Friday, July 4, 2014

Jackson Hole 2014 {Fourth of July}

We had a truly fabulous Fourth! 

We have such fond memories of last year's small town parade, and JH delivered yet again! 

E set out when he woke up around 6 am to set up our chairs along the parade route. This ended up being a bit of an overkill... he was the first one to stake spectator real estate, and there were lots of good spots left for the taking when we walked to breakfast at 9. 

We planned on grabbing something quick at Persephone Bakery, but Cafe Genivieve's had patio tables available and we had an hour and a half to kill so we sat down for a "leisurely" breakfast of green chile soft boiled eggs, Spanish frittata, and French toast. 

L, who had been talking about the parade for days {"I see puppy dogs and horses and I get candy and throw necklaces!"}, got pretty overwhelmed once the crowds started to gather and began begging to go home. She changed her tune once the floats got going and the suckers {and Icee Pops!} started flying. 

B also had a little screamfest, but we all left the parade happy {and sticky}. 

There was a minor catastrophe with our condo -- the hot water heater started leaking into the unit below us. We spent naptime locked in our room while a very disgruntled plumber cursed loudly in the kitchen. Thankfully, all was fixed by late afternoon {and we were allowed to pee again}. 

We headed on over to Teton Village for a live jazz concert in the evening. Unfortunately, a big rain storm put a bit of a damper on the music, but we made {watermelon jalapeño} margaritas out of limes while we waited on the band to begin again. 

We didn't end up catching a lot of live music {the artists kept stopping and starting with the moisture}, but we found a fun playscape and impromptu splash pad. We also scoped out Josh Holloway and his adorable family...and, since I'm Team Sawyer, I curbed my judgment when he let his kid climb repeatedly up the slide. {Yes, I am that Asshole Mom at the park. It's my one Thing.}

Fireworks here don't start until 10 {and it's barely dark enough for them then!}, so we put the kidlets to bed, and watched NYC's display on TV... But then made the happy discovery we could see Snow King's fireworks show from our own balcony! Huzzah! 

Happy Birthday, USA!

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  1. I am that asshole mom at the park, too. Is it so hard to just go DOWN the motherlovin' slide? No, it is not.

    Loving the JH recaps! Definitely looks like our kind of place. Will be referencing these when I plan a trip next year!


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