Wednesday, June 11, 2014

L-Bug: 2.25 years

My Sweetest Bug --

Last month marked a quarter of your third year gone.  Indulge me in a little snapshot of you, now...


At 2.25, you...

* the color purple, puppies, kitties, stickers, Elmo, Daniel Tiger, painting sparkles on your toenails, your "Sic 'Em Bears" shirts, your red and white sunglasses, Chapstick, "Mickey Mouse" {Minnie}, and shoes.  You will play with shoes for an extraordinary amount of time, just as you have since you were tiny.  You will line them up, try them all on, try our shoes on, and order us to wear our shoes when we are barefooted. 


* ...enjoy many regular activities: playgroup, the park, library story hour with Miss Paige, and Toddler Open Gym at the Walnut Hill Rec Center.  

You love all your playgroup friends {Ruby, Daniel, and Lilli in particular} and you get very excited to visit their homes {"Daniel has Big Elmo! Big Elmo talks! Lilli has two Mickeys!  And pink Mickey car!"}.  If I tell you we are going somewhere, you always ask if they will be there, too.  

At the park, the slides and rock formations are your favorites.  You avoided twisty slides until a month or so ago when Daddy gave you a bit of a push down one, and now you're hooked on those as well.  You've never been super fond of swings, and I can't remember the last time you requested to get on one. 

Story time with Miss Paige is one of the highlights of your week.  You don't care as much about the books {it's hard to hear well with so many other kiddos}, but you love the songs.  If we don't sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and the Airplane Song you get very perturbed. 

You've come a long way in Open Gym!  You used to be quite timid, and now you are very fond of jumping in the bouncy houses and on the trampolines, even if other kids are being rambunctious on them as well. 


* ...very much like routine. If we go somewhere and things are different from what you're used to, you are none too pleased.  If someone other than Miss Paige is doing story hour, you want to leave.  If we move something around or a toy isn't where you left it, you instantly want to know what happened. 

* ...can throw one hell of a tantrum.  You are generally quite well-behaved, but when you are frustrated or angry, you tend to throw {shoes are a popular choice for missiles} or hit {usually not us, but furniture, walls, toys, etc}.  You are good about time outs and rarely get up from the stairs until we come and talk to you.  You will wail and scream, though.  Sometimes it takes you an impressively long time to calm down -- I've always thought stubbornness was a good quality in a girl, but it sure can be exhausting right now!  If you get really frustrated, you often pull at your arms, hands, or feet and tell us you want to "take off arm!"  Good luck with that one, kiddo.  I find it very interesting that your most requested "Tigey" episodes are "Tigey gets mad!" or "Tigey frustrated!"  Maybe you're reviewing positive coping mechanisms in your own little way? 


* ...are very cautious. You remind me to buckle you in when we get in the car, the shopping cart, and the stroller, even when I tell you it's not necessary {like if we're only walking from the car to the park in the stroller}.  When I get you out of the car in a parking lot, you say "mommy! hold hands! car coming!"  I don't have to worry about you running off or jumping into the pool without an adult ready to catch you.  If I get you out of the car and ask for you to stay right by me or stand on the curb to wait while I get your brother out, you will do it.  I am so thankful for this trait now that I have two of your hooligans to manage!  At the same time, you are adventurous in the sense that you're usually willing to try things once you scope them out -- including things that most kiddos your age avoid {the huuuuuuge two story slide at Lakewood Park, the water slide at Mama J's club pool, the rock climbing stairs meant for big kids}. 

* music -- especially songs with hand motions. Twinkle Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spiders are your favorites, but you know tons by heart: Bah Bah Blacksheep, ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, Whole World in His Hands, Wheels on the Bus, Hokey Pokey, Airplane Song, Shake Your Sillies Out, Happy and You Know It, just to name a few.  Like every other toddler in America, you love "Frozen music" even though you haven't really seen the movie {I tried on a sick day this winter but you only lasted about 15 minutes}.  I am pretty sure this proves my hypothesis that Disney inserted some sort of subliminal message into Let It Go that only tiny humans under 4 feet can decipher. You also still love "Wagon Wheel" and request it often.  You also like to tell us if it's a "Mommy song" or a "Daddy song" on the radio.  Apparently Daddy really jams out to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse."  You know I always jack up the volume when Justin Timberlake comes on, and you'll yell "JT!" and throw your hands up in the air.  Attagirl. 


* ...speak in complex sentences and carry on conversations incredibly well.  We were astounded to learn at the end of the "school" year that you rarely spoke in class.  I guess you have a touch of social shyness when we aren't around, because it's constant chatter all the time at home and when we're present elsewhere.  Regardless, you seemed to really enjoy school and your friends there -- now, whenever we pass the church, you sadly say "school closed for summer. I see friends and teachers soon." 

* ...still have a terrific memory.  You recount happenings from months ago and repeat words or song lyrics you've only heard once or twice. After an unfortunate language slip on my part a month or so ago, you now say "Boomer's a numb nuts" if The Boom is bugging you. 


* ...are the best sleeper and absolutely love your bed.  Had you told me this 18 months ago {or even a year ago, if we're talking just naps}, my mind would have been blown into a quadrillion pieces.  7:30 is bedtime, and if we try to push it longer, you're almost sure to tell us "I wanna get in my little bed" before the clock strikes 8.  Likewise, if it's after 1:00 pm and you're still not in bed for nap, you'll say "I take a nap now."  You wake up in the mornings around 6:30 {it was about 45 minutes later before we Sprung Forward} and nap for 2+ hours every day {unless there's a dreaded Nap Poop Situation}.  Even after you wake up, you often will play happily in your crib {sometimes singing or chatting rather loudly with your "buddies"} for 30 minutes or so.  You still sleep with two "ya-yas," 2 books, and a menagerie of stuffed friends.  The trade off for all these good sleep habits is your inability to sleep anywhere but in a crib {although it doesn't have to be your crib, necessarily}.  You won't fall asleep in the car seat, stroller, or any place else no matter how exhausted you are. 

Speaking of bedtime, you like the same routine every night {no surprise there!}.  You take a bath in our tub, clean up your toys, go upstairs, read 3 books on the "big bed," put on jam-jams, brush your teeth with your Sully toothbrush and your "pink kitty cat toothpaste" {Hello Kitty} while singing our version of Sandra Boynton's "Pajama Time," "look at trucks" out the window with Daddy, play Bird / Car Seat / Shark up high on Daddy's legs, rock & sing songs with Mommy, pick out your crib books, and climb into bed before handing out "biiiiiiig hugs" and "biiiiiiiiig kisses."  We usually hear you gabbing over the monitor for 20+ minutes before you actually hit the hay. 


* ...currently love reading: all the Llama Llama books {Red Pajama, Time to Share, Mad at Mama, Bully Goat, and Nelly Gnu & Daddy Too}, Madeline, all the Ladybug Girl books {the original, & Bumble Bee Boy, & the Bug Squad, and & Bingo}, The Bernstein Bears Go Green, Curious George Goes to School, Steam Train Dream Train, The Easter Egg, Little Blue Truck, Little Goose, and Corduroy.  If we pause in the middle of reading, you can almost always fill in the correct word or phrase to the story -- especially with the rhyming books.  We think this is pretty clever! 

* so well independently.  Your current favorite toys are your doll stroller, play kitchen {the dishes you make most often are cookies, mac & cheese, toast, coffee, and soups made of any combination of those four foodstuffs plus butter -- yum!}, sticker books and stickers in general, "Mickey" {Minnie} Mouse you can dress up, Legos {"I build biiiiiiig tower!"}, and Kitty Cat Piano.  I love seeing your imagination growing -- you're favorite pretend game at the moment is "I go somewhere!" with your doll stroller and trusty friend "Dobby Dobby" {your only doll who never seems to remember to put on her pants}.  "Somewhere" is usually Whole Foods {"I go Whole Foods! I get cookie!"}, which just so happens to be located in the laundry room.  Other favorite "somewheres" include Trader Joe's, Starbucks, the pool, Target, and an airplane.  Monkey See, Monkey Do.  You and Daddy also like to feed the monster in our closet.  You also really like to play potty {pretending you are going potty or helping your animals go potty}, but don't seem too keen on the idea of actual potty training... soon, though -- sorry, sister! 

IMG_2748* the pool and playing on the patio with your water table and bubbles.  You do not like wearing your Puddle Jumper. You prefer playing on the steps in the big pool to the little pool, and you think the best way to use the water table is to climb into it as if it were a tiny bath tub.  You are insistent that you'd like to jump off the diving board, but since the well is 11 feet deep, you can't swim, and aren't crazy about dunking your head under water, we're waiting on that one.  We really need to sign you up for swim lessons so you can branch out a bit in the water. 

* ...know your ABCs, can identify about half of the letters, and can count to 10. 

* ...have a special outing with Daddy every Saturday morning.  This always involves getting bagels, and then y'all usually head to a park, or sometimes the mall {"mall park with ducks and turgles!"} or Barnes & Noble. 


* ...remain a good eater, if not one with the most expansive palette. You will try almost anything new, even if you spit out the first bite and refuse to take another.  Berries {blue, straw, rasp, black}, smoothies, yogurt, taco meat, cheese, nuts, peanut butter, eggs {scrambled, hard boiled}, pomegranate seeds, smoothies {with spinach}, apples, mac & cheese, quesadillas, bacon, beans, grilled fish, Thai food, avocado, hummus, bread of all kinds, and {surprisingly} broccoli are usually surefire hits with you.  We also recently discovered you love Greek food.  Your favorite on-the-go snacks are fruit leathers {"fruit bar in the car, please!"}, apple sauce, Mama Chia Squeezes, Goldfish, dried cherries, raisins, and veggie sticks.  You love snacking with Daddy on chips and salsa.  Frozen yogurt {"froyoyo!"} and cookies at Whole Foods are your favorite treats. 

* ...are adapting to being a Big Sister.  When we first brought B home, you were pretty obsessed with him, wanting to hold him all the time and look at every part of him. Now you seem mostly exasperated with him. You will run at him with your fists clenched, your teeth grit, and every muscle in your body tensed -- it is super comical but also rather scary! Every time we get in the car, you tell me "I no want Brady to come... but Brady hasta come." If he makes even a tiny sound in the car seat, you get a bit frantic -- "Brady's crying!  No, Brady's fussing!"  You often clutch something that is his and tell me it's yours. You are definitely bummed when someone has been holding B for too long {which, if you're a close family member we don't see that often, = more than 5 seconds}, and you will tell him or her to "put Brady down!"  You do like to talk about all the things B can't do because he's too little {"Brady can't walk!  Brady can't eat food! Brady no have teeth! Brady no sing 'Let It Go!'"}.  You will also bring him his pacifier and "help" him play on his piano play mat.  And there are always "biiiiiiiiig hugs" for B.  I am hoping y'all will soon be fast friends once he can play with you more. 


* ...request to "do something fun!" every night at bedtime.  Thank Baby Cheesesus "something fun" can mean playing with chalk outside or going to the market in our PJs. 

Gorgeous, sweet, silly, stubborn, smart girl -- you are my "something fun" each and every day!  I am so thankful to be your mama.  

To the moon and back -- xo, Mama


  1. Hello, I am the creep having ovarian fireworks over your kiddo archiving posts. You have happy, beautiful children and it's so fun watching them grow.

    1. Creep on! I think they are pretty cool, too!

  2. I feel like I know her, thanks for sharing your kiddos with the interwebs!!

  3. Your L and my C are so similar it seems, well except for the whole sleeping thing. My kids HATES sleep something fierce. But the whole clenched fists, gritted teeth that you love and hate being a big sister. One day they will thank us for having a sibling (I hope and pray). She is gorgeous and sounds like so much fun!

  4. I can't believe how fast time has gone and how she has become this PERSON with thoughts, opinions and hilarious quirks...all of them so very lovable. Your Auntie L loves you sweet girl!

  5. Such a little smartie-pants. No surprise there:).

  6. This is a wonderful post and summary of L's life and personality at this point. She is just the best--so engaging and precious. Love the photos too. I am sooooo very lucky to be her "J"!!


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