Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jackson Hole 2014 {Days 11 & 12}

Day 11

Our last hike with T-Pop and J was another stunner {sensing a theme? who's sick of pristine mountain vistas?}, albeit a trixy one. We'd decided to do something a little different and hike in the National Forest {vs. Teton National Park}. We read about a hike to Goodwin Lake that is "a favorite with the locals" and "just a hop skip" from downtown Jackson {according to one of our guidebooks that is now not-our-favorite} and decided that sounded just grand! 

Turns out the book's directions sucked really big ones, and we went bouncing violently down unpaved, poorly marked  roads for much longer than it takes to drive to the Park. I'm pretty sure B's breakfast had churned to butter in his stomach by the time we arrived at the trail {which was still 2.7 miles from where the book wanted us to go...but access to the described trailhead was blocked, so...IMPROVISATION}. 

Because we didn't start at the guide's desired point, we never made it to the lake. But we did hike through a gorgeous hillside of wildflowers, through the forest, and up along a ridge that provided breathtaking views of the Tetons in the distance and of Jackson Peak. Total Mileage: 3.5; moderate with more consistent elevation than we've been doing {re: GLUTES! And then, QUADS!}

After one final bratwurst lunch, E drove my parents to the airport to catch their flight. We are still missing them! 

After naps, we walked over to the big kid playground at JES, then to Thai Me Up {Thai food, duh + brewery} for an early supper. The flashfried shishito peppers were out of this world! Toddler Bonus: there is a fire station right across the street that runs a drill on its engines every evening. We watched from the porch as the firefighters got dressed and into their trucks for a lap around the block. After dinner, L wanted to see the trucks up close and a very nice fireman gave her a hat. This child hates things on her head but looooooves that plastic fire hat! Best free souvenir ever.

Day 12

Tuesday we went back to the Taggart Lake Trailhead but hiked to Bradley Lake {Total Mileage: 4.7; moderate}. We just did a There & Back instead of taking the trail all the way around {which we've done before and I believe is something like 9ish miles}. 

L did SO great this day and probably hiked close to 2 miles by herself. 

On the way back to our car, we told L we were going back to eat lunch at the condo and she said "no! we eat at the place - the place with the sweet fries!" Smart cookie; Snake River Brewpub lunch it was!  E ordered the Cobb, I ordered the Turkey Reuben with "sweet fries" {sweet potato}, and we shared the roasted chickpeas - so good. 

Super stellar naps did not warrant a super stellar US win at the World Cup, apparently, but we had fun watching the game nonetheless.  I am pretty sure L is ready to sign up for tiny people soccer next year - can't wait! 

We licked our wounds at Moo's Ice Cream Shop in the square before heading home again to make play and make supper. 


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