Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jackson Hole 2014 {Day 8-10}

Day 8

On Friday, we decided to chance the questionable weather again and hike to Moose Pond. 

From the Jenny Lake parking lot, Moose Pond Trail is Northwest. You hike down to and around the lake, then through a bit of forest, and end trekking through a field of gorgeous brush and wild flowers. Total mileage: 3.5 (easy). 

Much like some of the vistas on String Lake Trail, you can see where an avalanche took out many of the pines down the mountain -- a little spooky looking, but, man, the delicious smell! Like a Christmas tree cemetery. 

It did rain on us a bit the last half of the hike, but nothing too miserable. We've used our raincoats and the Deuter's rain cover MUCH more than we did last year. Very glad I sprung for an actual lined, water resistant jacket for B, rather than a simple sweatshirt hoodie. 

Sadly, we didn't see any moose at Moose Pond, and apparently we just missed two young grizzles meandering down the side of the trail the last mile of the hike -- oh well! 

The rain continued through the afternoon. After naps, E, J, and I took L and B to the rec center for a swim {a great option for a rainy day here -- big indoor lap pool, with massive kiddie area, two water slides, steam room, and sauna}.  There is a lifeguard shortage this year, so the pool is only open for family swim in the afternoons {1-5pm}, and there is an occupancy limit. We had to wait about 30 min before we could enter to swim {during which J, L, and I got caught in a downpour as we were attempting to let L play outside on the playscape}. We'll call ahead and ask about the waiting list next time! 

Thanks to J and T-Pop, E and I had a fantastic night out -- dinner at the Blue Lion and drinks at Bin 22. Highly recommend both! 

Day 9

Saturday morning, we decided to do String Lake again {without the dilly-dallying about at the onset} since J and T-Pop had never hiked it. There was some truly incredible fog happening as we drove into the park! 

String Lake {4.5 miles - easy/moderate} was equally as breathtaking the second time around, although we did get caught in a bit of a storm with about 1.5 miles to go -- cold rain and pea sized hail!  Weather is pretty unpredictable up here -- we consult the radar before each of our hikes and all of these storms blew through the peaks at incredible speed! 

The Hiking Diva and Concerned Citizen were happy to be warm and dry in the car! 

After naps, we walked over the to "big kid" playground behind Jackson Elementary School {best playground backdrop ever -- oh to be a child living here!}, and then over to Snake River Brewpub {"Put Our River Through Your Liver!"} for happy hour. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their pints, sweet potato fries, fish & chips, and sausage sampler! No supper necessary for us that evening. 

Day 10

Sunday we met Adam J Howard for photos at Mormon Row. We came up with the plan to take some pro shots of our family whilst on vacation kind of last minute, and Adam was kind enough to work us in. He was so nice and easy to work with; he has 2 kiddos of his own with another on the way, so he was quite understanding of our children's, um, "special" moods that morning. I love his portfolio and am very excited to see the shots he got! 

On the way back into town, we spotted the bison herd; they walked right past our car -- a very cool sight!

L had been throwing mini-tantrums all morning and really started to melt down on the way back into town. We took her cue as a good opportunity to drop J and T-Pop off at the National Museum of Wildlife Art and plop her in bed for a very early but much needed nap. We visited the Museum last summer, and it is most definitely worth a trip! There is a decent children's portion, but L is still a bit young for it, so we didn't mind sitting this trip out in favor of peace, quiet, and World Cup soccer. 

When the bambinos awoke, we finished up whatever match we were watching { -- can't even recall the games from 48 hours ago} and strolled over to Miller Park where we stumbled upon a Centennial Picnic {this summer marks 100 years since JH's incorporation}. We mingled with the locals a bit before hoofing it over to Genevieve's for another yummy supper on the patio for my parents' last dinner in WY. We can now heartily recommend the barley risotto {OMG}, the Cuban sandwich, and the trout. If I were a bettin' woman, I would gander the entire menu is scrumptious! We ended our last evening all together with Election {Tracy Flick 4-Evah}.  


  1. Oh so beautiful. Lotta cute people too;).

  2. "Like a Christmas tree cemetery" hahahahaha ������

  3. Absolutely breathtaking! I LOVE Wyoming and am SO jealous of your trip. I haven't been in years and am missing it so much! My brother goes to school in Wyoming and is actually working in Jackson Hole this summer for the county. He loves it out there!

  4. does E work while you are in JH or does he have the world's best vacation benefits? i would love to be able to do something similar when we have kids and it gets unbearably hot in TN!

    1. He has the capability of working here but doesn't have to do much since he bills insane hours the rest of the year (way above and beyond his minimum).

    2. It also helps to go over the a Fourth -- we leave on a Friday (that he works) and return on a Monday (that he works), so it's 9 work days.

  5. makes sense! thanks for clarifying! :)


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