Saturday, November 8, 2014

Brady Back Ribs: Months 4-7

My poor, neglected second child... I think I owe you a little update... 

Man, a lot has happened in four months {"no kidding, MOTHER, over half my lifetime"}!  You've grown, you've traveled, you've mobilized, you've tried all sorts of new foods... You are no longer a lumpy {ADORABLE} little meatloaf!  

We'll start with the growing... You're a big guy; no surprises there.  You consistently measure in the 95th+ percentile for height and you're wearing 12 month clothes {with a decent amount of 18 month thrown in there as well}.  At your 6 month check up, your weight percentile had dropped to 75th, but I'm guessing it might be back up now that you are routinely packing away the solids.  At best guess, you are currently just under 30 inches tall {time for a big boy car seat!} and weigh around 20 or 21 pounds. 

You've been making the rounds over the summer and throughout fall.  You've traveled home from Jackson Hole, to Austin {twice; once on a plane}, to Waco {multiple times}, and flown to Atlanta for Auntie Lyndsey's wedding.  You are an excellent car companion, but you don't care for snoozing on planes, making air travel somewhat of a mixed bag.  You happily take changes in your routine in stride {likely because your routine varies so much throughout the week anyhow}, so you're an awesome little traveler overall -- always looking for a new friend to charm or sight to see! 

Your sleep over the last 4 months morphed from awesome to horrible to "pretty alright," as your dad would say.  We bid adieu to the RNP {RIP} at 5 months, and it was a sad, sad day for us all.  We kept you in our room in the PNP instead of moving you up to your own room since we knew the adjoining bathroom would soon be super dusty and paint-fume-y with our house renovations.  The RNP to PNP transition was rough; you definitely missed being cocooned all night long!  Because you were rolling like a madman, we also did away with the swaddle.  And - oh goodie - your two bottom teeth showed up right around this time as well and you decided your pacifier was no longer your best buddy.  Plus: general sleep regression.  Basically loads of developmental changes mixed in there with the big environmental one that led to two months of working through different sleep challenges -- getting you down for bedtime in under an hour {or sometimes two} being the most maddening, followed quickly by naps and a major uptick in nighttime wake-ups.  

This is around the time with your sister where we resorted to Ferber / stepped-soothing after trying every other trick in the book.  We've definitely let you do some fussing, but real sleep training hasn't become necessary.  We're just sort of riding out your rough patches, and, thus far, you've sorted it all out yourself with a little time. Naps can still be iffy {although you will always fall asleep in the car or the stroller if we're in a pinch}, and nighttime wake-ups still vary {sometimes you're up 3 or 4 times; sometimes you sleep through the night... usually it's one and done, though}, but I'd say you're well rested more often than not. 

{Side-Note: We actually moved you to your crib just this past week after your 7 month "birthday," and you really seem to love it - SOB.  I think you were feeling cramped in the PNP, and the crib mattress is likely a lot more comfy.  If our schedule allows, you'll take two naps a day up there with no complaint, and your nighttime sleep has also been fabulous upstairs.  It makes me sad not to have you right next to me at night, but I think we were keeping each other from getting our best sleep, so, ultimately, it's a really, really great thing to have you in your own space!  Yay Brady!}

If you're a good sleeper, then you're a GREAT eater!  You love, love, love eating real food, and get frustrated with us if we don't get your meals to you as quickly as you'd like.  I've mentioned this briefly, but you weren't the biggest initial fan of Baby Led Weaning as self-feeding = slow feeding; you'd like that banana in your mouth IMMEDIATELY, please.  After about a month of us feeding you small bites of food on a fork or spoon, you are starting to get the hang of picking things up and you will excitedly grab at whatever we're serving you.  You usually eat solids twice a day, around 9 am and 5 pm.  Your favorite foods are pear, banana, sweet potato, avocado, egg, black beans, apple sauce, and meat {turkey, chicken, white fish}. You do eat some purees when we're in a pinch, and you really enjoy the Pear & Ginger, Pumpkin & Sage, and Basil Green Veggies from the Oh Baby brand. You were not overly impressed by raspberries, and you flat out disliked a random Happy Baby pouch that was basically an entire turkey dinner pureed into one {I don't blame you; that was my bad, bud}.

You still nurse 5-8 times per day {5-6 during the day, the rest depending on when/if you wake up at night}.  You're super efficient and not a big comfort nurser unless it's time for sleep {huge departure from your sister's personality, there}.  You also really dig bottles.  If you got them more regularly, you'd likely prefer them to the true source.  I have a feeling you will self-wean quickly around the year mark, but we shall see!

B, you really are just such a delight! So easy going and happy {so long as you're rested}. For a newborn who always appeared so incredibly serious, you are the smiliest, sweetest little boy!  You love being with your sister {even though she often beats up on you}, strolling, being outside, scooting all over the place, riding in the grocery cart, feeling different textures, crinkling the wipes container, and banging on things {percussion instruments are your favorite toys}.  You don't babble much yet, but you giggle constantly and it's my favorite sound! 

Parents say this about new babies all the time, but I can barely remember our lives without you with us -- or rather, life is just so much sweeter now that you're around!  

We just love your face off, Brady!


  1. He sounds so fun! My #2 will be 2 in January, and after weighing 9 pounds at birth is 20 pounds and 31" so sounds like she and Brady are pretty much the same size, ha. She also still wakes up at night - we had fun 6 month streak of EVERY NIGHT, but we are now hitting about 25% of the time thank the Lord. She's a HUGE comfort nurser, both my kids were really, so I can't imagine an efficient eater! He really is so freaking cute, and I love your updates!

  2. He is the sweetest baby boy ever!! Love this recount of the past few months!


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