Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Brady: 1-2 months

{Today and tomorrow I'm playing catch-up on memorializing the kiddos... I realize this is only interesting to about three other people - hi mom! - so feel free to skip right on over to Thursday!}

Dear B,

It appears I've already neglected to document your first month with us in a timely fashion -- such is the life of the second child!  You are so {generally} easy-going and sweet, though; I kind of doubt you mind much!

The quick and dirty on Month 1:  As a newly minted infant, you slept a lot and ate even more.  You did {and continue to do} both amazingly well!  I kept waiting and waiting for us to hit a breastfeeding hurdle, but you've made nursing so incredibly easy this time around.  Same with sleeping -- especially night sleep!  You are the unicorn of babies -- consistently giving us 4-5 hour stretches during the night from birth... so long as that sleep was either cuddled up against me or snuggled in your Rock-n-Play.  We were able to transition you completely to nighttime in your RNP at 2 weeks {you hate the PNP}; as much as I love cuddling with you, I don't feel like our family is cut out for safe co-sleeping with a tiny baby.

In your first month, you celebrated your first holiday {Easter} -- you didn't seem all that impressed with the hullabaloo, but you happily tolerated being carted from event to event regardless of the fact no one offered you any chocolate.  You had many, many admiring visitors {too many to name} and several adoring house guests {J, T-Pop, and Mama J}.  You made trips to a dozen local playgrounds and restaurants, the Arboretum, the library, your Gigi and PaPa's house, and play dates.  You are the second of three little siblings to be born within 5 months of each other in our playgroup, and I'm excited to see y'all become little friends as your older sisters and brother have.

Speaking of your sister, she loves you dearly... although she sometimes forgets. When you first came home, she requested to "hold Brady!" all the time.  When we'd put her on our laps and bring you over, she'd yell "here he comes!"  She still asks to hold you, but usually she just gives you a "big hug!" and goes about her day.  She likes to sit with you on your piano playmat and bring you your monkey and your pacifier {"here Brady! Want monkey? Want pacifier?"}.  There is definitely some jealousy, but I think you'll be fast friends once you can play with her a bit more.

You make the cutest squeaking sounds, and you are so strong!  You've been standing upright as we hold you for a long while.  You aren't nuts about baths -- you much prefer showering with me.

In your second month, you made your first road trip {to Waco...you rocked it}, visited the zoo, and spent hours snoozing by the pool.  We settled into our new normal sans daily help {we were so grateful to have your daddy, your J, and/or your T-Pop hanging out with us for nearly four weeks}, and you remained super go-with-the-flow -- happily accompanying us to all of your sister's regularly scheduled activities.  Your night sleep improved even more -- by 8 weeks, you were sleeping 6-8 hours consistently.  WITCHCRAFT.  Blessed, blessed witchcraft.  Nights aside, you've really woken up and lost some of that newborn sleepiness.  We have to make a concentrated effort to put you down for naps now, rather than just expect you to snooze all day.  You still snooze on the go {the "perks" of second child-dom}, but you now take a nap in the swing or RNP while L naps every day, and sometimes we squeeze in an hour before we head out in the morning. You definitely have a fussy period in the evenings {usually from about 6-9 or 7-10}, but it's a lot better if we make those naps happen.  Dad can almost always soothe you with firm hugs and back taps.


You still eat like a champ, and you will take a bottle of pumped milk with some coaxing.  You do seem to have trouble with gas and maybe a touch of reflux.  You can burp and toot like a frat boy!  Tummy Troubs seem to be one of the only things that really make you super fussy -- you are normally a very happy guy and otherwise only cry when super hungry or super tired / overstimulated.

Month 2 brought the smiles, and you currently give us the best grins!  You also do a little chuckle; I can't wait to hear belly laughs!

We love you so incredibly much, little biscuit -- I can hardly remember life without your happy face in it!

xo, Mama

1-2 Month Likes
RNP and swing for sleeping
- piano play mat
- blue minky blanket
- looking at yourself in the mirror on your mat and swing
- back taps from dad
- squeaking
- standing, sitting, or being held upright
- the ring sling

1 Month Stats
- Weight: 12 pounds 2.7 ounces {95th percentile}
- Height: 23.75 inches {over 98th percentile}
- size 2 diapers
- size 3 month clothes

2 Month Stats
- Weight: 14 pounds 12.2 ounces {90th percentile}
- Height: 24 5/8 inches {98th percentile}
- size 2 diapers
- mostly size 6 month clothes

Nicknames: Concerned Citizen, Squeakers / Squeaks, Biscuit Baby, Brady Back Ribs, Buddy


  1. Brady Back Ribs, I can't. His smiles are bordering on smug, in a super adorable way, is that weird to say? He's like, George Clooney Smirking sometimes. "I know, I'm THE cutest, it's cool, continue to tell me so."

  2. So sweet. Love him. Ok, serious question: how do you shower with a baby? Can you actually do anything (wash hair, shave legs) whilst holding baby? Or is it more for them? Do you place them somewhere? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Totally just for his benefit! I get in the shower, E hands him to me, I get him all clean, then I hand him back! Any personal hygiene to be completed after the hand off!

  4. He's the best! Really looking forward to spending more time with this little guy later this month and this summer. He is changing so fast!


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