Monday, November 10, 2014

bits and bobs

After the excitement and ginormous sugar crash that was Halloween, we were due for a low-key weekend.  My mother-in-law powered through a marathon surgery on Friday {13 hours... she's battled three kinds of cancer over the last 6 years - not something I mention often as it's not my story to tell, but she/we are always appreciative of healing thoughts and juju and prayers, if you're the type who has a few extra to spare}, so E spent a good chunk of Saturday and Sunday in the ICU {no kiddo visitors allowed yet}.  We did carve out some family QT, though...

We took advantage of the glorious weather and hit up the park.  B loved watching the big kids play soccer and lacrosse.  He was less enthused with the baby swing.  I made the exact same face when we decided to sup at El Phoenix afterwards {it was one of the only feasible options near the hospital} -- I do not understand born and bred Dallasites' loyalty to that place; I think their food tastes like sweat socks.  But!  Margaritas! 

We played Early Birds on Sunday to beat the church / hungover hipster crowd at Dream Cafe.  We brunched here nearly every single weekend when I was pregnant with L and brought her with us quite often as an only child, but I think we've only taken the complete foursome once or twice.  A couple of Sky Waffles in 7+ months really is unacceptable.  Sister geeked out over the Mickey Mouse pancake, and we celebrated a very big milestone for B... Baby's First Bacon.  I failed to photograph his reaction, but, as expected, he's big on the pig. 

Sunday afternoon was our buddy Nora's 3rd birthday party.  It was another seriously gorgeous day for a park celebration.  L was a big fan of the flower-in-a-cone activity, the swings, and the cookie cake.  She passed on the potato sack races {sad times}. 

Sunday evenings are for grocery shopping and salad bar feasting al fresco.  Navigating the market with two is a tad trickier now that B prefers to sit in the basket {crazy kid doesn't like facing out in the Beco but now does this contortionist back bend move while facing in}.  Praise Baby Cheesus for in-store wine-by-the-glass. 

Someone housed an entire carton of raspberries before we even made it through the produce section.  I hope she likes public school, because those $6 appetizers are really eating through her college fund.  That girl sure does keep us in stitches, though... At one point during dinner on the patio, she suddenly put her fork down, climbed off her chair, and said "I just have to dance now!" That's the spirit! 

Gearing up for a chilly week... Grumpy Bear says Stay Warm! 


  1. God El Fenix is the worst. Id rather eat at Taco Bell

    1. Damn. It's so bad I can't even remember to spell it correctly.

  2. Baby's First Bacon! �� Love it! And I definitely consider that a major milestone. Ditto on El Fenix... I don't get it AT ALL! So good to know I'm not alone. :)

  3. Ha, I love that she had to dance right then!

  4. As a Dallas native, I'm embarrassed to admit I confuse El Fenix with El Chico all the time, because neither would be my choice Tex-Mex. Give me Rafa's any day.


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