Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lay-ton Joyce. Exclamation Point.

 Sometimes she's waiting at the threshold of her classroom, expectantly.  And sometimes I get to catch a glimpse of her in action, before she sees me -- sitting cross-cross-applesauce on her carpet square listening to one last story or driving the Playskool cow in the tractor down her {eternally patient} teacher's arm.

Whenever she notices my arrival, whatever she happens to be doing, she runs headlong into my knees or froggie jumps at my waist. 

"Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!" Pulling me in twelve different directions to look at her cubby and her art project and her nap may. "Bray-ee! Bray-ee! BRAY-EE!" Tickling her brother aggressively, showing him off to her friends, helping with the stroller, sometimes even pinching his foot in that OH MAN I LOVE YOU BUT I ALSO HATE YOU A LITTLE BIT way 2.5 year old big sisters are. 

"Hold me! Hold me! HOLD ME, PLEASE!" Up she goes, hands clasped tangled in my hair, ankles locked around my middle, chittering about her day and who has a flowered pillowcase at nap and did you know Miles brought raisins and Adair has a ponytail and Polly the Partot sang about Peter Pumpkin Eater and then we did chalk outside today, Mommy? 

She won't always be this thrilled by my mere proximity. Words about her day won't always come this freely.  It's a fact.  No need to wax poetic about it, or scribble down a trite affirmation.  I can't wish the inevitable changes away.

But I'll try anyway.

I took both little meatloaves to Target yesterday afternoon.  I always figured this would be one of those errands I leisurely completed with just one child during school hours, but the minutes between pickup and bedtime stretch endlessly with a no-naps-away-from-home toddler and a no-naps-hardly-ever bambino. If it's not Park Weather, a quick errand is a decent change of pace. 

Like a magpie, L spotted an iridescent heart wand in the Dollar Spot. "I wanna touch that wand, Mommy! I wanna hold it! I wanna take it home! I love that spark-ly fairy wand!" 

Everyone needs a happy prize now and then, so I acquiesced. As we hunted for TP and granola bars, I asked about her Halloween costume in an attempt to really pump her up about this piggie selection {childhood fickleness: I will defeat thee!}. 

"What are you going to be for Halloween, bug?"

"I don't wanna be annnnnn-y-ting for Halloween." 

{Well, that was unexpected.}

"Oh, really? Why not?"

"I just wanna be Lay-ton Joyce! I like being Lay-ton Joyce!"

"I like you being you, too! But you can still be you when you play dress up, you know? I thought you wanted to be a Piggie?" 

"I do wanna be a Piggie! A Piggie with rain boots and this spark-ly wand! And I still be Lay-ton Joyce, too!" 

She won't always think being herself is such an amazing thing. She won't always sing loudly without a care.  Or voice her opinions so surely.  Or think her reflection is stupendous. 

It's a fact.   

I can't wish the inevitable changes away.

But I'll try anyway. 


  1. This is so funny because my daughter just said the same thing! Then she said she wanted to be mommy. After much debate, she's going as princess Sophia (to my dismay...I thought we were at least another year or two out from being a princess) but I'm sure it will change again before Halloween ;)

  2. I love this post! My daughter loves to look at herself in the mirror and say " I look beautiful." I always think to myself...please feel this way about yourself at 5,15, 25 and so on. The confidence of a three year old girl is something to strive for.

  3. Absolutely love this! She sounds so much like my "Reetie Adel!". 2.5 has to be the best age ever.

  4. The joys of childhood innocence! My daughter is being "Baby Sheep's Mommy? no keeper?" as in Little Bo Peep with our baby sheep. She always stops by any mirror to admire herself and exclaim "Who's so pretty, oh MEEEEEEE! Charli!" I pray she remains this confident forever. That daughter of yours is pretty stinking cute with her spark-ly wand.

  5. This post was perfection. Beautiful little lady, inside and out.

  6. Oh how I love this! Their innocence and just pure "little girl-ness" is too much for me to handle some days. You put it all (including my own feelings) into words so well.

  7. So sweet! :) I feel like this post must really capture her darling personality and what she's like at this age.

  8. I loved this so much, I shared it on Facebook!


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