Wednesday, June 4, 2014

teachable moment

Time spent... packing pool "essentials" for two tiny people and myself: 30 minutes, give or take

... prepping picnic lunch: 10 minutes

... loading gear in car: 8 minutes

... feeding, diapering, dressing, soothing baby into car seat: 20 minutes

... driving to the pool: 15 minutes

... transferring bags and children to double stroller: 6 minutes

... pushing convoy to pool: 8 minutes

... hauling stroller up stairs to pool {WTF ADA VIOLATION}: 4 minutes

... applying sunscreen to wiggly toddler: another 4 minutes

... repeating house rule of  "when it's just Mommy and Brady with you at the pool, you must wear your Puddle Jumper or we have to go home": over and over and over, continually throughout the previous 105 minutes

Number of... times L agreed "I wear floatie, Mommy! I swim!" over and over and over, continually throughout the previous 105 minutes: eleventy-billion

... epic toddler shitfits thrown when Puddle Jumper was finally in place and everyone was finally ready to swim: 1 big ol' fat one

{Photos of Happier Times.  Obviously.}

Total Minutes Spent at the Pool: 7. I checked the clock on my phone to be sure. 


  1. Omg my little girl (same age as yours) will NOT wear her puddle jumper either and it drives me insane!! She says its for babies and she's not a baby. Gotta love arguing with a 2 year old!!

  2. I can imagine juggling the two kids at the pool alone would be very difficult. You get many, many mom points for braving that situation! My son is 2 and I think he really likes the puddle jumper because it means I won't be hovering over him and having him in my arms the whole time. He hasn't discovered the option of NOT wearing it yet, though.

    1. Yes, we probably should have put it on her first thing this summer, regardless of it there were two adults. Uggggg.

  3. Woof. Sorry mama. A+++++++ for all your effort.

  4. Oh man....this was a literal LOL at the poor thing. Oy vey. I hope you had yourself some wine that evening!!!!


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