Sunday, March 30, 2014

39.Almost weeks

Kinda dialing it in here for posterity's sake, apologies!

Comparison: 39 weeks with L

Marination Time: We are creeping up on 40 weeks {Tuesday} here. L was born at 39 weeks on the dot, so I am officially more pregnant than I've ever been. 


Discouraged... My appointment last Monday brought the news that I hadn't progressed at all.  I believe my OB's exact words were "100% closed and the opposite of softened."  Perfect. Honestly, I wasn't super shocked, but the Big Ugly Cry happened anyway.  I think my OB was pretty shocked as I've never cried in her office...not even a single tear all through the uncertainty of L's VCI diagnosis. {I always wait until I'm in the elevator as I prefer to completely freak out strangers involuntarily stuck in small spaces with me.} I asked her if we could possibly push back the "end game" c-section from the 4th to the 7th to give me the full 41 weeks. She said we could discuss it this week at my due date appointment.  I've been spending a whole lotta time on ACOG's website and have come to the conclusion that I will fight tooth and nail for that new 41 week deadline.  I think I will be much more at peace with that time frame if surgery becomes a reality. So... fingers crossed that conversation with my OB is an easy one! 

Icky...The Late Term Pregnancy Plague continued this week. Last Monday, I thought my cough was abating and I was in the clear... Nope. Woke up Tuesday to major sinus dramz.  By Wednesday, it was clear I had a full blown sinus infection and started antibiotics.  I finally started feeling somewhat human again on Saturday {thank goodness, as E and I had big plans to celebrate our 5th anniversary!}. 

Nostalgic... So excited to meet B and make him a part of our family, but also really emo about our little family of three dynamic changing.  Especially conflicted about adding another little buddy to L's and my weekdays.  She is seriously at THE BEST age right now - her little temperament is so sweet and silly - and I'm a little worried a sibling will throw her off her game or... yes, make her hate me.  I've been assured this worry will pretty much melt away immediately upon B's arrival, sooooo...another reason to look forward to his birthday! 

READY... Sickness appears to be on the outs, perfect anniversary dinner has been digested, check-list definitely still exists but nothing totally essential remains. I am huge and uncomfortable and continue to scare the general public with my massive presence.  It's time, son. COME OUT. 

Cravings / Aversions: I haven't been able to taste or smell much of anything for two weeks, but I continue to stick my schnoz in the general vicinity of anything rubbery or leather cleanery.  Crunching ice is also still awesome. 

Movement: In addition to getting the antibiotic hookup on Wednesday, I also spiked a fever... and B stopped moving in the afternoon.  After a few hours and trying all the "wake up baby" tricks, we were advised by the doc on call at my OB's office to head to L&D for monitoring. It took FOREVER to find B's heartbeat {at one point, the nurse was all "where does it usually show up?", EXACTLY WHERE THE MONITOR IS RIGHT NOW}, but all was well.  Our little guy must have just been taking a good snooze.  Since then, he's been back to his mad man ways. 

Sleep: Not happening. 

#2 Compared to #1: I am still pregnant this time. 

Old Wives Tales Induction Methods: Same as last week although my efforts were sidelined a bit this week simply due to feeling so incredibly shitty.  We walked for miles today, and I'm hitting up my Chinese foot man again tomorrow. 

Highlight of the Week: E and I celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss {March 28} this week!  We always kind of thought we'd spend #5 with a return trip to Greece, but I suppose hanging out with loads of green snot at 39.5 weeks pregnant is a decent runner up!  Joking aside, we did have a great weekend -- a whole afternoon of family time on Friday, jazzed up with homemade pizza, gorgeous flowers, and gift exchange.  Satuday, we attended the birthday party of one of L's playgroup friends before she headed off to her grandparents'. We ran a few errands and then got all gussied up for a lovely dinner at Fearings. I ate entirely too much good food, enjoyed a glass of good wine, and had an absolute blast with my oh-so-handsome groom!  And then we slept until 8:30... wheeeeeeeeeeee! 

Gratuitous Big Sis Photos:

visiting our "friends" at Old Navy
Panera date
Sunday Funday!


  1. Good luck with your 41 week deal. Just to give you moral support, in the years my children were born, the norm was a two week past due date C-section.

    So crossing my fingers for you. And suggesting wrist acupressure. In my experience, quite motivating for those late 2nd boy children:).

    Even if L has issues now, in 20 years she will thank you for B. xoxox.

  2. 42 weeks is still the standard (although there are so many OBs now who really get spooked after 40...thanks med mal insurance!), but my "adorable" heart-shaped uterus puts a little more pressure on the time table!

    Thank you as always for the support! And I will try the wrist points!

  3. Long time blog reader here! Wishing you the VBAC of your dreams...could I trouble you for a fashion disclosure? Where is that dress from? I am preparing for an August 12th due date on the east coast and my first was born in February so I am on the prowl for all sorts of flattering summer maternity garb...thanks!

    1. Ug, I wish I could be of more help! The dress is from
      Picket Fences Baby & Maternity in Austin, but it doesn't have a brand tag in it! My mom bought it in February so if you really love it, I'm sure you could call them and ask if they still have it in stock! Do you have a Pickles & Icecream near you? I always feel like they have cuter, brighter things than Pea in the Pod or Motherhood. Congratulations on your impending bundle!

  4. A week of highs and lows. Hope it's all highs from here on out! I have no doubt that your lady lawyering powers of persuasion will convince that OB to let you go to 41 weeks. Come on Baby B! Good thoughts are being sent your way.

  5. You are lucky that your ob is letting you try a VBAC with a bicournaute uterus. Mine nixed it immediately. And if you do have a c-section, you at least tried your utmost not to! I had the same conflicted feelings before Deeds' arrival. The first week or so home was rough on Dh but now she is obsessed! I know you would not change your childhood as an only child a bit, but my twinges of sadness for DH were alleviated by thinking of how much I love my brother, and growing up together, and how we wish there was one more sibling in our crew. Now Dell Harper has someone to make fun of her parents with! Always key. Anyway, I am rambling on very little sleep. I hope all this makes sense! Ha! I am so excited for y'all and can't wait to hear all about it. I will be checking IG and FB a lot, friend!

    1. My septum is so ridiculously tiny though -- after all those ultrasounds we had with L, no one even noticed it until during my c-section! But now we're all worried about! Makes me a little stabby ;)

      I know L and B will be great buddies eventually! While I love being an only child now and I definitely wasn't lonely growing up, I think having a sibling is probably pretty awesome! I love seeing DH and Deeds -- it's like a very reassuring glimpse into the future!

  6. Oh man I feel ya on this one. I was not dealing with a VBAC deadline, but I had my first daughter at 39 weeks, 4 days and then my son was born at 40 weeks, 6 days. So those 10 days of additional gestation literally made me go insane. I was a fricking mess. Horrible. Then he was 10lbs, 5oz when he DID come out (completely on his own, and it was as pleasant as an unmedicated birth could be) so clearly he did not NEED that additional time in the womb. Boys! He's still a clingy little bugger, 2 years later :) Anyway, good luck maintaining sanity.

  7. Gah, baby B!! Don't stop moving like that and then hide your HB, silly boy. Glad all is well. Will send you all of the baby vibes possible!!!!

  8. I feel your pain sister! That 40 week deadline is insane. I think you're well within reason to ask for 41 weeks. I had to print out the guidelines (and highlight!) at my 40 week appointment. Not to give you one more thing to try but I really believe acupuncture got my contractions to stick. Good luck!

  9. Ahh, you are so close. Hopefully that baby will take a hint from all the walking and get a move on it. Happy 5 year anniversary. Ours is in July, about 2 weeks before my due date, so I'm sure we'll have a similar celebration. We were also hoping to take a trip, but that's now out. I guess I'll settle for ALL THE FOOD and maybe even a glass of wine at that point. And I'm still just fascinated (and slightly weirded out) by your rubber/leather smell obsession. That is so crazy!

  10. I could have written this exact post (and may have, ha) at the end of my pregnancy with Weston. Can't wait to "meet" him in whatever fashion he decides to make his entrance. Sending positive thoughts your way :)

  11. When I was pregnant I had an obsession with the smell of new shoes- after I bought a pair I would sit there smelling them for like 5 minutes. I loved walking by places like Foot Locker. It was so weird. Good luck with the VBAC and getting to 41 weeks. I had a section too and it's pretty much impossible to find a doc that will do a VBAC around here.

  12. Thinking about you and hoping all goes well.


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