Thursday, July 10, 2014

Friday musings

I reeeeeally meant to get those Hey Ho Hiking posts I mentioned previously together this week, but, um, First-World-Vacation-Hangover-Problem-Alert: I kind of forgot what it's like to parent 2-under-3 all day by myself {that would be, in a word, exhausting}. 

Perhaps I'll bore you with more talk of mileage and day-pack checklists next week.  Until then, how's about some randoms that are currently floating around in the ol' noodle?


I usually save all my virtual book club chit chat until the end of the year, but I can't stop thinking about Black Moon by Kenneth Calhoun. I devoured it in two days, and I keep going back to highlighted passages on my Kindle.  The concept is familiar -- a would-be "zombie" apocalypse -- except the zombies are insomniacs {which, HORRIFYINGLY, is kind of an actual thing}.  I tend to think the phrase "hauntingly beautiful" is overused and obnoxious as all get-out in book reviews, buuuuut... Calhoun's prose is hauntingly beautiful in many places.  I will warn you... I was underwhelmed by the ending. It just... kind of... ended?  But I give this one a really solid 3.5 out of 5 stars for the journey {screw the destination}, especially if you're a fan of the Walking Dead and the like. 

I wasn't going to buy any rompers for L this summer, because we are embarking on potty training very soon, but these pineapple print rompers from Old Navy were way too cute to pass up.  There are snaps in the seat for easier squatting access, but I'm sure they'll end up getting us into a pickle at some point.  Oh well, beauty is pain, and fashion is urine-soaked.  {That's how that adage goes, yes?}

Always life-long lover of horror flicks, I started in on the classics at a young age.  The Shining was my Gateway Drug, and I probably spent the better parts of my eleventh and twelfth years scared shitless from my latest Blockbuster rental.  As such, this NPR piece on Richard Dreyfus' kids' reactions to Jaws as adults had me chuckling into my coffee, as did the full transcript of their self-interview on Mother Jones. 

raspberry chia overnight oats

I started making these raspberry chia overnight oats for breakfast, and they are really quite tasty. Bonus Points: Healthy! Easy! More Bonus Points: Overnight oats seem to be all the Pinterest rage, so at least your breakfast can be trendy, even if your Mom Shorts aren't.  {And when I say "your" there, I really mean MY}. Subtraction of Bonus Points: I've been adding a dollop of Extra Crunchy Jif to mine, instead of the prescribed raw almond butter.  Addition of Subtracted Bonus Points: Jif makes me much less of a smug asshole.  Neutral, Real-Life Points: My breakfast bowl looks like this: 
Food Stylist I am not. 

No Bake Chocolate Oat Bars

Speaking of Pinterest and food, I made these No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Bars as a dessert tag-a-long for a New-Mama-Meal this week, and they were ridonk-good.  I usually think "no-bake" recipes taste like butt {also? how hard is it really to turn on your oven and bake something? you've already mixed and assembled ingredients... baking is the no-brainer step}, but these got rave reviews {both from the recipient and from, um, me.  had to test those suckers out before I sent them off into the world alone}. 

Gratuitous Baby Photography:

And my all-time favorite, simply because every other minute of the day the situation is reversed...

I asked L yesterday what she thought Brady would say when he could talk. Her response? "Sister! Stop hittin' me!" 

I think she's clairvoyant. 


  1. The pineapple romper, the glasses, the 'tude. LOVE IT ALL. And brotherly revenge, oh so sweet. Your kiddos are the cutest. Those chocolate PB oat bars - well, they're bound to be the reason I get another lecture at the doctors office about the numbers on the scale. (That and the pan of berry crisp I've been working on all week.) Have a great weekend!

  2. Dying to read Black Moon! (And of course I love that pineapple romper, too!)

  3. I put Elyse in a romper today for VBS and we've been potty-trained for less than 2 weeks...thankfully she came home dry. Because who can resist a ruffly, lavender romper from Target!

    And those overnight oats sound delicious...I've decided some of the best tasting food looks pretty awful after serving (i.e. hot apple pie, lasagna, etc.)

  4. Hahahahahahaha.

    And then he'll say, 20 years after that, "He didn't know what he had, Ell, his loss<3." I'm imagining Ell as the nickname:).

  5. That book! You had me convinced I need to read it when you said "zombie" and then you said "walking dead" I bought it.

  6. I loved that Jaws feature - I was totally cracking up on the way to work!


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