Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jackson Hole 2014 {Days 13 & 14}

{Are y'all just bored to tears yet? I feel like the modern day version of some bad 70s sitcom neighbor who invites you over for dinner and forces you to watch 257 carrousel slides in of their station wagoned Grand Canyon vacation without even offering you a cocktail. And we go again...}

Day 13

We took the day off from hiking and trucked it 30 miles southeast to Granite Hot Springs in the Bridger-Teton National Forest {after another fabulous breakfast at The Bunnery}.  It's an easy drive, but a bit bumpy once you turn into the Forest. 

Granite Hot Springs is a natural, spring-fed {duh} swimming pool that is 93 degrees in the summer and 112 in the winter {only accessible via snowmobile or dogsled in the winter}. 

The pool is beautiful and clean -- loads of kiddos with camps and such in the morning. I believe the charge is $5 per person. E and L had a blast splashing around although we had some snafus {failed to pack enough snacks for our bottomless pit of a toddler and forgot the sunscreen...womp womp}.  I took one for the team {MOMMY MARTYR} and walked around with B in the carrier since I wasn't nuts about popping him in unshaded hot-tub-esque water. 

For posterity's sake, I'll also mention this is the jaunt on which E purchased L a random Bubble Guppies book about construction vehicles at the market on the way to the springs. She has no clue what the hell a Bubble Guppy is, and it's the most poorly written book since 50 Shades, and yet... I've probably read that thing 94 times. In the depths of my vengeful heart, I hope L demands it from E another 94 times on the plane ride home. 

Then we took more naps. Because napping at the pool is hard work. 

We hit up the Teton County Library in the afternoon which is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.  I have major library jealousy. 

We supped once again at Thai Me Up, because it's delicious and we couldn't stop talking about the shishito peppers. No firetruck demo this time, much to L's chagrin. 

Day 14

We had grand plans to drive up to the north end of the park and hike Two Ocean Lake, but the dic-tator tot was not feeling the longer drive, so we made an executive decision to repeat Phelps Lake from the Laurance S Rockefeller Preserve. 

We reversed directions, taking the Lake Creek Trail {left} to Phelps Lake, then took a short jaunt down Huckleberry Point to add an extra 2 miles to our total trip. We backtracked down Huckleberry Point to the Lake, then found the Woodland Trail to the Preserve Center. Total Mileage: 6 miles; easy.

After naps, it was Jackson Hole Live time again! Rain threatened, but the skies never opened up; the would-be storm's breezes just cooled everything down!  The first band was called Playing for Change -- great reggae sound, and the artists put on concerts to benefit a nonprofit by the same name that builds music schools for kids around the world. Pretty neat! 

Lo mein and Bomb Pops! 

I'm pretty bummed we didn't get to stick around for JOHNNYSWIM. {Apparently they are so good and fun they demand all-caps?!} I heard them on All Things Considered and was hoping the kiddos would last long enough to hear them in person. Alas, it was not to be. My girl likes her sleep and 8:30 is about as far as she can go at this point! Next year, maybe!


  1. You seriously rock my socks with all this hiking. I. Would. Die. End of story.

  2. Your posts have me SO smitten. I am scheming ways to get us there next summer, it seems like the perfect family vacation spot. Would love to hear deets on where you're staying, unless you already shared and I missed it!

  3. Nope, not bored. Seriously, I am overjoyed whenever I see a new recap because I spent a week in JH a few summers ago and love living "vicariously" through your trip. Also, holy are trekking some MILES, dude-while holding a baby and a toddler! Very impressive! Keep 'em coming, please and thank you!


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