Monday, May 5, 2014

happy cinco

In honor of the happiest Hispanic holiday  only gringos actually celebrate, I had grand plans for a festive food post but woke up this morning in a bit of a funk.  The type of funk that has one grumbling unfair things like "Thanks for Getting Up with the Toddler and Making Everyone Delicious Eggs, Husband, BUT CAN YOU NOT MANAGE TO CLEAN THE SKILLET" and snapping at your sweet girl for knocking over coffee {that you left on the floor... smarty} while she simultaneously tries to "share" your raisin bran and show you her twirling. 

Low scores overall on the Spouse & Mama Scales this morning. 

In an effort to regroup and boost my average after preschool-pickup, I'm going to concentrate my efforts elsewhere {although I can heartily recommend this dish - which I will be defrosting soon - if you're still in the market for some Cinco Flavor this evening} and take the easy way out... 

Weekend Snippets! 

- After a ridiculously prompt and pleasant ordering process, Warby Parker* delivered a new pair of specs straight to my doorstep on Friday.  I am a fan and would highly recommend if you're in the market for new glasses. 

{Gratuitous Baby Selfie}

- I attended a "sprinkle" for a friend expecting her second bundle at the end of the month.  I am always skeptical of shower games {ask me to sniff a diaper and guess the melted candybar, and I'm high-tailing it straight to the powder room to hide my side-eyes}, but we played two non-lame ones that I thought were worth passing along... Late Night Diapers and Make the Baby's Face. Both were especially humorous after a few of these Ginger Basil Grapefruit Mimosas. Which you should make posthaste, lady-party planning or no. 

- We broke in our swimwear on Sunday!  Well, L and E did as much; I have yet to be cleared for aquatic submersion {grrrrrr} and B prefers the shade.  But we made a decent patio-sittin' team while our other two favorites splashed.  

I've never been able to get L to wear sunglasses for longer than about 30 seconds, but she's suddenly smitten with this pair after she was told Mama had new eyewear not for toddler consumption {the aforementioned WPs}... Good thing as they are the perfect compliment to her tankini.  God forbid our accessories clash! 

- The Spurs won big in Game 7!  Our NBA allegiance doesn't win us any popularity contests in Dallas, but we cheer big nonetheless. 

- Hmmmmmm, I think that's about all she wrote. Here's hoping you're able to get your margarita on tonight...or at least make it through the line at Chipotle without being harassed about the cost of avocados. 

{via Etsy}

* Not sponsored! I only wish... 


  1. I got a pair of WP glasses a few months ago and love them! Yours look lovely!!

  2. All the Hispanic brands should sponsor you, in an ironic but affectionate campaign called, "Only The Best White People Love Us."

    Did I just say that???

  3. yesssss... love me some warby parkers! i don't understand how people purchased glasses before them.

    PS thanks for sharing the name of your blogger template designer! just got a new blog and their designs are way cute. love the one you picked!

  4. Colby has that same striped shirt! Cute boys. Also, my children don't really like guacamole/avocados and one of my children doesn't like cheese. I feel like a failure as a (Texan) mom.

    1. Leighton doesn't like potatoes - HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!

    2. Neither of my girls would touch any form of potato other than the french fry until they were 4 years old, respectively. It blew my mind with my first (i thought mashed potatoes should be a no-brainer toddler food?), but when my second had the same aversion i decided maybe it's a thing. So with any luck leighton will follow in the footsteps of my girls and decide potatoes are acceptable when she's 4? I hope so for your sake. . .i'm assuming that you're like me, refusing to make separate dinners for the younger members of the family. . .i was sure excited when baked potato night rejoined the rotation!

  5. I aim to be as well accessorized poolside, rethinking leaving my pearls at home.

  6. Replies
    1. Old Navy! I ordered it a while back but I think they still have it in stock.

  7. The quilted thing B is laying on...Aden + Anais? Pottery Barn? Handmade? It looks so cushy and plush! And I like the size/color to move around and also take adorable pics upon.

    1. It's actually an old queen sized quilt from Pottery Barn that is folded a couple of times! We keep it in our kitchen / dining area since we're in there so often for him to chill on!


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