Sunday, March 23, 2014

38.5 weeks

Comparison: 38 weeks with L

Marination Time: 38 weeks! I'm mega late on the update this week, but didn't want to lump another 2 weeks together this close to Go Time. This time on Wednesday, I'll be more pregnant than I ever was with L... pretty crazy! 

Feeling: I've been miserably sick this week. L had a cough / cold last weekend which she kindly shared with me.  Hers only lasted 48 hours; mine has been going strong for nearly a week at this point. No fever, but loads of congestion, snot, and a cough that could wake the dead. Hacking up ones lungs whilst this pregnant really should be illegal. There have been two, highly unfortunate Cough So Hard You Puke Incidents... One occurred as I was rocking L before bedtime, and she was so terrified, she opened her door and padded down the stairs, dragging her lovies and two stuffed animals, in order to tell E that "mommy sickie!"  The other conveniently manifested as we were cruising down Beverly Drive, post-brunch this morning. All the Highland Park Methodist parishioners were treated to the sight of me upchucking all over what I'd gander is about a $5M home's front lawn.  Awesomesauce. Please pay no mind to the middle-class heathen sullying your rose bushes! 

Cravings / Aversions: I can no longer stomach regular coffee {SOB}.  I can do a latte, but I'd so much rather have a diet coke for my caffeine fix now {I know this isn't the absolute worst thing I can ingest, but my OB is pretty anti-aspartame, so I do have some guilt-pangs ever time I hit up the McD's drive-thru for a large DC}.  On the flip side, CRUNCHING ON ICE IS MY WORLD.  Ice also now gives me raging heartburn, so that's new and interesting and special.  And, in keeping with the Pregnant Kate Is Still So Fucking Weird trend, gimme gimme gimme all the industrial smells!  I got my car detailed today, and the leather cleaner smell rocks my socks off.  I've also been randomly huffing the can of tennis balls I have packed in my hospital bag.  If this trend continues, I'll just get through labor sniffing those balls {that's what she said} instead of using them as contraction counter-pressure. 

Movement: Pretty sure I have a legit bruised rib situation going on from this dude's antics. 

Sleep: Nope. 

#2 Compared to #1: Still no swelling this time.  And no pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel!  E also assures me I am much more belly and much less overall chub this time around... I am assured this is meant as a compliment {?}

Bonus Progression Update: As of last Monday, zero progression whatsoever.  I was super discouraged by this at the beginning of the week, but The Plague made me too sick to care.  Perhaps all that coughing will have done some slight dilation tricks?  I have had some BH contractions {and maybe some very light "real" ones?}, so... we shall see what's what tomorrow at my appointment. 

Old Wives Tales Induction Methods: Pretty much anything and everything you've ever heard of to get labor going, save for castor oil {that is one line I will not cross... at the advice of my OB and our natural birthing instructor...and just because I'm generally anti-explosive-diarrhea}.  I even partook in a little Chinese acupressure foot massage yesterday... which did result in a few contractions! At $36 for an hour, I'll be returning -- even if it does nothing, it felt amaaaaazing! {Locals, check out YaYa Foot Spa if you haven't already!} I haven't yet tried actual acupuncture; to be honest, I'm really attempting to balance Doing All I Can with Trying to Enjoy These Last Weeks / Days Without Running All Over Town Stressing Out About the State of My Cervix. I don't want to look back and think "was there anything else I could have done to make this VBAC happen?" but I also don't want to remember our last bit as a family of three as a ridiculously anxious and harried time. Sooooo... trying to walk that fine line. 

Highlight of the Week: That foot massage was pretty damn good... But thinking way back to the beginning of Week 38, my mama and Mama J came for a 24 hour stay!  We explored the Arboretum and just hung out for a bit; always the loveliest. 

Gratuitous Big Sis Photos: L has actually started to show a decent amount of interest in her baby brother.  She is much more willing / excited to talk about him, and she loves hanging out in his room {mostly so she can pretend to lay claim to his stuffed animals and his monkey lovey}.  She gets jazzed when we talk about her coming to see him in the hospital {"I bring B----- Monkey? We eat cupcakes?"}, and likes to say he will be "sooooo cuuuuuute!"  I think this development is mostly due to a playgroup friend's new baby brother {"BABY DAVIS!"}.  So big thanks to the M Family for procreating again and making our transition potentially a little smoother! 

Visiting the peacocks at the Arboretum
Dallas Bloom Festival
Official Taste Tester of Freezer Ready Breakfast Cookies


  1. Gah, you are SO CLOSE now. I am highly entertained at what you need to sniff lately. Keep 'em coming. And come on, cervix! The last weeks are so mentally tough, man. Wanting to control and yet wanting to enjoy. Hang in there!!

  2. ITS SOOOO SOON!!!! HURRAH!!! L will do great- expect a whiney first week or so- if she is like DH she will alternate between supreme disinterest and over affection. After that we settled into a happy loving little relationship.

  3. Getting there! So very exciting! Did you know, by the way, that I think your first photo with L in the hospital is one of the prettiest new baby photos I've ever seen? I always think about that one when I think about great "just born" pics. Not to sound strange or anything. :)


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