Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday perk ups

{ETA: So, apparently, if you're reading this on Feedly, all my Flickr uploads make you X-out a graphic advertising the Flickr app before viewing the actual photos.  WTF is up with that, anyone know?  Truly obnoxious -- I'm sorry!}

Notes on a weekend, bullet-point style...

- There were bagels. 

- There was cherry pie. 

Post-baby meals from friends are The Best. 

- After a trip to the actual park, E took L to the "mall park" {the duck and "turgle" pond outside of Neimans at NorthPark} on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, our friendly feathered and shelled friends had been temporarily removed due to some skylight repairs.  Ever the creative mind, E told L a bad little boy broke the ceiling with a ball and had to take a long timeout {I would have just gone with "the ducks and turtles went on vacation," but whatever}.  That backstory has weighed heavy on her little mind ever since, and she's been repeating it over and over to us like a tiny short-term memory loss patient. Those damn turgles better be back soon 'lest we have to verbally confirm The Tale of the Boy and the Ball and the Ceiling and the Turgles and the Ducks and the Long Timeout FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES. 

- We watched part of Wolf of Wall Street, and it pains me, Overall Superfan of Scorsese, to say I was not impressed.  We turned it off halfway through so I could head to bed for B's first long sleep stretch, and we failed to turn it back on before our 24 hour rental period expired.  It was just too... much.  And I say that as someone who is generally supportive of hyperbolic hooker-and-drug use {IN FILMS!} {TASTEFULLY DONE FILMS!} {If that wasn't clear}. Sorry Marty.  Sorry Leo.  Sorry Jonah Hill's prosthetic... um, teeth. 

- We bought a very large tray for our living room ottoman {PARTY ANIMALS}.  I am still trying to decide if it's too large {note: furniture is still in disarray due to Flood 2.0}.  What say you, Internets? And, yes, that is Teen Mom 2.  No judgies. 

Now!  Onward with Monday! 

After my initial victories in Solo Parenting Los Dos {my parents left Friday morning, and I successfully managed a park/picnic outing and a market run with both kiddos all by my lonesome -- "successful" meaning everyone is still breathing and I didn't pour a drink until an appropriate hour}, I've decided not to push any more of my luck today until after preschool pickup.  There's only 4 more weeks in the "school" year -- by which time B will practically be hitting puberty -- and I'm soaking up all the "only child" moments I can snag while my second born is tiny and snuggly. This means the biscuit baby and I will likely spend the a.m. binging on Maggie's Energy Bites {do not ask me how many batches I've already consumed -- it's a sickness at this point} and a DVR full of True Detective {start 'em young on quality television programming, folks}.  

A pretty perfect morning for me, but should the New Week Doldrums strike, here's three pops of happiness that can wipe out the very worst case of the Mondays...

1.5 million balloons released over Cleveland...

{This one is actually kind of a downer if you read the article about the 1986 event... but... but... but... BALLOONS!  SO PRETTY!  SO FUN!  Let's do it again!  But, this time, with more planning and fewer emergency manhunts and spooked racehorses.} 

Dallas needs to up it's game -- Screw the barre studios on every corner; I need more Knowles-Carter Cardio in my life. 

{Relatedly: Are y'all Bey Cheat Sheet enthusiasts? I am not even ashamed to admit (a) I subscribe to a newsletter dedicated solely to pop music YouTube videos -- the receipt of which is (b) easily a high point of every weekend.  After all, Sunday evenings require a booty shaking dance party.} 


  1. Just started reading your blog last week and have to say you are hilarious :) Also, the new design looks great!

  2. I watched wolf of wall street Saturday and agree, it was just too much. The book is even more ridiculous, though the actual visuals aren't there, so that helps.

    1. I almost picked up the book the last time we were traveling and now I'm glad I didn't. Coke! Sex! STDs! MONEY MONEY MONEY! Two hours would have been more than sufficient to get the full picture.

  3. I had no issues reading the blog in feedly! However, if you want the photos to appear without the optional slideshow arrows on each side, choose "embed" instead of html when selection the html code.

  4. "Tiny short-term memory loss patient" is maybe the best description I've ever heard for most (all?) conversations with toddlers! Hysterical. Enjoy that biscuit baby!

  5. Excellent job on the solo parenting- I would definitely call that a success! We attempted to watch Wolf of Wall St too but it was just over the top.

  6. Love your new blog look!

    Also, way to rock the solo parenting thing of two. I have had 4 good friends here have there second baby (all boys with big sisters like y'all!) and the idea of multiple bambinos under my care terrifies me!

  7. I am digging those balloons... and your cute facelift over here!


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