Thursday, October 2, 2014


Let's get the weekend down before we power through another one, shall we?

E followed his fandom all the way to Ames, Iowa for the Baylor game on Friday, leaving the kiddos and I to fend for ourselves.  We missed him but fared well with the comforts of lovely weather and queso.  No naps at school all week made L one tired cookie, and my grand plans of a Little Mermaid girls' night on Saturday were dashed in favor of an episode of Peppa Pig, stove-top mac, and an early bedtime... You win some, you lose some {however, that little British swine is pretty damn adorable; definitely cuter than a pushy crustacean, albeit far less musical}. 

Sunday dawned another beautiful, cool{ish} {for a few hours, anyway} day, and we were off to celebrate our friend D at a Monster 3rd Birthday in the park.  

I love, love, love park birthday parties!  And my friend C is so creative and crafty; there were so many details that were fun and clever without being over the top {of which I wish I'd taken more photos, womp-womp}.  

In true toddler fashion, L was all "I WANNA-A CUPCAKE" over and over again from the moment we arrived until she was appeased by a donut {because, duh, healthier option} and the bouncy house.  Then, when it was time for cupcakes, she was all "PASS."  Such fickle dramatics. The bright purple icing eventually won her over.  

Then there was a pinata.  Bouncy house + sugar, sugar, sugar + pinata = Potential for Epic Naptime Success.  Thank you, M Family, for the awesome morning and the 3 hour siesta!  Also the fuzzy monster clutch purse goodie bag -- it's giving Witch Purse {aka: last year's Halloween sack} a run for her money in the accessories department. 

Oh! B and I were there, too!  I wore my Fancy Sweatshirt.  B sported gators on skateboards, because those are kinda-sorta like monsters. 

We ushered E home with froyo and grocery shopping.  Because nothing says "I'm So Glad You're Home, Co-Parent" like suggesting a trip to the market, and, oh, by the way, it's your job to tell the 2 year old she can't have the free cookie, because: donuts and cupcakes. Welcome home, honey! 

Switching gears, the baby eats!  But not cupcakes or donuts.  We're dipping our toes back into baby-led weaning. It's just as much fun as it was the first time around, although I'm definitely less smug about it this go'round {prevents picky eating? even in toddlers? mmmmmkay}.  He's still getting the hang of actually using his hands to hold the food...not sure where the disconnect is there as he brings everything else straight to his mouth, and if we're holding food he lunges for it.  BLW Purists would scoff as us schlepping his snacks for him, but, meh.  Thus far, B has sampled roasted zucchini, banana, honeycrisp apple, avocado, pita bread from The Porch {only the finest!}, and cucumber.  He likes everything, especially banana {he housed half in about 5 minutes, and there was legitimate anger when I cut him off}.  I don't think we ever did cucumber with L early on, and he seems to dig it for teething pain.  Plus he smells like a fancy spa treatment room afterwards.  So... bonus! 

Speaking of delicious meals, I tried two new recipes this week that were instantly added to our regular rotation.  Normally, I'd blog them individually, but I didn't really tweak them in any significant way, so a separate post seems superfluous.  Try these soon! 

Black Bean & Spinach Enchiladas: Recipe from The Garden Grazer. I suppose I really did tweak this one as I used Rick Bayless' Frontera Red Enchilada Sauce instead of making the sauce from scratch.  My precious hooligans were being especially sassy at bedtime, and I was happy to take a shortcut I already had sitting in my pantry {plus all that Frontera stuff is really, really tasty}.  But the sauce in the recipe gets rave reviews, so I assume it's worth your while.  This would be a stellar choice for your freezer and/or to bring a family with a new bambino... Definitely take note of the "Freezer Instructions" at the bottom! 

Easy Chicken Gyros: Recipe from Recipe Mothers.  This is a great naptime prep meal.  Really my only changes were cutting the chicken into chunks pre-marinating, and adding a tiny glug of EVOO to the tomatoes + red onions and refrigerating them along with the tzatziki sauce and the marinating chicken.  I halved the recipe which was plenty of food for two adults + 1 serving of leftovers {2 halves of pita per plate} + 1/3 cup chicken for the kidlet.  Potatoes and asparagus were purchased pre-seasoned and ready for oven roasting.  


  1. I have been really down with marinating meats in Greek yogurt - SO juicy once cooked! Thanks for the gyro link, they look delicious.

  2. Ooh! Pinning the chicken gyros. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Our lives are so similar. Right down to the cupcake feigning then cupcake disdain.

    1. We're the coolest, yes?!

      I also have you to thank for our new Peppa obsession! She seemed intrigued by it at a friend's house, and I remembered your stamp of approval so it is now our new DVR staple. Truly a welcome respite from the Tiger!

  4. L in her monster hat is just too cute. I wish my child would succumb to typical toddler exhaustion. Absolutely nothing tires this child. She did 13 hours of Disney with no nap. I wish I knew who was sneaking her red bull when I'm not looking. The enchiladas look delish!


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