Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Yep, I'm totally going to be That Gal and clog your feed with yet another series of photos of pastel-clad rug rats and Easter basket tableaus.  Being that yesterday was our first holiday as a family foursome, I ain't even sorry 'bout it.

We started the morning off right with a little commercialism... Pretty standard Easter basket fare, I think -- bunny ears, books {Peek-A Who? for B and a new Ladybug Girl adventure for L... Mamas of girls, are y'all reading these books? We love them, and they are such a refreshing break from most glitter-encrusted titles aimed at 2-3 year old lasses!}, an O ball toy and lots-o-links for B, and summer bunny PJs and a bubble toy for L. And - the heavy hitters - an insanely soft bunny for B and a cheesy sparkly Minnie beany baby for L. 

The Jellycat bunny is a First Easter Tradition... 

And L fell in love with this little Minnie {"Mickey"} at Old Navy the other day. I'm usually not such a sucker, and lord knows we need another tiny stuffed animal like a hole in the head, but I figured B's bunny needed a counterpart 'lest Easter morning become World War MINE MINE MINE. Plus who can resist a little voice exclaiming "Mommy! Mickey has gold Toms like me!"

Mousy Brunch Selfies. 

Minnie {Mickey} {and Annie's fruit snack bunnies} proved enough of a distraction for a swift morning church departure. For the first time, we attended services at the church where L goes to preschool. The minister managed to work Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Toni Braxton, and Biblical timeline skepticism into his sermon, leading us to consider quite seriously potential future membership. Oooo, and there were trumpets.  Can't resist some Handel with a brass accompaniment!  B was an all star throughout the service and the apple of many-an octogenarian church lady's eye. L screamed her sweet little ever-lovin' head off when we dropped her off in the same damn classrooms she's played in twice weekly for the past 9 months... why so crazy, child?  We picked her up somewhat appeased by a very patient nursery teacher and her cache of saltine crackers. Her spirits were lifted further by a quick park trip before our brunch reservation. 

We thoroughly enjoyed a feast of beignets, Croque Madames, and mimosas at Toulouse with E's parents and sister -- L was particularly thrilled with the "doughnuts" and tried to dip stolen pommes frites into the cappuccino sauce. Since I'm an Evil Mother who left all traces of candy out of L's basket and eggs this year, we let our girl indulge her sweet tooth, NOLA-style.

After a nap for the kidlets and a movie for the adults {About Time...which looked terrible in previews and was actually quite adorable...definitely not the cheesy romcom I expected}, we hunted "EATER EGGS"...a language foible that, as IG pointed out, isn't horribly off base! 

After 2 practice rounds at preschool, L was an old pro -- stopping to assess her spoils with each new find. Pretty sure "let's hunt for your afternoon snack" is going to be a new favorite time-suck for the post-nap crankies. Cheapo plastic eggs and raisins FTW! 

All-in-all, a truly Top Notch Easter celebration -- one that ended unceremoniously in the very best of ways: trapped under a fuzzy biscuit baby with Parks & Rec on the DVR and a tuckered out toddler slumbering easily upstairs.  We did fail to dye eggs this year {my absolute favorite}, but, with the forecast in the low 80s this week, we may just get 'er done the way Texas Jesus intended -- clothed in just a diaper atop old beach towels on the front lawn.  It's never too late for naked crafting! 

Concerned Citizen hopes your Easter was a very happy one!  

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  1. give me ALL THE TRUMPETS and i am a happy church goer.

  2. So cute! Sounds like a beautiful Easter!


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