy" or "little girl." 

... have been in a "Mommy Stage" for a bit now.  You request "Mommy hold," or sometimes "hold Mommy" quite a lot.  You definitely keep my upper body in shape. 

... have sleepovers with your PawPaw and Gigi {you love to play in PawPaw's truck and you love throwing the ball to Teddy} and love when J and T-Pop come to visit {or when you get to visit them in Austin... they have the best neighborhood park with the "bumpy slide" and you love T-Pop's zerberts}.  And, of course, you adore your Mama J and her house in Waco. 

... know all your colors {red, orange, blue, green, black, pink, purple, brown... yellow gives you trouble}, but don't love being quizzed on them.  You volunteer what color something is more and more lately, but sometimes clam up when asked... or say "blue," that ol' reliable standby. 

... love playing with your letter puzzle and your bath letters, but aren't showing a ton of interest in identifying letters otherwise.  You do enjoy a good rendition of the ABC song, and have the Q, R, S part down. 

... go to bed by 7:30 and usually wake up around 6:45 or 7, but usually play quietly in your crib until 7:30.  Whoever goes to get you up is usually met with a "HI _____!" or, more recently, a "HAPPY BIRFDAY!"  You take a nap by 12:30 which lasts anywhere from 30 minutes {thanks to the dreaded nap poop} to 3 hours, but 1.5-2 is more the norm. You still seem to enjoy sleeping in your crib {"my little bed"}.  You probably have about 15 "friends" in there with you at any given time, and you have to have your two "yayas" {lovies} to sleep. 

... know your food retail.  When we pull into the parking lot, you know whether we're at "Whole Foos" or Trader Joe's, and you know which Whole Foods is the "Big Whole Foos" and which ones have the "car carts." 

... know that birthdays and parties mean "CAKE!"

... are the funniest, quirkiest, smartest, most beautiful girl we could have ever imagined, and we are so lucky that you are ours!  

We love you oodles and oddles, Buggie!  Happy Birthday! 


  1. I love her so much. Happy birthday, big girl L!!!

  2. Happiest of birthdays to this little nugget!

  3. You know her so well. And in your telling of the details, of course, you remind me of my own first child, my daughter, almost 25 years ago. The joy of having a strong-willed, smart girl child unfolds over the years. Thank you for this post. It brings back so many feelings of love.

  4. so precious! Happy Birthday Leighton!

  5. Kate, how in the world is she SUCH a big girl?! Holy moly, I am reading this and I am just amazed hwo smart and big and sweet L is! It makes me amazed at just how much they grow in such a short amount of time!!

    She is cute as a button and I hope her second birthday is an extra special one!

    (And DTN Soundtrack?! Say what?!)

  6. That sunglasses photo could win an award :) Happy Birthday L!

  7. Ahhh! This post made me so happy. L is such a big girl - I love seeing her grow up all on one page! She's going to be a great big sister, too. And you know what? She'll always, always be your best girl. Big huge hug to you both!

  8. really enjoyed this post. i feel like L was just born. lovely recap. happy birthday, L!


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